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Yet another local member of Mayors Against Illegal Guns has been arrested:

Former Binghamton Mayor Matt Ryan (D) is facing harassment charges after a fight in a town of Barker bar last week … Troopers said Ryan got into an argument over politics with pro-gas drilling activist Victor Furman, from Chenango Forks. Ryan allegedly pushed Furman with both hands in the chest and knocked him over multiple bar stools onto the ground. According to troopers, Ryan then said, “I ought to punch you right in the mouth.” Ryan is facing a harassment charge, in the second degree …”


I spoke with one of our members from Long Island who works for another non-gun special interest who informed me that he interviewed candidates for his organization and they all told him that as they’re going door to door the hot button issues people are talking about, aside from taxes, are common core and the SAFE Act.

This directly contradicts media reports that guns are not an issue downstate and reinforces the election results from last year’s Westchester and Nassau County Executive’s races.

Back in April Alex Crohn took credit for authoring the SAFE bill.  Now, Oliver Koppell says he did it:

“… The debate continued with Senator Klein and candidate Koppell upgrading themselves on their accomplishments over their opponent, with candidate Koppell saying that he had drafted up the original Safe Act legislation, not Senator Klein …”

Alabama’s news media is more honest than New York’s.


The New York Times just gave a big F.U.A.C. to Governor Cuomo by refusing to endorse him in the primary.

Read their op-ed here.

Who didn’t see this one coming?  The Senate GOP conference that’s who:

“Senate Republicans have lost a big weapon in their fight against the Democrats for control of the chamber: former Mayor Michael Bloomberg.  Bloomberg was the single largest donor to the Senate Republican Campaign Committee during his three terms in office — but since leaving City Hall, he hasn’t given a dime …”

The short term cash he gave to help pass gun control will do nothing to assuage the long term anger at the Republicans for passing the SAFE Act without so much as a whimper from the “leadership.”