Curran leading Martins in campaign cash

The Island Now reports that Laura Curran leads Jack Martins in fundraising:

Democrat Laura Curran has a cash advantage of nearly $250,000 over Republican Jack Martins in the Nassau County executive race … Curran raised more than $718,000 from January to July 13, more than twice the roughly $357,000 Martins took in after launching his campaign in April. Curran closed the six-month reporting period with $577,644 on hand to Martins’ $338,953. County Comptroller George Maragos, Curran’s Democratic primary opponent, still has the largest war chest of the three candidates, leaving $1,288,023 in the bank as of last week after spending $235,274. Maragos previously loaned his campaign $1.5 million and is not taking contributions from special-interest donors. He raised only $3,406 from January to last week …”

Maragos twice ran for Senate as a Republican before switching to the Democrats to run for Comptroller.  I have doubts as to how much actual support he would have in a Democrat primary.  Although he has not made any solid position statements one way or another on 2A rights, gun owners should support him in a primary based upon Curran’s past support for gun control.  He’s probably going to lose, but this is the only way to register an opinion.

That leaves Curran v. Martins in the general election and both of them stink.

In spite of that, gun owners should hold their nose and vote for Curran.  Her one (and only) positive aspect is that she is not Jack Martins.  Giving Martins the finger for voting for the SAFE Act is all that is on the table for Nassau Co. gun owners this fall.

Nobody believes this anymore


Brindisi v. Tenney

Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi announced his intention to run against Congresswoman Claudia Tenney next year in CD-22.

This is going to be one of the more interesting races in 2018.  The district has traditionally been held by moderate to RINO Republicans while Tenney is much more conservative.  Brindisi is a moderate Democrat who might fit the district demographics better than Tenney.

On guns:

“… Brindisi has also shown an independent streak as a Democratic moderate, at times criticizing Gov. Andrew Cuomo. But some of his credentials will likely appeal to conservatives, including his top “A” rating from the National Rifle Association …”

Brindisi has been supportive of gun rights while in the Assembly and deserves the grade.

Tenney, however, has been vocal in her 2A support and for Remington.  From a pure gun rights standpoint, she is the stronger candidate.

Start of summer means end of session

The state legislature is scheduled to go into recess tomorrow and NRA-ILA just sent out this alert:

“With the 2017 Legislative Session quickly winding down, your lawmakers need to hear from you now in opposition to S.5447 by Sen. Brad Hoylman …”

Yes, it’s a bad bill and the companion did pass the Assembly, but the Senate version has not moved in months so I don’t think this is a problem right now.

“… A trio of bills which would benefit New York Sportsmen are working their way through the New York Legislature, but need your help to secure passage.  S.2923 by Sen. Patrick Gallivan would remove the requirement that hunters wear backtags … A.619 by Assemblyman David DiPietro is the Assembly version of the bill and is stuck in committee …”

Aside from nobody really caring about this issue, Assemblywoman Aileen Gunther (who is prime sponsor, not DiPietro) hasn’t done anything with it since reintroducing it at the start of session to EnCon. It’s dead for the year.

“… S.3156 by Sen. Joseph Griffo would lower the universal hunting age from 14 to 12. This legislation would remove an important barrier to introducing hunting to young sportsmen. A.477 by Assemblywoman Aileen Gunther is the Assembly version of the bill and is currently in committee …”

A good bill that is going nowhere because ILA (and assorted sportsman’s interest groups) do not support Democrats.  That is how Albany functions and how the leadership decides which bills to move.  Until that changes this bill isn’t likely to go anywhere.

“… Finally, S.4769A by Sen. Diane Savino redefines the definition of a “gravity knife” in NY statute …”

Another good bill with problems in the form of Senator Martin Golden who thinks they are the weapon of choice for MS-13 gang-members. Not expecting this to move until Golden stops playing the retired cop routine and quiets down about it.

Saw this coming

Update from NRA-ILA:

“On Wednesday, June 7, the Senate Environmental Conservation Committee was scheduled to hold a hearing on S.1209A by Sen. Robert Ortt. However, the bill was abruptly removed from the agenda. This important Second Amendment legislation would “remove the prohibition on firearm silencers.” …”

The bill was never seriously on anyone’s agenda.

The Light of Day

Despite this notice from ILA, the bill to legalize silencers S-1290A is not going to see it.

The legislature is scheduled to go into recess in two weeks.  This is the time of year where Republicans try to justify their existence to gun owners by asking committees to consider some of their bills.  Even if Senate EnCon moves the bill to Rules, I do not believe there is sufficient support in the upper chamber for it to pass, let alone move it through the Assembly and have Governor Cuomo sign it.

The Republicans do not have the ability to make political deals on pro-gun legislation (or much of anything else) anymore even if they wanted to, which they don’t.  This is political theater, nothing more.

Unhelpful hysteria

Breitbart reports, “NY Dem Pushes Bill Labeling Traditional Guns as ‘Child Operated Firearms’“:

New York State Senator José M. Serrano (D-29) is pushing legislation that will require retailers to label a traditional gun which lacks a disabling device as a “child operated firearm.” The legislation–Senate Bill S3444–then bans the sale of any “child operated firearm.” …”

Some hysteria from NRA-ILA, “New York City Lawmaker Proposes New Gun Ban“:

“The term “childproof handgun” sounds innocuous enough, but like most of New York’s unworkable gun control laws, the devil is in the details. Sen. Jose Serrano (D-Bronx) is the mastermind behind S.3444, which is as far-fetched as microstamping, “smart guns” and ammunition background check databases. Undeterred by failure after failure, anti-gun lawmakers in the New York Senate are back pitching more gun control …”

Serrano is not the mastermind behind the bill. It has been around since long before he first took office.  It is one of the batch of antigun program bills that are reintroduced every year.  It’s good for gun owners to keep in contact with their elected representatives, but the wording of NRA’s alert is not helpful.

Guy buyback memo

Assemblyman Mark Gjonaj has circulated a memo asking for support for his so-called gun buyback bill, A-7903.

Gun buyback memo

Even the most antigun member of the Clown Council called B.S. on buybacks a couple of years ago:

“… “It’s always good to get guns off the street — I think getting any gun is good,” said City Councilman Jumaane Williams (D-Brooklyn). “But I don’t know if they’re the most effective way to deal with gun violence.” … “Sometimes you may get guns that are inoperable. You may get some rifles — guns that are not really used in the type of gun violence in the city we’re going after,” said Williams …”

H/T: David DiPietro for the memo.

Senate Democrats gun control press conference

Repackaging the same old, same old

The Legislative Gazette has a breakdown of the package of gun control bills advocates pushed for at last Wednesday’s press conference.  It’s all just a rehash of old state bills that have been around for years plus some new bills based upon old ideas such as funding gun control “research.”

The press conference was held in conjunction with New Yorkers Against Gun Violence annual lobby day.  Moms Demand Action is having their own lobby day on the 17th.  Why these two aren’t working together is unclear.

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