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Legislature responds to lawsuit

Legislators know they are likely to lose the NYC transport lawsuit so they have prepared a response in the form of A-7752/S-6151.

From the Justification:

“Premise licenses for firearms in New York State allow a license holder to possess a firearm in a specific location, either their home or place of work, the address of which is specified on the license. Recognizing that premise license holders may have a legitimate reason to transport their firearms to another location, either another premise where they have a license to possess a firearm, a shooting range, or a shooting competition, this bill seeks to clarify the ability of premise license holders to transport their firearms to and from locations where they may legally possess such firearm. In order to ensure that any transportation of firearms that occurs is done safely and responsibly, this bill requires that, during transport, such firearms must be kept in a locked container separate from the ammunition.”

Bill text explicitly states, “The term “locked container” shall not include the glove compartment or console of a vehicle.”

As for non-City residents thinking about transporting a gun into the municipality:

“… [licenses] issued by a licensing officer other than the police commissioner of the City of New York shall not authorize transport of a pistol or revolver into the City of New York in the absence of written authorization to do so by the police commissioner of that city.”

Recent Entries

“Ghost” guns bill passes Assembly

“Ghost” guns bill A-763A has been substituted for S-1414A in the lower chamber and and passed the Assembly this afternoon by a vote of 111-22.

Here is the press release by Speaker Carl Heastie.

The bill now heads to the Governor for signing.  No word as to when that will happen.


Monday’s Newsbits:




“Ghost” guns bill passes Senate

“Ghost” guns bill S-1414A passed the Senate 53-5 on Wednesday with plenty of support by NRA endorsed Republicans.

Companion A-763A is still on the Assembly floor calendar.  I suspect round 3 of gun control legislation will come up in June as part of the celebration of “Gun Violence Awareness Month.”

A-663/S-5801, animal cruelty provisions

A-663, adds wildlife animals to those subject to the animal cruelty provisions, now has a Senate companion S-5801.

Despite what the justification statement says, the ultimate goal of this is to ban all hunting (even farming) as a form of cruelty to animals. The driving force behind this, Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal, is a rabid animal “rights” activist, vegan and antigunner.


Wednesday’s Newsbits:




“Ghost gun” bill to come up

The Daily News reports that legislation prohibiting so-called “ghost guns” will be taken up by the Senate on Wednesday.

The bill in question is S-1414A which was amended last week and is on 3rd Reading.

The Assembly companion is A-763A and it has been on the calendar since the end of January.

Morelle introduces bill to prevent gun thefts

Gun Theft Prevention Act

2nd Amendment Sanctuary Cities and Counties

So-called “Second Amendment Sanctuaries” have been increasing in popularity around the country

Gun Owners of America began distributing this template for New York municipalities.  Essentially, they want municipalities to enact legislation prohibiting the use of monies to enforce the SAFE Act and other gun control laws.

I don’t see any problems asking locals not to spend money on gun control enforcement, however, SAFE itself is funded through the state budget and Albany legislators cannot defund it this way.  I am not aware of any New York municipality which has enacted something like this so I am unsure how effective this tactic is even from a public relations standpoint.  Generally, the best way to defeat gun control for gun owners to be involved in the selection and election processes for candidates at all levels of government.

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