Assembly hearing on gun control proposals today

At 10:30 am today Assembly Codes Committee Chair Jeffrey Dinowitz will take testimony to examine gun control proposals aimed at further reducing firearm-related accidents and violence, as well as curbing the proliferation of illegal guns in New York, Hearing Room C, Legislative Office Building, Albany.

The posted agenda calls for input on any new gun control schemes the legislature has not yet addressed as well as questioning why the ammunition database that was supposed to be created under the SAFE Act is not up and running.

Nothing good will come of this.

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City leaders call for “gun reform”

News12 reports:

“… Members of the City Council say they will be sending a letter to the governor asking for two major changes to our state’s gun laws as well. The first change the councilmembers are asking for is to allow judges to decide whether to place a person in custody or let them out on bail if they are caught with a firearm. The second change would be to change the process that releases individuals who are arrested for gun violence …”

These are the same “progressive” morons who demanded “bail reform.” Now, they want to reform bail reform.

No bills on these yet, obviously. The state legislature returns to Albany in January.

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Saturday’s Newsbits:





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Saturday’s Newsbits:

Armed Citizen:



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Albany’s top lobbyists

City & State’s, “New York State Top 50 Lobbyists 2021” is out.

Bloomberg/Everytown’s firm Ostroff Associates is #5.

NSSF’s firm Park Strategies is #7.

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Lead ammo ban still percolating

The bill to ban lead ammo for hunting A-5728/S-5058 stalled on 3rd Reading this past session. I expect the issue will come up again when the legislature reconvenes next year.

In the meantime, the DEC is putting together a group to study the issue. The link doesn’t mention who the “organized hunting and conservation groups” are, but most in the state are infested with Fudds who are too stupid to realize the purpose of this study is support the conclusions of the sponsors of the legislation to prohibit lead ammo.

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Hochul’s pick for LG

Our new Governor Kathy Hochul choose Senator Brian Benjamin to be her Lieutenant Governor.

Benjamin has not been supportive of 2A rights. He made a reference to “gun violence” during her announcement so I expect the duo will continue the attacks on our rights.

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Community Engagement Power 50

From City & State’s, “The Community Engagement Power 50“:

“… Since 2018, Kathleen Digan and her team at the government relations firm Ostroff Associates have played a key role assisting the anti-gun violence organization Everytown for Gun Safety, along with its advocacy arm, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, and the groups’ local chapters. Digan supported the organizations’ advocacy for policies preventing gun violence in New York, which has helped build support for state legislation banning bump stocks and allowed courts to remove guns from people flagged as an “extreme risk.” …”

There’s no genuine public support for any of this.

Everytown is essentially funded by one person, Mike Bloomberg, and he’s been paying Ostroff $10,000 a month plus expenses to push his agenda in Albany. This is what his money has bought him (so far …).

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Hochul’s changing position on gun control

Cuomo is out and Hochul is in.

WBFO reports on her changing position on gun control:

“… In the past, Hochul has been a supporter of gun rights, even earning a favorable rating from the National Rifle Association while representing Western New York in Congress in 2012. But after a break following a losing bid for re-election, Hochul returned to the political scene to run for lieutenant governor with a far more liberal agenda …”

In 2012:

“… The Hochul campaign credited her tenure as Erie County clerk for building a pro-gun record. It pointed out she streamlined the government’s permit application process and provided gun shows with staff and technology to ensure quick and safe sales. The campaign also said that in Congress, she “fought to strengthen the rights of gun owners traveling from state to state and to open public lands to hunting and fishing.” “As a county clerk, I was a staunch advocate for sportsmen, and I have carried through on my commitment to protect their rights in Congress,” Hochul said Wednesday …”

In 2014:

“… During her 2014 campaign for lieutenant governor, Hochul called the failure of Congress to pass background check legislation a “disgrace” following the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut that left 20 children dead. She also doubled down on support for the Cuomo Administration’s signature gun control law, the SAFE Act, passed in the wake of that shooting that killed 26 people. Speaking at a pro-gun control rally near New Paltz in 2018, Hochul celebrated the law’s passage and came out in strong support of other gun control measures, including so-called Red Flag Laws. “We’re talking about banning assault weapons, we did it here in New York,” Hochul said. “Background checks; what’s wrong with making sure people who shouldn’t have guns don’t have them?” …”

So, absent any strong ideological foundation, we can expect Hochul to do whatever she believes is the most politically advantageous at the time.

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This isn’t a win

Republicans are gloating at Gov. Cuomo’s upcoming resignation on Tuesday:

Cuomo resigns

Let’s be clear on this: Cuomo leaving office is a blessing. However, it is definitely not a win, especially for the Republicans who appear too stupid to recognize they didn’t beat Cuomo at anything.

Democrats got tired enough with his shit that he decided to resign on his terms rather than try and fight back even though he might have won. There was no rejection of his policies, just his personal behavior, and it in no ways suggests a political shift towards Republicans. If anything, leaving early allows Democrats to claim that they recognized there was a problem and dealt with it more than a year before the ’22 elections at which point people’s memories will have faded.

As for his record on the issues, the media is already beginning to gloss-over his early departure by writing, “… [Gov. Cuomo] notched some historic victories for New York, paving a path of social progress that will resound for years to come …” . This includes his signature SAFE Act, which despite the fact that it is blowing up in everyone’s face, not a single elected official will criticize in public.

The state legislature will return in January and the gun control agenda will move forward without Cuomo.

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