Congressman Chris Gibson announced he is forming a gubernatorial committee for ’18 and made a comment about rolling back the SAFE Act prompting this comment from Assembly Majority Leader Morelle:

Antigun astroturf chimed in as well:

“… “The idea that Chris Gibson claims to be a ‘moderate’ while vowing to repeal some of the strongest gun safety laws in the nation is laughable,” the statement says. “New York State stands up to the corporate gun lobby in support of gun laws that save lives. Mr. Gibson, bought by the NRA for $14,900, is more interested in protecting the profits of a craven gun industry than he is in protecting the lives of his constituents.” …”

Bill Nojay jumps in and tells it like it is:

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Back in October Assemblyman Walter Mosley announced he joined the NRA to learn more about the other side.

Today I met him in his Albany office. A few observations:

  • I believe he is sincere in learning about the other side of the argument. I told him he is the first such legislator to consider doing that in the 25 years I’ve been following gun politics.
  • He said he did receive a little negative feedback back home after joining NRA.
  • He is planning on attending the annual meeting in Louisville and the legal seminar.
  • He does not have any first hand experience shooting. He has only handled a gun belonging to a relative.
  • He has limited knowledge of firearms laws outside the state. He has spoken with the local DA and with one out of state. I told him at some point in the future NYC law is going to change either through Congressional action (reciprocity) and/or court cases (Peruta, Kolbe, etc.).

Overall, I think he is a decent enough guy. Hopefully he will keep his open mind.


From the AP wire, “Gun Control Issue Not Resonating As Key Issue For NH Primary“:

“… The gun culture is alive and well here, and with a population overwhelmingly familiar with and comfortable with firearms, gun-control issues that have resonated across the nation barely register among voters getting ready for Tuesday’s presidential primary …”

Gun control has not resonated across the nation.  It is being kept alive in a few states (NY, NJ, etc.) and urban areas known for their far Left politicians and institutional corruption (NY, NJ, etc.)

The issue is only getting some attention in the national press because one very wealthy person, Michael Bloomberg, is keeping the gun control movement alive almost by himself by dumping tens of millions of his own dollars into it.  Without him the movement would be largely bankrupt.

The only candidate who might get a little mileage out of it is Bernie Sanders.  His record is slightly less offensive than Hillary Clinton’s and might help him in Monday’s primary.


The 4th Circuit Court just ruled the Maryland gun and magazine ban is unconstitutional, saying that strict scrutiny must be applied.

Chuck Michel’s law firm has a copy of the decision in the case of Kolbe v. Hogan.

The antigunners must be shitting themselves over this.

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3D printed firearms take another step forward with the Shuty-MP1, made up of a mix of Glock parts and printed plastics.

You can’t stop the signal

He’s right. Her campaign is terrible and Bill is not helping.

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Rand Paul is suspending his presidential campaign. I suspect most of his supporters will gravitate towards either Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio.

Meanwhile, The Donald is losing his shit: