With little warning, the Albany Common Council pushed a mandatory gun storage law through yesterday.

One of its proponents is being smug about it too:

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A few weeks back I pointed out that shootings are up in Rochester under the SAFE Act.

Democrat candidate for Monroe County Executive Sandra Frankel thinks more gun control is needed:

“The Democratic candidate for Monroe County executive on Tuesday released a plan to address violence, including proposals to set up an ongoing gun buyback program and a joint task force with the city … Other proposals in Frankel’s plan include … Requiring gun locks with all firearms sold, transferred or manufactured within the county. Gun dealers already must include a locking device with all firearms sales, but Frankel said she wants to encourage similar precautions with private transfers …”

It’s good she chose to bring the issue up now.  It gives me plenty of time to make up postcards against her for the general election.

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Gun case out of Nassau Co, “Due Process Hearing Ordered on Retention of Firearms“:

“A federal judge has ruled that the Nassau County Sheriff’s Department violated the rights of a woman who was the subject of an order of protection by retaining her firearms without a due process hearing. Eastern District Judge Joan Azrack, writing in Panzella v. County of Nassau, 13-cv-5640, ordered the county on Wednesday to hold a hearing by Sept. 25 on returning plaintiff Christine Panzella’s two shotguns and two rifles, which the sheriff’s department had seized in 2012 after her ex-husband filed an order of protection against her … After Panzella’s ex-husband withdrew his petition to extend the order of protection in March 2013, Panzella requested several times to have her firearms returned. But the sheriff’s department refused to do so unless it received a court order directing their return … By insisting on a court order, the judge wrote, the defendants effectively required Panzella to file an Article 78 state law petition for the return of her firearms. Panzella sued Nassau County, Sheriff Michael Sposato, his department and five deputies, alleging violations of her Second and Fourteenth amendment rights as well as state law claims for conversion and replevin … The judge granted Panzella’s motion for summary judgment on the due process claim, writing that the defendants provided no basis for retaining Panzella’s firearms … As to Panzella’s Second Amendment claims, the defendants argued that they should be dismissed because the right to bear arms is not a right to “hold some particular gun” … “

The way it was explained to me, the case has some positive points for requiring due process and that the 2A claim should not have been made for cases such as this.


Fred Dicker writes, “GOP big shots aren’t taking Donald Trump seriously”:

““It WON’T be Donald Trump.” That was the near-unanimous view of some of the nation’s wealthiest and most influential Republicans Saturday night as they gathered for a political briefing at billionaire Wilbur Ross’ Southampton estate with national GOP Chairman Reince Priebus … “These are people who know Trump well, people who have known Trump for years as part of the social and financial fabric of the city,” the source said. “They’ve worked with him, they’ve dealt with him, and they know that, ultimately, he is going to crash and burn.” …”

I don’t know if he’s going to crash and burn or if he just decides one day to drop out, but I do not believe he is going to get the GOP nomination. His campaign does not appear to be driven either by ideology or grassroots, but by his celebrity. That is going to get old. As times goes on people will start focusing more on the issues and Trump has been all over the map on many of them. When that happens Trump will bow out.

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Hillary Clinton’s continued decline has pundits openly talking about her not getting the Democrat nomination for president next year.  John Podhoretz’s op-ed at the Post says they have no choice to go with her as they have nobody else ready to step up and take her place.

For all her problems, the e-mail scandal, her habitual lying and the strong personal dislike people have for her, Hillary’s number one problem is that there is absolutely no grassroots enthusiasm for her campaign.  Zero.  There’s isn’t even any astroturf.  It’s all her professional political machine.

As with Bob Dole and John McCain, Hillary believes she is entitled to the nomination, that it is her turn to get it.  There is no talk of her merits, issues or what is best for the party.  This is what sunk Dole and McCain and what will sink her campaign as well.