Suozzi slams Hochul for past NRA endorsement

I did a successful GOTV against Suozzi back in ’13 when he tried running for re-election as Nassau Co. Executive. He tried running hard on gun control and it didn’t help. This ad is lame. It might help a little in the primary, but not much.


Saturday’s Newsbits:

At 1:00pm on Sunday elected officials will join residents of Flatbush and other Brooklyn neighborhoods to march against “gun violence”, demanding action from Mayor Eric Adams and Governor Kathy Hochul, 890 Flatbush Ave., Brooklyn.




Vote for Steve to give the middle finger to Chuck

Chuck Schumer has given his endorsement for an open Queens City Council seat:

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer announces his endorsement of Felicia Singh, Democratic Nominee for City Council in District 32. Singh’s race is widely considered to be one of the most consequential races in NYC, with District 32 being the last remaining Republican-held city council seat in Queens. Registered Democrats outnumber Republicans 3-1 in the district, yet constituents have been represented by a Republican for the last 12 years. Councilmember Ulrich, who is term-limited, holds one of the three remaining Republican-held seats in City Council … Singh has a Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate and Courage To Change distinction and has received endorsements from a coalition of community, grassroots and labor organizations …”

The Republican in the race is Steve Sirgiovanni. I do not see any position statement from him on 2A issues. Outgoing Councilman Ulrich was not a supporter of 2A. It doesn’t matter. Go out and vote for Steve to give the middle finger to Chuck.

Gounardes’ gun control platform

Andrew Gounardes is making another run for State Senate against incumbent Marty Golden.

He ran back in ’12 on a gun control platform and was supported by New Yorkers Against Gun Violence. He’s back for another round with this ad:

I don’t think it is very effective. The music is annoying and he’s all over the issue instead of focusing on one thing. Plus he did this before and it got him nothing.

Nassau Democrats fight

The Nassau Democrats fight for County Executive is becoming more entertaining:

Nassau County’s Democratic Chairman Jay Jacobs on Monday issued his strongest repudiation yet of George Maragos’ campaign for county executive, continuing his feud with one of his party’s newest members. In a nearly 1,000-word email sent to party members and reporters, Jacobs called Maragos, the sitting county comptroller, “manipulative” and “duplicitous,” … Jacobs also charged that Maragos “morphed opportunistically” into a Democrat when he left the Republican Party in September and has not actually changed his conservative positions on issues such as abortion rights, same-sex marriage and climate change … Jacobs and Maragos, a Great Neck resident, have exchanged harsh words since Jacobs and the Democratic Committee backed county Legislator Laura Curran for county executive. State Assemblyman Charles Lavine is also seeking the nomination …”

As previously discussed, both Curran and Lavine stink on gun rights.

I did find an old policy statement from 2012 when Maragos ran for Senate:

“I support the Second Amendment that allows citizens in good standing to keep and bear arms. I support safe and responsible gun ownership and smart programs to keep guns out of the hands of criminals.”

It is entirely possible Maragos has since changed his position.  Even so, he still would not be as detestable as the other two so gun owners should support him through the primary.

NYAGV tries to intimidate Cahill

Yet another lame attempt at intimidation by NYAGV, this time against Attorney General candidate John Cahill:

“It has come to our attention that you served on the Republican National Committee’s Platform Committee in 2012 and that the final platform document – which you rubberstamped – espoused extreme … anti-gun control positions … The platform opposed common sense gun laws limiting the capacity for firearm clips and magazines, and endorsed so-called “Stand Your Ground” rights – which have been widely criticized for enabling racially motivated violence …”

Antis oppose SYG laws because they seriously believe using a gun in self-defense is morally wrong.  Professional bigots like Al Sharpton jumped on the bandwagon just to make a buck off it.

“… We call on you to renounce the RNC’s 2012 platform or explain what steps you took to defeat these offensive planks …”

If Cahill is smart he will follow Rob Astorino’s lead and ignore them.

Ball v. Wagner rematch

NYAGV Boardmember Justin Wagner is looking to run against Greg Ball again in SD-40.

Despite having lost on the issue in ’12 and watched Noam Bramson go down by 10 points last year, Wagner still believes gun control is a winning issue. Here is his first ad:

One down, one left to go

With Steve Saland conceding defeat, Democrats now have a 33 seat majority in the State Senate.  Ballot counting is still going on in SD-46.

How long the power sharing agreement the GOP has with the IDC will last is questionable.

Coalition government

I have no idea how this will affect microstamping and other antigun legislation in the upper house:

You can’t make this stuff up

On the ongoing chaos in the State Senate:

  • Libous “Would Love Very Much to See” a Senate Coalition“Regardless of the outcome of a too-close-to-call race in the 46th Senate District, Sen. Thomas Libous said Republicans are still open to forming a “coalition government” with a breakaway caucus of Democrats …”
  • View of ballots good sign for GOP – “A judge said he was “inclined” to hear the legal arguments behind the mostly Republican-brought challenges to absentee and affidavit ballots that will decide the winner in the 46th state Senate District …”
  • Liz Krueger blasts GOP ‘contempt for democracy’ – “… State Senate Republicans are intentionally stalling vote-counting in two State Senate districts with bad-faith challenges to legitimate votes, to prevent two duly-elected Democratic senators from being seated in the State Senate. They believe this would allow them to seize power in January and use that power to make deals and buy the loyalty of additional senators …”
  • Dem Smith to join GOP coalitionQueens Democrat Malcolm Smith is joining forces with Republicans in a new coalition to run the fractured state Senate, the Post has learned.  In a stunning move, Smith, the former Senate majority leader, will join the Independent Democratic Caucus, which includes four other renegades who will help keep the GOP in charge …”
  • Court papers filed in Amedore-Tkaczyk fight“As I reported this morning, attorneys for Republican Assemblyman George Amedore and Duanesburg Democrat Cecilia Tkaczyk will face off in court today over which of 877 absentee ballots in a close state Senate race should be counted.  Republicans objected to most of these ballots — roughly 680 — and a number of the challenges had to do with voter residency. Challenges were also lodged based on incomplete applications for ballots …”