The Washington Post reports:

Former New York Gov. George E. Pataki — a moderate Republican who led the state through the aftermath of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks — on Thursday announced a long-shot bid for the presidency …”

No, what he did was announce that he is available for Republican-bashing media interviews, paid speaking engagements and parties thrown by aging Rockafeller RINOs on the Upper West Side.

Interesting case from Nassau Co.:

“A Brooklyn judge has refused to throw out a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the state’s ban on possession of chukka sticks in one’s home.  Federal Judge Pamela Chen ruled Friday that Long Island lawyer James Maloney can put his case before a jury whether a chukka stick is a lawful weapon for martial artists to use in self-defense … Maloney contends that the law violated his Second Amendment right to bear arms, arguing that the chukka sticks are possessed by “law-abiding citizens for lawful purposes,” according to court papers …”

And why not?  Advocates are pushing for repeal of knife laws based upon 2nd Amendment grounds as well.

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Fred Dicker writes:

“… Another sign of the worsening split between Long Island Senate Republicans and key GOP constituency groups came last week as the state Rifle and Pistol Association urged members to run campaigns against Republicans who voted for the SAFE Act. “These people are without the backbone or the will required to do what must be done, so they must be ousted at the ballot box,’’ said association president Tom King …”

We need to find viable candidates to primary them.


The Observer notes that, “New York City Republican Leaders Want George Pataki to Run for President“:

“Leaders of the five Republican county organizations in New York City are urging former Gov. George Pataki to run for president … The five Republican chairs in New York City are Craig Eaton of Brooklyn, former Congressman Bob Turner of Queens, Adele Malpass of Manhattan, John Greaney of the Bronx and John Antoniello of Staten Island …”

What a bunch of losers.  This is the best idea for a presser they could come up with?

“… How much help county leaders can actually offer Mr. Pataki is an open question. There are no Republican elected officials in Manhattan and the Bronx, while the Queens and Brooklyn GOP organizations have been wracked by infighting for years …”

Stupid shit like this is the reason they can’t get people elected.

Nobody believes G. Elmer is running for President and nobody really wants him to.  Pataki floats his name just to massage his own ego and everybody knows it because he’s been doing it since he left office!

In a win for gun rights, SCOTUS unanimously ruled in the case of Henderson v. U.S. that the government cannot prevent a convicted felon who is barred from possessing firearms from trying to sell his guns after they are confiscated by the authorities.  Writing on behalf of the court, Justice Elena Kagan said letting a convicted felon sell or transfer guns is allowed as long as the person getting the guns won’t give the felon control over them.

Here is the brief NYSRPA filed in support of the plaintiff.


The Mental Recession reports, “DeFrancisco Confirms: Cuomo Pressured Republicans on Skelos Replacement”:

“Upstate conservative Senator John DeFrancisco has confirmed that Governor Cuomo “made calls” and pressured Republicans to elect his preferred choice, John Flanagan, for Senate Majority Leader.  In an exclusive report by The Mental Recession early last week, a high-ranking Senate insider said “Cuomo is pushing behind the scenes for Flanagan.” … “He needs to continue the same relationship he had with Skelos,” the source stated. “He’s been able to easily push through his agenda, why would he want it to change?” …”

It was obvious this was going due to the number of denials I saw.

The question now is do Republicans want Andrew Cuomo picking their “leaders”?  One Senator who voted for Flanagan, Hugh Farley, is now looking at a primary challenger for ’16.