Blake clearly wasn’t at gun control conference

Crain’s New York Business reports, “Bronx pol got taxpayer reimbursements for political trips“:

Bronx Assemblyman Michael Blake flies while New York taxpayers buy. A Crain’s analysis of the ambitious state lawmaker’s use of Assembly travel vouchers and per diems—intended to reimburse legislators for the costs of commuting to and rooming in the state capital—as well as of his social media accounts show that for years he has hobnobbed around the state and country with Democratic Party leaders, while letting the public foot his bills … On August 6 of that year, the assemblyman sought $331 in reimbursement to cover a flight from the Bronx to Boston and lodgings for the American State Legislators for Gun Violence Prevention conference, an event scheduled to begin at 1 pm. But Blake’s Instagram shows him two and a half hours away on chic Martha’s Vineyard, attending a Democratic Party fundraiser with Georgia Rep. John Lewis that ran from 10 am until noon …”


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Schimminger retires

One of the few pro-gun Democrats in Albany Assemblyman Robin Schimminger announced he will not seek re-election next year. He was one of the co-sponsors of the original right-to-carry legislation in Albany back in the ’70s.

He sent me a nice thank you note 15 years ago after I helped beat Gov. Pataki’s plan for statewide renewable pistol licenses.

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Melting snowflakes

Being a product of the SUNY system, I am not surprised by this, “Student activists protest tabling event promoting gun rights, criticize UPD for response“:

“Approximately 200 students congregated on the Spine on Thursday afternoon to protest after Binghamton University College Republicans and Turning Point USA (TPUSA), an organization that is not chartered by the SA, tabled in support of gun rights. The tablers held signs that read, “I’m pro-choice. Pick your gun” and “Coexist,” spelled out with rifles and other types of firearms … In a statement released by the College Republicans on Nov. 17, they said they were also promoting an upcoming event sponsored by the Young America’s Foundation (YAF) featuring economist Arthur Laffer. During the protest, which lasted approximately 45 minutes, protesters were heard shouting, “No justice, no peace, no racist police” and “Pack it up,” as well as other chants against both groups’ position …”

What does this chanting have to do either with 2A or free market economics?

“… According to Ryan Yarosh, senior director of media and public relations at BU, Binghamton’s New York State University Police (UPD) were dispatched to the Spine following reports of conversations becoming “loud, aggressive and possibly volatile.” “Police response was appropriate and important to make sure that every student involved in this matter was safe and remained safe,” Yarosh wrote in an email. “The incident ended and the crowd was able to be dispersed without anyone getting injured.” …”

Who was being loud and aggressive? Leftist snowflakes, not the Republicans.

“… After officers began separating the groups, some of the protesters turned their message toward UPD, shouting, “Who are you protecting?” The confrontation between UPD officers and protesters comes days after UPD was criticized for arresting Dheiva Moorthy, vice president of BU Progressives, member of the Frances Beal Society and a sophomore double-majoring in environmental studies and sociology, for tearing down Birthright International advertisements on multiple Off Campus College Transport buses. Birthright International aims to provide a nonjudgmental confidential zone to pregnant women seeking help, according to their website, but students have raised concerns that its advertisements are misleading because it presents pregnancy options with an anti-abortion view …”

Moorthy is so insecure she is unable to stand the mere sight of someone expressing a different point of view.

“… Sam Backner, a junior double-majoring in sociology and philosophy, politics and law, said the police response to the protest highlighted the injustices occurring on BU’s campus by UPD. “This is very much showing me how the police are actively working against people of color and communities of color at this school and protecting racist [President Donald] Trump supporters,” Backner said …”

The most racist thing Trump has done is lower black unemployment.

“… Jennifer Roman, a junior majoring in psychology and vice president of the Latin American Student Union (LASU), said she was not shocked to see the police response, given the discrimination present on BU’s campus. “I feel like [with] the administration and the staff you can tell there’s been a whole history of racism,” Roman said. “I was talking to the cops, and they were telling us to leave as if we were the issue. I feel so emotional. I feel like crying.” …”

Your behavior was the issue.

“… Lacey Kestecher, president of BU’s TPUSA chapter and a freshman majoring in business administration, said protesters were aggressive. “They took our tables,” Kestecher said. “They took our stuff. They were basically ripping it apart, and now we’re just watching everything.” …”

College is supposed to be about learning. Republicans should learn that this is how their opposition reacts and plan accordingly at future events.

