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Antigun lobby day set for May

This year’s antigun lobby day has been set for May 17 at the LOB/CAP.

It is an annual event where gun control advocates bus in some children from the City, meet with sympathetic legislators and put on a dog-and-pony show in The Well.  I believe their top agenda item will be the mandatory storage bill, A-457.

New Yorkers Against Gun Violence is usually the host, but this year it appears that Moms Demand Action has taken over.  Here is a link to their Facebook event.

Recent Entries

Gorsuch nomination

Senate confirmation hearings on SCOTUS nominee Neil Gorsuch began yesterday.

The antis are not happy:

Dianne Feinstein attacked the NRA during her remarks:

“… It is the Supreme Court that will have final word … [on] whether the NRA and other extreme organizations will be able to block common sense gun regulations, including those that keep military-style assault weapons off our streets …”

It’s a safe bet both Heller and McDonald will come up during questioning. The Judiciary Committee is set to vote on the nomination April 3 and the full Senate sometime after that.

Ultimately I expect Gorsuch will be confirmed. There isn’t much of a well organized opposition to him, mostly people already angry that Trump won. Chuck Schumer is not doing a very good job at being Minority Leader. I was expecting him to be a much bigger pain than he has been so far.

NYC Moms Demand Action Members Meet-Up

Video from NYC Moms Demand Action Meet-Up.

Nassau candidates picking up endorsements

The Long Island Herald has a story on Democrat candidates for County Executive picking up endorsements:

“… Assemblyman Charles Lavine, of Glen Cove, also announced his endorsement by a number of state Democratic leaders and progressive activists, including … former New York Assembly members Michelle Schimel and Harvey Weisenberg …”

Schimel was easily the worst elected official on guns in the state legislature.

Weisenberg was not quite as bad in terms of his voting record, but exceeded Schimel in sheer hypocrisy.  He would routinely speak on the floor in support of the mandatory firearms storage bill saying it wasn’t gun control, but gun safety.  What made this so outrageous is that Weisenberg negligently shot and killed a kid decades before.

For the Democrat primary, Lavine is the worst followed by Legislator Laura Curran.  That leaves County Comptroller George Maragos as the best choice by default.

Zeldin v. Thiele

It’s a bit early to start with the ’18 elections, but Newsday reports, “A potential challenger for Lee Zeldin emerges“:

“… Democratic leaders on the East End have approached Fred Thiele, a long-term member of the State Assembly, about making a run. And Thiele is considering it …”

Thiele’s record on gun issues is to support the antigun position about 95% of the time.

The good thing about him running against Zeldin is that Thiele would have to give up his Assembly seat to do it, opening up the possibility of getting someone better in his place.

Gun control and social media

On Monday, March 20, the Citizens Crime Commission of New York City will host a panel discussion on the role social media plays in gun violence with New York University’s Dr. Shabnam Javdani and others, John Jay College, Moot Court Room, 524 W. 59th St., Manhattan.

GAG me with a spoon

Gays Against Guns is planning a series of protests against the NRA and the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act around New York City:

“Gays Against Guns … has launched its first major advertising campaign—an effort that will combine with protests around New York City against National Rifle Association-endorsed legislation in Washington that would mandate “reciprocity” in concealed weapon permits nationwide … The print, virtual and video campaigns consist of a series of 20 visually-oriented ads portraying a GAG activist and a veiled figure representing a gun violence victim. The activists in the ads hold placards declaring “Not In My______”—a message GAG hopes those concerned will customize during the 10 protests scheduled across the five boroughs …”

Here’s their ad:

This campaign is doomed to failure for one simple reason: GAG is running it in an area represented by officials who are already opposed to the bill. They are not changing any votes.

“… In September, the group—along with Public Advocate Letitia James and the National Action Network’s Kirsten John Foy—rallied against Smith & Wesson, a member of the NRA’s Golden Ring of Freedom. The Second Amendment organization bestows that honor on companies that have given it at least $1 million …”

This accomplished nothing.

