USCCA talks with Rep. Claudia Tenney on SCOTUS case

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Rochester teams up with Brady Campaign

One of outgoing Mayor Lovely Warren’s last official acts is to team up with the Brady Campaign to analyze firearms trace data.

From their MOU:

“Rochester, through the Rochester Police Department, will use its best efforts to collect trace data about firearms recovered within its jurisdiction. Brady will advise the Rochester Police Department on the types of data and means of collection as necessary … As needed, Brady will provide to the Rochester Police Department advice and guidance regarding the analysis of such data and assist the Rochester Police Department in generating a public-facing report containing the analysis of this data …”

This is suspicious. My guess is they want to use such data as an excuse to try and sue gun manufactures and dealers under the public nuisance bill the legislature passed this year A-6762B/S-7196.

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Support Suozzi in the Democrat primary

Congressman Tom Suozzi announced today he will run for Governor next year.

The current Democrat lineup now includes him, Kathy Hochul, Tish James and Jumaane Williams. I expect Bill de Blasio will add his name to the list soon as well.

All these people stink on gun rights. That being said sitting by and doing nothing has proven to be a failed tactic. Therefore gun rights supporters should vote for Suozzi in the Democrat primary as he is the least offensive of the bunch. Turnout will be low and in a 4 or 5-way race the winner will only get in the neighborhood of upper 30s to low 40s percentage of the vote. Gun rights activists can make a difference by blocking the much worse candidates.

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Mandatory storage law rarely enforced

The Buffalo News reports that New York’s mandatory firearms storage law is rarely enforced:

“A September incident in which a 12-year-old boy allegedly brought a loaded pistol, a loaded magazine and loose rounds to Frontier Middle School led to charges against the woman who owned the gun. Two weeks after the school incident, a Hamburg woman was charged with failing to safely store the gun. She is among the first in the state to be charged as the result of legislation passed in 2019 aimed at keeping guns away from children … The law requires owners of handguns, rifles and shotguns to safely store such weapons, either by keeping the weapons locked up or using a locking device on the firearm if there is a child under 16 who lives in the house or if there is a reasonable chance a child may visit the house. Before the law was passed in 2019, New York only required safe storage of weapons if there was a convicted felon or other person prohibited from owning a weapon in the residence. That was included in the New York SAFE ACT, which passed in 2013 … The law is rarely used by prosecutors, according to records provided by the Erie County District Attorney’s Office. It was applied four times under the older provisions regarding people prohibited from owning guns and for the first time since it was amended in the Hamburg case. …”

The law should be abolished as it directly conflicts with Heller v. District of Columbia. Hopefully with better Justices on SCOTUS someone will bring a case challenging it.

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Mayor-Elect Eric Adams & Gun Control

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Vaccinate the Fudds

This is bizarre:

“Governor Kathy Hochul announced today on Upstate drive time radio a new vaccine incentive to bolster vaccination rates among New Yorkers who enjoy the great outdoors. Beginning Dec. 1 through the end of the year, anyone that receives their first vaccine dose will have the opportunity to enter the ‘Take Your Shot for an Outdoor Adventure’ sweepstakes and a random drawing to win special prize packages tailored to anglers, hunters, and other outdoor enthusiasts … Five Grand Prize winners will be randomly selected from the pool of 2,000 sweepstakes entrants to receive their choice of deluxe fishing, hunting, and birding packages. Each Grand Prize package will include a lifetime license and the highest quality hunting and fishing gear. The deluxe birding package will include a spotting scope, binoculars, and more. In addition, 25 entrants will be randomly selected to receive their choice of Second Tier fishing and hunting packages. These packages will include annual licenses and equipment specific to angling, bowhunting, rifle hunting, and turkey hunting. The beginning birder package includes binoculars, birdfeeder, bird seed, and I Bird NY materials …”

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Wednesday’s Newsbits:





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Can’t have 1A without 2A

Senator Gillibrand shows why you cannot have freedom of speech without the right to bear arms:

“In response to Rochester’s state of emergency, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand says she’s working to address recent violence with new legislation. That includes banning assault weapons, enforcing a federal anti-gun trafficking law, ensuring reliable background checks and creating a data protection agency that has oversight over social media. “There’s also enormous amounts of anger and division in our communities that is fueling violence,” Gillibrand said. “A lot of that is caused by disinformation, lies and by social media platforms that are unregulated.” …”

If it saves one life …

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Never misses a press opportunity

Rochester, like many other cities run by weak, “progressive” administrators, is suffering from the effects of their leadership:

“In response to the “unprecedented levels” of gun violence that Rochester, New York has faced this year, Mayor Lovely Warren declared a state of emergency on Friday. According to Warren’s order, gun violence in the city has been up 95 percent over the last year. As of Monday, Rochester has reported 301 shooting incidents this year resulting in injuries to 360 victims. On Thursday, another three people were killed in Rochester, bringing the city’s total homicides to 71 this year …”

Clearly all the new gun control legislation Albany passed is having an effect.

Not one to miss a press opportunity, Senator Schumer chimes in:

“… He’s pushing for universal backgrounds checks for gun purchases, an automatic weapons ban and to have more personnel in the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives to curb the proliferation of guns …”

Platitudes, nothing more. Schumer had to opportunity to push gun control with David Chipman’s nomination and he left him out to dry. I do not see him trying to do anything on the issue right now.

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Friday’s Newsbits:

Gun Industry:



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