“… After the protest, students and community members filled Lecture Hall 9 for “Pigs and Prejudice,” a previously planned event hosted by the Binghamton University College Progressives. Fliers posted around campus publicized a discussion surrounding the increase in the size of the UPD and over policing. The event turned into a student-led discussion on the protest and the reactions of those involved …”

This makes me suspect the outrage against the Republicans and Turning Point was planned ahead of time.

“… The Binghamton University College Democrats released a statement on Nov. 15 requesting the SA suspend the College Republicans for disregarding SA tabling rules and ban TPUSA from tabling in the future. The BU College Republicans also released a statement demanding the University protect their First Amendment rights by taking action against the protesters …”

The college Republicans should respond by requesting the Democrats be suspended for hate speech and attempting to cause a riot.  They should report the protesters under the Red Flag law as well.

As for the protesters, here’s some advice for you:

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Buchwald hopes gun control gets him party nomination

Assemblyman David Buchwald is going hard on gun control in his efforts to distinguish himself from the rest of the Democrat contenders vying to replace Nita Lowey in CD-17.

Example #1:

“… In Westchester, Assemblyman David Buchwald has begun to collect endorsements and make a case for his selection as the democratic nominee … “David and I have been colleagues and friends since he joined the White Plains Common Council,” said [White Plains Mayor Tom Roach]. “His knowledge, perseverance and work ethic have served him and our community well. He has been relentless in advocating for reasonable gun safety rules …” …”

Example #2:

“… I’m not a glitzy guy. I’m not a social media phenomenon. But I am someone who believes strongly in my progressive values. And more importantly, I’m someone who knows that there’s hard work ahead to turn those values into reality. I’ve dealt with tough policy issues and delivered on everything from a law that allows the release of tax returns of politicians like Donald Trump, to co-sponsoring the Reproductive Health Act, to taking pensions away from corrupt government officials, to successfully pushing for tougher gun laws …”

Example #3:

“There are four Democratic candidates in the race to replace longtime Rep. Nita Lowey, and three of them squared off Thursday night at a town hall. Rockland attorney Mondaire Jones, state Assemblyman David Buchwald, and Sen. David Carlucci touched on issues including gun violence at the event at SUNY Purchase. “We need to take some of the measures we’ve adopted here in New York and take them nationwide,” said Buchwald, “So we can have finally a country where people don’t have to go to school fearing that they won’t come home.” …”

Example #4:

“… “I fully support David Buchwald as he runs for Congress,” said Mount Kisco Deputy Mayor Jean Farber. “Throughout his years serving our community, he has fought for our values and stood for greater government transparency and accountability. When it comes to gun violence and climate change, we need leaders who will take action – that’s David.” …”

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Monday’s Newsbits:





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Wednesday’s Newsbits:





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Candidate Melodie Baker’s position statement

Following up on Chris Jacobs’ recent stunt, here is a brief position statement from one of the two declared Democrat candidates for the open seat in CD-27, Melodie Baker:

“… Raised in rural Texas and then moving to Buffalo with her family at a young age has had an impact on how Baker views a number of issues – including guns. Her letter to Chairman Zellner says she learned to shoot a 12-gauge gun before she was a teenager, and she tells Carter her family has used guns for generations to hunt meals. Baker supports the second amendment and the use of guns as tools, she says, but does not support their use as weapons. “I certainly think people who have a history of violence and mental health instability, need to definitely not have those guns and even the type of guns — AK-47s do not belong on the street …”

Sounds like she’s pandering to the Fudds while supporting the gun ban agenda.

As for the other candidate Nate McMurray, he appears to have the support of the Brady’s in spite of making some questionable remarks to his political opposition.

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Pete King retiring

Longtime Long Island Congressman Peter King announced he is not running for re-election next year.  His age and the fact that the state will be losing two Congressional seats after the 2020 redistricting are likely the driving forces behind his decision not to seek another term.

He will not be missed.  A notorious RINO, he was known for being the GOP pointman on leftist issues especially gun control:

“A Long Island congressman has become the first House Republican to back legislation to ban assault weapons. Rep. Peter King announced his support of the bill that was introduced by Rep. David Cicilline in February …”

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