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The New York Times hits Governor Cuomo hard, “Cuomo’s Office Hobbled Ethics Inquiries by Moreland Commission“:

“… [The Moreland Commission] was barely two months old when its investigators, hunting for violations of campaign-finance laws, issued a subpoena to a media-buying firm that had placed millions of dollars’ worth of advertisements for the New York State Democratic Party … Word that the subpoena had been served quickly reached Mr. Cuomo’s most senior aide, Lawrence S. Schwartz. He called one of the commission’s three co-chairs, William J. Fitzpatrick, the district attorney in Syracuse. “This is wrong,” Mr. Schwartz said, according to Mr. Fitzpatrick, whose account was corroborated by three other people told about the call at the time. He said the firm worked for the governor, and issued a simple directive: “Pull it back.” …”

Larry Schwartz was involved?  Here’s my shocked face.

“… The pulled-back subpoena was the most flagrant example of how the commission, established with great ceremony by Mr. Cuomo in July 2013, was hobbled almost from the outset by demands from the governor’s office … many commissioners and investigators saw the demands as politically motivated interference that hamstrung an undertaking that the governor had publicly vowed would be independent.  The commission developed a list of promising targets … The panel also highlighted activities that it saw as politically odious but perfectly legal … But a three-month examination by The New York Times found that the governor’s office deeply compromised the panel’s work, objecting whenever the commission focused on groups with ties to Mr. Cuomo or on issues that might reflect poorly on him …”

No kidding.

Is this the beginning of the end for Andrew?


Carpetbagger Sean Eldridge, who is trying to buy the CD-19 seat, speaks on guns:

“… Eldridge said he does not support New York’s Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement (SAFE) Act, arguing that it was rushed through to adoption, but said he does support “common sense” federal background checks for people purchasing firearms.  Eldridge, who said he owns a shotgun for home defense, said he believes there is a way to balance Second Amendment rights and protecting innocent lives …”

That’s code for him supporting the Bloomberg-agenda.

NRA is hiring a paid campaign field rep. to run a GOTV effort for incumbent Chris Gibson.


I’m shocked that our Governor has been accused of dirty tricks:

Gov. Cuomo’s campaign operatives are being accused of dirty tricks for allegedly sponsoring a biased “push poll’’ to convince voters that Rob Astorino … holds politically unacceptable views … a recipient of the call in Smithtown transcribed some of the questions and gave them to the Astorino campaign.  “Let me give you a few statements about Rob Astorino and tell me if you’re more likely to vote for him, less likely or there’s no change,’’ the caller began, according to a copy of the transcription.  “Rob Astorino wants to repeal Gov. Cuomo’s gun law, making it easier for criminals to get illegal guns …” …”

Actually, Cuomo supporters went negative from the get-go.  None of it seems effective, especially the ad accusing Astorino of corruption, which is the most ballsy thus far given that the overwhelming number of disgraced politicians in recent years have been NYC Democrats.

There is also the matter of each candidates personality.  Astorino is a likeable guy; Cuomo is an asshole.  I think this is going to backfire him.

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Politics on the Hudson reports:

Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s campaign is exploring the possibility of creating a new ballot line dedicated to women’s equality issues, according to multiple sources familiar with the effort …”

Why?  What exactly is the point?  With the media repeatedly saying he has two billion dollars in the bank and a 400 point advantage over Rob Astorino what point is there in doing this?

“… Women’s equality issues are likely to be a major campaign issue this year …”

No, the leftist media would like it to be, but nobody was jumping up and down demanding the legislature take action on the so-called “women’s agenda.”  Along with the SAFE Act it was a totally phony issue Andrew created thinking he could them to springboard a ’16 presidential campaign.

This is more evidence of the Democrat’s problem with Andrew and a sign he is more concerned about Astorino than either he or the media will admit.