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During a campaign stop Rob Astorino said:

“… “I can tell you that every stop we make now, the crowds get bigger and people understand we can win this race” against Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo, he said …”

Believe it:

“The AFL-CIO is taking a pass on next month’s Democratic primary for governor — so it won’t have to endorse Gov. Cuomo … The snub by the massive labor umbrella organization is the third by a leading union group and perhaps the most stinging, since it backed him four years ago …”

This doesn’t mean they’re about to endorse Astorino.  It means Cuomo’s base isn’t motivated and might not show up on election day.

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An expected followup to the announcement that Remington was moving production of semi-autos out of the state, today the company laid-off at least 105 employees at the Illion factory.


Ken Lovett at the Daily News opines:

“No one thinks Fordham Law School Prof. Zephyr Teachout will beat Gov. Cuomo in the Sept. 9 Democratic primary — but she could hurt him, experts said … If she gets 20% or more of the vote, it would show that a sizable amount of Cuomo’s own Democratic party has little enthusiasm for the governor, despite his success on gay marriage and tougher gun laws, Democratic operatives say …”

There’s zero enthusiasm for Cuomo now.  Name one elected Democrat who is jumping up and down for his re-election?

Lovett inadvertently stumbles into the flaws with the gun control movement.  First, it doesn’t motivate the Left like other issues due.  Second, the astroturf nature of the antis make it impossible for them to impact elections.  If Cuomo had done his homework he should have known this before pinning his political career on the issue.

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I have said time and time again that Democrats have a real problem with Governor Cuomo.  It’s coming out in the open now:

“The state’s second-largest public workers union on Thursday endorsed Zephyr Teachout’s insurgent Democratic primary campaign for governor over incumbent Andrew Cuomo … PEF President Susan Kent said the endorsement was a “testament” to the democratic nature of the union … Cuomo and PEF, a union of mostly white-collar workers, have not had the best relationship …”


“Democratic former mayor of Binghamton Matt Ryan on Wednesday endorsed Zephyr Teachout for governor calling her a “real alternative” to incumbent Andrew Cuomo …”


“The Village Independent Democrats club withdrew its endorsement of Kathy Hochul for lieutenant governor Thursday night and instead threw its support behind insurgent candidate Tim Wu …”

There has to come a point where even Cuomo’s media allies will not be able to report with a straight face these ridiculous polls saying he has a 30+ point lead over Rob Astorino.

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The Daily News reports gun money has stopped following to Albany because of SAFE:

“National pro-gun groups have largely holstered their checkbooks since the passage of Gov. Cuomo’s tough gun control law early last year.  The National Rifle Association, the National Shooting Sports Federation, and gun manufacturers have donated just $33,893 to candidates in New York since the beginning of 2013, far less than in previous two-year election cycles, a Daily News review determined.  By comparison, the groups gave candidates a more robust $110,000 from 2011 through the end of 2012.  That was before state lawmakers passed Cuomo’s controversial SAFE Act in January 2013, just a month after the Newtown, Conn. elementary school massacre …”

Someone, however, didn’t get them memo:

“… Surprisingly, the biggest donation, $7,500 from Buffalo-based bullet maker Pierce Munitions, went to Cuomo in June of last year — six months after the gun law passed.  A company rep did not return a call for comment …”

My  guess is that they did it in hopes of getting tax credits or something to expand their business.  That’s how our Tammany system works in the state.  Whatever the reason this was an exceptionally stupid move on their part.  As word gets out, and it will considering the size of the Daily News distribution, they are in for a world of grief.  Plus, they make ammo for Ted Nugent who is a magnet for bad press.

There’s a lot going on in this Post article:

“Louisiana’s Bobby Jindal has become the first Republican governor to defy Chris Christie by helping cash-strapped Rob Astorino raise funds to challenge Gov. Cuomo, The Post has learned. Jindal, like New Jersey’s Christie a potential presidential candidate in 2016, agreed last week to host a big-ticket fund-raiser for Westchester County Executive Astorino in Manhattan on Oct. 16 … “Gov. Jindal believes this race is winnable by Rob, and he wants to come in, and he’ll be doing the fund-raising event for us,’’ Astorino spokeswoman Jessica Proud told The Post … Among GOP governors planning to campaign — and raise funds — on Astorino’s behalf are Mike Pence of Indiana, Rick Perry of Texas, and Scott Walker of Wisconsin, who has already held one fund-raiser for Astorino, officials said.”

Good.  Help Rob and diminish Christie for ’16.

“… Republicans were in open rebellion at a recent state committee meeting in Syracuse when Tom Dunham, chief political operative to Senate GOP leader and Cuomo ally Dean Skelos, refused to commit to helping Astorino’s campaign …”

That’s because Skelos and most of the Senate Republicans have given their defacto endorsement to Gov. Cuomo.  They are his biggest cheerleaders, not Democrats.

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There are so many possibilities it’s hard to pick just one.