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Should have kept walking

Turning the bullshit-o-meter up to 11:

Everytown lobbying

Mike Bloomberg’s gun control front group Everytown for Gun Safety hired a Albany lobbying firm this year. Everytown has been registered with JCOPE since 2011 but never really did anything.  This year they hired Ostroff Associates to represent them.

They only legislation they were pushing were the “extreme risk protection order” bill A-8976B/S-7133A and A-2977/S-4363 which would create a “firearm violence research institute.” The former got a lot of attention during the session, but the later didn’t even move in the Assembly.

Reason to get involved

Following up to yesterday’s post is this story also from the Daily News:

“… Marcus Molinaro, the Duchess County executive running for governor, and GOP attorney general candidate Keith Wofford will each report Monday having raised more than $1 million, their representatives say … Meanwhile, the $1 million raised by Wofford, who got into the race in late May, could go further given he is running for an open position … Sources close to the corporate lawyer say about $700,000 of the money he has raised so far came over the past week as the filing deadline approached …”

This is even more reason for NRA to get involved in the Democrat A.G. primary.

Wofford is flying totally under the radar and I know nothing about him, but the fact he was able to make a respectable haul means the campaign can make a solid effort to win.  Forcing Democrat pack leader Letitia James to spend money in primary means she will have less for the general election.  Given that she has a history of being a gun control advocate weakening her campaign would be a plus for 2A.


Monday’s Newsbits:



Primary choice

According to the Daily News:

Public Advocate Letitia James said Thursday she’d investigate the National Rifle Association’s not-for-profit status in New York if she’s elected state attorney general. “I will use the constitutional power as an attorney general to regulate charities, that includes the NRA, to investigate their legitimacy,” James said at a Harlem press conference where she outlined an anti-gun violence platform …”

What NRA ought to do (and I’m confident they won’t) is a GOTV mailing before the Democrat primary telling members to vote against James.  At a minimum it would force her campaign to spend a lot of money it otherwise would not.  Best case is that because of low turnout in the primaries she ends up losing like Joe Crowley did when turnout was 11.8%.


Truitt for Assembly campaign kick-off

I attended Will Truitt’s Dutchess County Campaign Kick-Off yesterday:

Will Truitt for Assembly Dutchess Campaign Kick-Off

Some campaign events are free, others are fundraisers like this one.

Gun owners need to attend such events and gun clubs should pass around the hat to sponsor them.  If clubs were to sponsor say, a dozen such events around the state, so many problems in Albany would go away.

Prediction comes true

Back in April I made the prediction that Republican Senator Elaine Phillips would not get any help from gun control groups no matter what she does for them.

Today I am proven right:

Archived image here.

Controversy over Abelove rifle raffle continues

New Brady PAC

The Brady Campaign is once again trying to reinvent itself with the formation of a new Political Action Committee, Brady PAC.

They are looking for a political director to run it.

According to the job description:

“Brady PAC is a new, hybrid Political Action Committee that backs political candidates running for office who support common sense gun violence prevention policies like expanding background checks to all guns sales, banning assault weapons and high capacity magazines, enacting Extreme Risk laws, and other gun violence prevention strategies, policies, practices and programs to make our homes, schools and communities safe …”

Antigunners have never had much success in electing people around their issues so I don’t see this going anywhere.  I am interested to see who is funding this latest effort, though.

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