New Yorkers Against Gun Violence has started a campaign to get Apple to drop gun emojis from the iPhone.  They have a website and Twitter handle.



Former Broome County Executive Barbara Fiala announced her intention to run for the Senate seat vacated by Tom Libous.

She refused to take a public position on the SAFE Act.

Not a problem as we already know what she thinks about guns.

And now everybody does too.

Plaintiffs in the case of Arie Friedman and Illinois State Rifle Association verses the City of Highland Park have filed a writ of certiorari to the Supreme Court.

This is the black gun case ahead of the NYSRPA and CCDL lawsuits.

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It’s no secret that Congressman Chris Gibson is considering running for Governor in ’18.  He is not running for re-election to Congress next year.

Gun rights would be part of his campaign:

“Republican Rep. Chris Gibson of New York may run for governor in 2018, citing gun rights as a core issue.  When it comes to combating crime, the congressman said Sunday on “The Cats Roundtable” on AM 970 in New York that he believes in “deterrence through the Second Amendment.” …”

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Governor Cuomo announced his choice to for Tom Libous’ seat, former Broome County Executive Barbara Fiala.

She was a member of the MAIG spinoff County Executives Against Illegal Guns when they formed back in ’08.

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Residents are finding out the local St. Lawrence county pistol license law is largely worthless:

“A St. Lawrence County Court judge’s decision to deny requests for lifting restrictions on pistol permits has left county pistol owners in a tizzy.  Following a June 1, 14-1 vote by county legislators for a new local law that loosens rules regarding who is eligible to obtain an unrestricted carry-and-conceal pistol license, county pistol owners said they continue to be denied by County Court Judge Jerome J. Richards …”

That is because state law makes judges the local licensing authority, not the county legislature.  Unless granted home rule authority by the state legislature (which they weren’t), the county legislature does not have the authority to make up it’s own rules good or bad.  Judge Richards knows that and continues to do as he pleases.

I have received a bunch of complaints about him over the years and told those people their only choice is find an opponent and remove him when he’s up for re-election.  Instead, Richards ran unopposed last year for another 10 year term.


As I said, Senate Republicans turning a blind eye to corruption would eventually catch up with them.

Today it did:

Sen. Thomas Libous, the state Senate’s second-ranking Republican and a Southern Tier political institution for more than two decades, was convicted Wednesday of lying to the FBI, a felony that will force his removal from office.  A jury found Libous, 62, guilty of lying to federal investigators during a 2010 interview at his state Capitol office about an alleged scheme to use his influence to get his son a job at a politically connected Westchester County law firm  …”

And with his removal, Republicans no longer have a majority in the State Senate.