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Eleanor carried a handgun

The latest bit of revisionist history from MDA:

There’s just one, small problem:

Extreme Risk Protection Order Bill

The antis held a dog-and-pony show today outside Senate chambers to push their latest gun control scheme.

Here is their press release along with local media coverage:

Bill numbers are A-8976/S-7133.

FSCUC getting the word out

FSCUC is running this ad in today’s Daily Freeman.

FSCUC reminder to recertify pistol licenses

It will run several more times there as well as in the Times Herald-Record and Ulster Publishing before the January 31 deadline.

Cayuga Sheriff won’t enforce pistol permit deadline


Tuesday’s Newsbits:




Young isn’t fooling anyone

From the Salamanca Press, “Young: Work against SAFE Act continues 5 years later“:

“It’s been five years since sweeping gun law changes were approved, but local officials still hope that changes will come. The Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act of 2013, enacted Jan. 15, 2013, was approved with support of Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Assembly and Senate Democrats and 11 of 29 Republicans in the state Senate — the majority from downstate …”

Let’s be clear on this: “Upstate” Republicans are as much responsible for passage of SAFE as those from Long Island.  Exactly two Republicans stood up on the floor to voice their opposition: Greg Ball and Kathy Marchione.  The rest from “upstate” sat stone silent during the voting.

“… State Sen. Catharine Young, R-Olean, was one of the Republicans to vote against the legislation, and said she would continue against it … “While, unfortunately, the Democrats in the New York State Assembly have prevented repeal legislation I sponsored that has passed the Senate, we have achieved an important victory in successfully blocking the implementation of the ammunition database,” Young said. “We’ve kept funds for the registry out of the state budget and will fight to do so again this year …”

Bullshit.  The legislature cannot defund SAFE though the budget. We have been through this before (#1, #2). Senator Young is flat out lying.

“… “I am also helping to lead efforts to try to secure a delay in the pistol recertification process, co-sponsoring legislation that would change the deadline from Jan. 31 to March 31,” she added …”

Big. Fucking. Deal.

Young, along with the rest of the “upstate” Republican Senators own SAFE.  They screwed over hundreds of thousands of their constituents because none of them had the stones to stand up for what is right and tell our megalomaniac Governor to go pound sand.  That is coming back to haunt them.

Philipstown meeting on gun storage bill

This Wednesday the Philipstown Town Board are having a public meeting to decide which draft of the mandatory firearms storage bill to advance.

The meeting is set for 7:00pm at Town Hall.  Gun owners are encouraged to attend.



Friday’s Newsbits:

Circus circus:

In the courts:

In the legislature:

Erie County resolution on recertification

Erie County Legislator Ed Rath plans on introducing a resolution calling for extending the deadline for pistol license recertification.

Here is the draft (PDF).

It does not specifically support any state legislation or say how long the deadline should be extended.

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