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SAFE on the campaign trial

Marc Molinaro brought up the SAFE Act while campaigning in Utica:

“… Molinaro said he would dismantle the SAFE Act; something he said would make the state safer. He added that the focus should be on the root causes of violent acts and not making criminals out of honest citizens …”

Molinaro has a progun record from his time in the Assembly and as Dutchess Co. Executive and there is nothing wrong with campaigning on that record.

However, he does have a few problems:

  • His running-mate Julie Killian has antigun record.  This might be tolerable if she brought something positive to the campaign which she doesn’t given her proven track record of failure at the ballot box.
  • He publicly stated he does not want any help from the NRA.  It’s fine not to want to make gun control a central issue of the campaign and it is also fine not to want to accept any corporation donations.  But singling out NRA, and by extension members like me, can be construed as insulting.  NRA’s response should have been, “Fine.  Go fuck yourself.”
  • Republicans own the SAFE Act as much as the Cuomo and the Democrats do.

The Governor decided to pounce on Molinaro with this ad:

Cuomo too has some problems:

  • This ad isn’t effective.  It’s just nasty and tries to portray Molinaro himself as nasty.  I have never heard of anyone referring to Molinaro that way and is not very believable.
  • Just last week the Governor himself acknowledged that a key component of the SAFE Act, an ammunition sales database, has not been implemented and he doesn’t know when or if it ever will be up and running.
  • It is obvious that the vast majority of gun owners are simply refusing to comply with SAFE.
  • There is no pro-gun control voting block.

So what are the campaigns going to get from all this?  Nothing.  The negatives outweigh the positives for both of them.

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Tuesday’s Newsbits:





Introducing Keith Wofford

Republican A.G. candidate Keith Wofford is ramping up his campaign with a multi-million dollar ad campaign:

I assume this is a statewide buy. I saw one of his ads on WRGB.

I don’t know what his position on 2A is and I don’t expect him to bring it up during the campaign. Given that his opponent is an antigun zealot it doesn’t matter so much as his ability to make the A.G. race more competitive due to his fundraising prowness.

NRA phonebank for Zeldin & Faso

NRA is running phonebanks for Congressmen Lee Zeldin (R-1) and John Faso (R-19).  Click on each name for information on how to participate.

The Cook Political Report currently lists CD-1 as Likely Republican and CD-19 as Republican Toss-Up. The latest Siena poll shows Faso with a slight lead over challenger Antonio Delgado while a Monmouth poll has Delgado a little ahead.

Primary aftermath

Governor Cuomo has defeated Cynthia Nixon in the Democrat primary as expected. It cost him upwards of $20 million to do it compared to her $500,000 and she still scored roughly 37% of the vote.

Kathy Hochul defeated Jumaane Williams after grossly outspending him and still only received about 53%.

Letitia James received the Democrat nomination for Attorney General with about 40% in a 4-way race.

While not unexpected, none of this good for gun owners especially James’ win as she said she would use the office to investigate the NRA.  As for the Governor, the Daily Beast sums it up, “Andrew Cuomo Is America’s Problem Now.

The Independence Democrat Conference is dead with 6 of 8 losing their primaries including ringleader Jeff Klein.  Good.  Fuck them.  This does mean, however, that there will be a unified Democrat conference next session even if Simcha Felder continues to do whatever he pleases.

In AD-106 challenger Will Truitt leads incumbent Didi Barrett by 3 votes in the Independence Party primary.  This is why I love primaries.

In AD-133 NRA endorsed incumbent Joe Errigo lost the GOP primaryMarjorie Byrnes also supports gun rights so it doesn’t matter.

Ulster Co. Sheriff Paul VanBlarcum lost the Democrat primary, but will continue on the Republican line in the general election. He has been a strong advocate for gun owners.

Everytown for Gun Safety Victory Fund

Everytown has registered a political action committee in the state, “Everytown for Gun Safety Victory Fund.”

First disclosure reports look like they are still getting things set up.  No contributions to any candidates yet.

Seneca Co. candidate Porsch talks pistol licenses

Seneca County Judicial candidate Barry Porsch talks pistol licenses starting at the 10:00 mark:


Wednesday’s Newsbits:





Katko’s ‘red flag’ bill revisited

Rep. Katko did introduce his “red flag” bill last Friday.  I didn’t see it online yesterday.  Bill number is H.R.6747.

According to this write-up:

“… Katko’s bill is different in that it would allow states to intervene through the creation of a more detailed process for doing so that involves a hearing and requires Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPO). It says the state may only deprive a person of a right to possess firearms after a hearing where the person has notice and is given an opportunity to participate. The hearing must include a finding of dangerousness by a neutral decision-maker. It would also limit any prohibition on an ex parte, or emergency hearing, order to purchasing or receiving a firearm. Further, the ERPO would expire in one year and require the same procedure to renew the mandate. It also provides a mechanism to return guns expeditiously when the order expires or is terminated …”

This is still crap.

Never, ever, ever accept the premise put forth by gun control advocates on anything.

Katko’s ‘red flag’ bill

Rep. John Katko said back in July he was working on a “red flag” gun control bill.

He still hasn’t introduced anything.

There has to be model legislation written by either Brady, Giffords or some other gun control group Katko could simply stick a bill number on, but that hasn’t happened.  With Congress scheduled for recess the second week in October this idea is clearly not going anywhere at the federal level.


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