“… The group also recently sponsored and participated in a solidarity rally in front of the Stonewall National Monument against President Donald Trump’s executive orders impacting Muslims, undocumented immigrants and his selection of anti-LGBT nominees …”

This has absolutely nothing to do with guns.

GAG also appears unaware that homosexuality is an anathema to Islam. NRA members are not tossing gays off of buildings. Muslims are.

Garodnick considering challenging de Blasio

According to the Post, Councilman Dan Garodnick is considering challenging Mayor de Blasio in a Democrat primary:

“Manhattan Councilman Dan Garodnick is talking with former political leaders, Democratic consultants, and donors about whether they would back his candidacy for mayor, political sources said … Sources close to the pol, whose term ends next January, said he is “50-50” about challenging the mayor in September’s primary …”

Garodnick has sponsored the following bills and resolutions during his time on the City Council:

  • Int 0240-2006 – Penalties associated with the sale of toy guns.
  • Int 0362-2006 – A Local Law to amend the administrative code of the City of New York, in relation to a gun offender registry.
  • Int 0365-2006 – Banning firearms, rifles, or shotguns that are colored so as to appear to be toy guns.
  • Res 0821-2011 – Close the background check loophole at gun shows by establishing a background check procedure for all firearms sold at gun shows. (H.R.591/S.35)
  • Res 1171-2011 – Supporting S.1973, the Gun Trafficking Prevention Act of 2012.

This records makes him slightly better than Tony Avella.  So the new order of preference for candidates in a Democrat primary is:

  • Anyone not Bill de Blasio.
  • Anyone not Tony Avella.
  • Anyone not Dan Garodnick.

Office to Prevent Gun Violence

Int 1470-2017 has been introduced to the City Council by Councilwoman Laurie Cumbo.  The bill would authorize the Mayor to create an Office to Prevent Gun Violence.

According to the bill, the function of the office director would be:

  1. advise and assist the mayor in planning, developing and coordinating efforts to reduce gun violence;
  2. engage with members of the community, elected officials, and other interested groups and individuals to develop further strategies to reduce gun violence;
  3. review the budget requests of all agencies for programs related to gun violence, recommend budget priorities among such programs, and assist the mayor in prioritizing such requests

The real function of the office director would be:

  1. to allow the Mayor to put one or more of his otherwise unemployable cronies on the City payroll;
  2. acting as a defacto lobbyist for gun control organizations;
  3. reviewing the budget requests of all agencies and recommending budget priorities which funnel monies to politically connected associates of both the Mayor and City Councilmembers;
  4. self-aggrandizement and positioning the director to run for elected office and repeat the cycle all over again

The bill current sits in the Governmental Operations Committee.

Where’s his base of support?

From the Post, “Cuomo takes key step toward launching presidential campaign“:

Gov. Cuomo has hired two Florida fundraisers, a sign he’s building a national network to launch a presidential bid, sources told The Post … The governor has been expanding his national profile since the Democrats’ dreadful showing in November …”

Oh my God, where to even begin with this?

How on earth can Cuomo build a national network of support when I cannot think of a single elected Democrat who has come out in public and said they like him let alone encouraged him to run for president? I cannot even think of one who said he should run for a third term as governor in ’18.

Expanding his profile will only expand the number of people who despise him.

“… “When Hillary Clinton was running he never wanted to have anyone speculate he’s running, but now the strategy is pretty different,” said Karen Hinton, a former Cuomo aide. “He is positioning himself to be seen as a liberal who can speak to a national audience.” …”

Speaking is not the problem. What comes out of his mouth is the problem. If Cuomo actually tries running expect non-stop ads based upon this statement:

“… You’re seeing that play out in New York. … The Republican Party candidates are running against the SAFE Act — it was voted for by moderate Republicans who run the Senate! Their problem is not me and the Democrats; their problem is themselves. Who are they? Are they these extreme conservatives who are right-to-life, pro-assault-weapon, anti-gay? Is that who they are? Because if that’s who they are and they’re the extreme conservatives, they have no place in the state of New York, because that’s not who New Yorkers are …”

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