Everytown behind A-7752/S-6151

I’m not surprised to see Everytown was behind A-7752/S-6151, although the sheer number of people they lobbied on the bill is impressive.

From their disclosure report,on the Assembly bill they lobbied:

On the Senate bill they lobbied:

Notice they wasted no time with any Republicans.  They are a total non-factor in the legislative process.

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Schuyler Co. judicial candidates

Figuring out which judicial candidates to support can be difficult if they don’t already have an established record as many of them will refuse to answer direct questions regarding 2A. Absent a record on guns, as a general rule, gun owners are better off backing those candidates with declared personal interests in firearms/shooting.

The Star-Gazettee offers one such candidate up:

“The Schuyler County Democratic and Republican committees have endorsed candidates for county judge. The Republican Committee has endorsed Steven Getman, current Schuyler County attorney … He is an endowment life member of the NRA and a member of Schuyler County SCOPE, Shooters Committee On Political Education. He also is a member of the Millport Hunting and Fishing Club, Community Conservation Club and the Watkins Glen-Montour Falls Lions Club …”

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Friday’s Newsbits:

Volunteer coordinator needed for Wyoming County Fair August 10-17. Volunteer would be responsible to set up / organize staff / take down the “Assemblyman DiPietro” booth in the commercial building. Email Vanessa at Dipietro4you@gmail.com if you are interested in the coordinator position or to volunteer to man the booth during Fair week.




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Albany Update Forum

Assemblyman David DiPietro will hold an “Albany Update Forum” on Saturday, July 27th at 10:00am at the Strykersville Fire Hall.

Topics will include recently passed gun control legislation. Guests include Erie County Sheriff Tim Howard and County Clerk Mickey Kearns.

For more information call Bill Walters at 716-457-9355.

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A-7752/S-6151 signed by Governor

A-7752/S-6151, relates to the transport of pistols or revolvers by licensees, has been signed by Governor Cuomo.

Now we wait and see if this derails the lawsuit against New York City.

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A-7752/S-6151 to Governor

A-7752/S-6151, relates to the transport of pistols or revolvers by licensees, has been sent to the Governor for signing.

I have no doubt Cuomo will do that with little fanfare.

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State budget gives $70K to gun control advocates

Buried in the state budget Aid to Localities bill A-2003/S-1503D is grant money for gun control advocates.

On Page 13 of the Staff Report on the SFY 2020 Adopted Budget:

Provides an additional $15.3 million in funding from the General Fund to support the following programming: … $70,000 for New Yorkers Against Gun Violence Inc.

On a similar note, a privately funded charity which helps rich City residents throw their money away, “The New York Community Trust Grants $4.8 Million to Invest in a Fairer, More Equitable New York“:

“… The Trust is investing $160,000 in the New Yorkers Against Gun Violence Education Fund to train community members to work with public school students to reduce violence in high-crime neighborhoods …”

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Goroff seeks to challenge Zeldin

Nancy Goroff announced her intention to seek the Democrat nomination to challenge incumbent Congressman Lee Zedlin (R-1) next year.

According to the Riverhead News-Review:

“… I’m running for Congress to use my experience as a scientist to combat global warming, make health care affordable, protect a woman’s right to choose, and end the gun violence epidemic …”

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