Guy buyback memo

Assemblyman Mark Gjonaj has circulated a memo asking for support for his so-called gun buyback bill, A-7903.

Gun buyback memo

Even the most antigun member of the Clown Council called B.S. on buybacks a couple of years ago:

“… “It’s always good to get guns off the street — I think getting any gun is good,” said City Councilman Jumaane Williams (D-Brooklyn). “But I don’t know if they’re the most effective way to deal with gun violence.” … “Sometimes you may get guns that are inoperable. You may get some rifles — guns that are not really used in the type of gun violence in the city we’re going after,” said Williams …”

H/T: David DiPietro for the memo.

Senate Democrats gun control press conference

Repackaging the same old, same old

The Legislative Gazette has a breakdown of the package of gun control bills advocates pushed for at last Wednesday’s press conference.  It’s all just a rehash of old state bills that have been around for years plus some new bills based upon old ideas such as funding gun control “research.”

The press conference was held in conjunction with New Yorkers Against Gun Violence annual lobby day.  Moms Demand Action is having their own lobby day on the 17th.  Why these two aren’t working together is unclear.

It never ends

Legislators and advocates held a dog-and-pony show in Albany yesterday calling for more gun control:

“… “Even most gun owners recognize there ought to be sensible gun laws in place, that owning a gun is a responsibility, that handling it safely and having sensible restrictions to keep guns out of the wrong hands are the responsible thing for us to do,” said Asm. Brian Kavanagh …”

What exactly he is talking about remains to be seen.

Here are some pictures:

Carry Guard and the Ortiz insurance bill

The NRA has introduced the NRA Carry Guard training and insurance program.  The insurance is designed to help policy holders recover their legal costs should they be involved in a justifiable shooting.  USCCA has offered a similar program for years, but as NRA has a higher profile, the issue is getting more attention than it has before.

That might not be a good thing for us.

For years Assemblyman Felix Ortiz has introduced legislation requiring gun owners carry liability insurance.  The current bill is A-2260.  It has never gone anywhere, partially because it would require covering illegal actions and no company would insure against those.  It’s main purpose, however, was to increase the cost of gun ownership.

In light of Carry Guard, I can see Ortiz or another legislator introducing a new bill requiring something like that citing the NRA in the memorandum of support.

George Latimer meets with Moms

I need to update this post from a few weeks ago, State Senator George Latimer met with MDA astroturf today:

George Latimer with Moms Demand Action

This leaves David Spano as the least offensive candidate running for the Democrat nomination for Westchester County Executive.

Race to the bottom in Nassau

With Jack Martins entering the race for Nassau County Executive, it has now officially become a race to the bottom for that office.

Newsday reports:

“Former Republican State Sen. Jack Martins will enter the race for Nassau County executive … Martins, a former Mineola mayor who ran unsuccessfully for Congress last year, is expected to secure the nomination of the Nassau Republican Party when it meets Thursday, according to a senior party source … Martins, 49, of Old Westbury, is expected to announce his candidacy officially Wednesday at Village Hall in Mineola …”

I thoroughly covered Martins’ congressional campaign last year so no need to rehash all that.  He’s a piece of crap.

Not to be outdone, Charles Lavine has introduced companion legislation to Danial Squadron’s phony hate crimes bill, A-7395/S-5569.

This leaves George Maragos as the best choice for 2A voters.

Response to Squadron’s hate crimes bill

The Legislative Gazette printed my response to Senator Squadron’s nonsense bill:

I would like to comment on the April 18 article about Senator Squadron’s bill prohibiting gun ownership for those who commit so-called hate crimes. According to the article: “Squadron says New York has a duty to take actions that reject acts of …discrimination in any form because they violate the nation’s core values.”

This is laughable. New York’s Sullivan Act governing pistol licensing was specifically written to discriminate against Italian and Sicilian immigrants at the turn of the 20th century. A quick call to the Legislative Library would get him a copy of the original bill and supporting documentation while half a minute of Internet searching would bring up even more including the history of its sponsor, Tammany Hall thug “Big Tim” Sullivan.

If Senator Squadron had a genuine interest in ending discrimination he would introduce legislation to abolish the Sullivan Act and bring New York in line with the 42 other states that have right-to-carry concealed firearms laws.

Here’s a picture of Squadron hanging out with MDA astroturf:

Senator Squadron with astroturf

Lavine running on his record

While making his pitch to be the Democrat nominee for Nassau County Executive, Assemblyman Charles Lavine brought up his record:

“… “I have no doubt I am the only person running for county executive who’s ever fought for and passed real legislation, progressive legislation,” Lavine said recently while citing his support for the Marriage Equality Act and gun safety laws. “Of all the people running for this office, I am the only one with true progressive credentials.” …”

The CE job is administrative/managerial, not legislative.  Neither of these two items have anything remotely to do with overseeing county government.

The irony of Squadron’s hate crime bill

The Legislative Gazette reports:

“… Senator Daniel Squadron, D-Brooklyn, introduced an amendment that would categorize hate crimes as serious offenses in relation to the Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act, or SAFE Act … Specifically, the bill (S.5569) would amend section 265.00 of the state Penal Law by adding hate crimes to the list of “serious offenses” that can prohibit someone from possessing firearms … Squadron says New York has a duty to take actions that reject acts of bigotry, hatred, misogyny, homo-phobia, racism, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, xenophobia and discrimination in any form because they violate the nation’s core values. Allowing those who commit and are convicted of hate crimes to possess guns only gives them a fatal tool to spread their hate.” …”

I’m confidant that Squadron never bothered to actually research the origins of New York’s gun laws, particularly the Sullivan Act, which was specifically designed to discriminate against Italian immigrants.  A call to the Legislative Library, 518-455-4000, would get him a copy of the bill and supporting documents, while a quick internet search would bring up even more.

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