Syracuse Mayor is hiring

The City of Syracuse is hiring a Director of the Mayor’s Office to Reduce Gun Violence.

From the job description:

“The Director will focus on synchronizing the city’s anti-gun violence initiatives while working alongside residents, community stakeholders, law enforcement and violence prevention experts to identify factors perpetuating gun violence in Syracuse and implement strategic solutions informed by proven best practices to address them. The Director will be tasked with supporting existing and developing new interventions which produce measurable outcomes.”

I’m going to go out on a limb and say the person ultimately hired (at $65,000/year) is going to be a politically-connected crony of either the Mayor, another elected official, and/or local political parties.

The spirit of Tammany

Eric Adams appears to be keeping the Tammany spirit alive and well in his new administration:

“A member of Eric Adams’ transition team approached the commanding officer of the NYPD gun licensing division in December to ask about obtaining gun permits for civilians who would potentially be assigned to protect City Hall. The head of the NYPD License Division, according to four sources briefed on the conversation, was troubled by the pitch, made by Tim Pearson, a retired NYPD inspector serving on the Adams transition team … Police sources said another reason the request was irksome: The NYPD License Division was previously embroiled in a corruption investigation where two businessmen were arrested and later convicted for trying to bribe Mayor Bill de Blasio and numerous NYPD officials. Questions raised in the case included whether special treatment existed in the awarding of gun permits …”

This on top of Adams’ putting his brother on the payroll. Boss Tweed would be proud.

Of course there’s more:

“… The mayor’s office also confirmed that during that December meeting at One Police Plaza, Tim Pearson inquired about getting a gun permit for himself. He was told he had to apply through his home county of Nassau …”

He’d still need approval by the NYPD to let him carry inside the City with a license issued in Nassau. As Adams tried getting CCWs for his district staff when he was in the State Senate I have no doubt he’d make a phone call on behalf of his buddy Tim.

Next week’s legislative agenda

Assembly Codes agenda for 1/19 @ 1:30pm:

  • A-8735, Requires the Division of Criminal Justice Services to publish quarterly reports providing information related to firearms, rifles and shotguns used in the commission of crimes in the state of New York. Companion is S-7760.
  • A-8736, Amends the definition of disguised gun to include any firearms that are designed and intended to appear to be a toy gun. Companion is S-7796.
  • A-8786, Criminalizes the sale of ghost guns; requires any person licensed as a gunsmith or a dealer in firearms to register with the Division of Criminal Justice Services any unserialized firearm, rifle or shotgun, finished frame or receiver, or unfinished frame or receiver. Companion is S-7705.

Senate Codes agenda for 1/18 @ 12:00pm:

  • S-50, Relates to manufacturers’ reporting the sale or distribution of firearms. Companion is A-2560.

WCFOA endorses Rob Astorino

Westchester County Firearm Owners has endorsed Rob Astorino in the Republican primary for Governor.

Here is a copy of their press release (PDF).

Legislative update

Federal legislation:

State legislation:

  • S-7705, Criminalizes the sale of ghost guns; requires any person licensed as a gunsmith or a dealer in firearms to register with the Division of Criminal Justice Services any unserialized firearm, rifle or shotgun, finished frame or receiver, or unfinished frame or receiver, passed the Senate. Companion is A-8736.
  • S-7716, Relates to the Firearm Violence Research Institute; makes technical changes to the institutes procedures, goals and activities, on 3rd Reading.  No companion.
  • S-7736, Amends the “Scott J. Beigel Unfinished Receiver Act” relating to unserialized frames or receivers, on 3rd Reading.  Companion is A-8741.
  • S-51, Includes attachments to electronic devices within the meaning of the term “imitation weapon,” and S-687, Clarifies the definition of imitation weapon, have been Reported.


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Back in black

Blog is back online. The webhost screwed the database up during a migration and a few posts after January 1 were lost.

Adams hires Everytown spokesman

NYC mayor-elect Eric Adams has hired Maxwell Young, the former head of Public Affairs at Everytown, to be his Communications Director.

More gun control coming in ’22

WAMC interviewed Assemblywoman Pat Fahy and she says what I already knew: more gun control is coming in Albany next year:

“With the new legislative session days away in Albany, we’re speaking with members of the Senate and Assembly about their expectations for 2022. It will be Governor Kathy Hochul’s first budget process, and it comes just ahead of an election. Capital Region state Assemblywoman Pat Fahy is a Democrat from the 109th district, who chairs the Banking CommitteeI’ve carried major gun legislation, and we are going to continue to do more …”

The two big issues I believe will come up are microstamping, bills A-7926/S-4116 and A-8131/S-7456, and banning lead hunting ammo A-5728/S-5058 which the Fudds won’t call BS on.


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