Good news from the courts

Some good news from the courts on gun rights.

5th Circuit Judge Cory Wilson determined a law banning people under domestic violence restraining orders from owning firearms was unconstitutional and a federal judge in Oklahoma ruled that a federal law prohibiting people who use marijuana from owning firearms is likewise unconstitutional.  This are important as the rulings put 2A on par with other specifically enumerated rights which cannot denied without due process.

Bonus: New York Supreme Court ruled the state’s “red flag” law as unconstitutional in a specific case.



Monday’s Newsbits:




Hochul’s budget has some gun control changes

Gov. Hochul proposes some CCIA changes in her budget including excluding the Adirondacks and Catskills from being “sensitive locations”, exempting individuals responsible for security at a place of worship from the place of worship sensitive location prohibition, expanding the exemption of hunting and hunting adjacent activity from the sensitive and restricted location prohibitions, and modifies the sensitive location categorization so that establishments that have an active liquor license are sensitive locations, but not locations that were previously issued a liquor license but no longer have an active liquor license.

Another bill requiring NYPD hold so-called gun buybacks

A second bill has been to the City Council requiring the NYPD establish a so-called gun buy-back program, INT 916-2023.

The wording is a little different from INT 892-2023 which was introduced a few weeks ago.

Next week’s legislative agenda

Gun bills are being introduced/reintroduced slower than in previous years. I think lead hunting ammo (directly) and lead at ranges (indirectly) will be targeted this session.

Next week’s legislative agenda:

  • S-1212, Establishes environmental standards for ambient lead and lead contamination, advanced to 2nd Reading.  No companion.
  • Joint public hearing for Assembly and Senate Codes, Corrections and Judiciary committees Monday January 30 @ 10:00am. Will livestream.
  • Assembly Consumer Protection meeting agenda for Tuesday January 31 @ 1:00pm:
    • A-2209, Makes clarifying changes to the definition of imitation weapon. Companion S-816 passed the Senate.


Thursday Newsbits:




Lafazan has not given up on mandatory storage

Nassau Co. Legislator Joshua Lafazan took at shot a County Executive Bruce Blakeman in his most recent presser:

“As we embark upon 2023, Nassau County taxpayers should take stock of what County Executive Bruce Blakeman has – and has not – achieved during his first year in office … What can the County’s taxpayers and business leaders do then to get this County Executive’s attention and spur his administration to act? As a starting point, we suggest this list of New Year’s resolutions: … Require gun store owners to lock up firearms at night to protect our children from gun violence – the leading cause for children’s deaths …”

Here is a draft of the mandatory storage bill.

Lead standards bill on Senate committee agenda

Senate EnCon agenda for 1/24 @ 11:30am:

  • S-1212, Establishes environmental standards for ambient lead and lead contamination.

Bill requiring NYPD hold so-called gun buybacks

New bill introduced to the City Council INT 892-2023:

“This bill would require the Police Department to establish a monthly gun buy-back program, whereby individuals may voluntarily and anonymously surrender to the department a working or non-working unloaded gun or parts thereof, in exchange for a sum of money to be determined by the department upon surrender. Individuals surrendering a gun would not be required to provide identification or any personally identifiable information, and would not be subject to criminal or civil penalties for the illegal possession of such gun, unless such penalties are required by local, state or federal laws, rules or regulations. The gun buy-back program would take place in a different borough at least once each month, on a rotating basis.”


Wednesday’s Newsbits: