Ortiz bill

Assemblyman Felix Ortiz has introduced some sort of gun control bill:

I cannot figure out which bill he is talking about. Ortiz is an attention whore and introduces all sorts of garbage proposals and S-9145 does not have a companion.

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Follow up to my previous post: Senator Brad Hoylman has introduced a bill S-9145 creating “the offense of unlawful dissemination of instructions for the assembly of a weapon and the sentencing for certain offenses regarding ghost guns.”

Fuck him.

Go to CodeIsFreeSpeech.com.

Good luck with that

According to the Daily News:

“A Manhattan state senator wants to make “ghost guns” disappear. Sen. Brad Hoylman, a Democrat, is introducing a bill that would ban ghost guns and 3-D firearms in New York …”


I generally don’t like commenting on legislation until I’ve had a chance to read the bill, but in this case I don’t need to.  There is absolutely no way to enforce such a law.  I’m sure Hoylman will get some model legislation from Brady, Moms or someone and intro a bill based on it but without a practical way to enforce the penalties who cares what they are?

“… “Thanks to the Trump administration, anyone in America or across the world — be it a teenager, felon or terrorist — can evade a background check and manufacture a dangerous weapon with a click of a button,” Hoylman said. “This is an existential threat to gun control as we know it.” …”

This statement is very telling.

Notice he does not say this is a threat to public safety.  Hoylman says it is a threat to gun control itself.  That is an exaggeration, especially with current technology, but consider a possible impact on the SAFE Act.  If a person can easily and cheaply produce plastic magazines in the privacy of their home the SAFE limitation is mostly voided.  Better still, as a political act of defiance, magazines with Hoylman’s face printed on them could be made in bulk and dropped in public locations, kinda like Johnny Appleseed.  Hoylman’s choice of words prove his real motivation is ideological and not a genuine concern for public welfare.

Metal printing is more complicated, but it is reasonable to assume that it will be better, faster and cheaper in 5-10 years than it is now.  That is what is really needed for home production.  Antigun hysterics will become more entertaining as the technology matures.

Everytown lobbying

Mike Bloomberg’s gun control front group Everytown for Gun Safety hired a Albany lobbying firm this year. Everytown has been registered with JCOPE since 2011 but never really did anything.  This year they hired Ostroff Associates to represent them.

They only legislation they were pushing were the “extreme risk protection order” bill A-8976B/S-7133A and A-2977/S-4363 which would create a “firearm violence research institute.” The former got a lot of attention during the session, but the later didn’t even move in the Assembly.

Flanagan opens the door

Under pressure from Governor Cuomo and squishy RINOs in his own conference, Senator John Flanagan has opened the door for returning the Senate to Albany for a special session:

“… The pinball game that is New York politics lit up anew on Wednesday with State Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan telling The Point that he would consider calling his conference back for a special session by September, including to consider abortion legislation.  “I am not averse to coming back,” Flanagan told us. “But first there has to be a legitimate agreement with the governor and the speaker on all outstanding issues,” he said …”

Abortion might be the main issue, however, Cuomo is still running ads demanding action on his “red flag” gun control proposal. That could come up as well.

Tactical Pay Radio’s podcast

I was a guest on Tactical Pay Radio’s podcast.

Listen here.


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Look at the Janus reaction

Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement from the Supreme Court effective the end of July.

Already there is speculation that his replacement will give us a court more supportive of 2nd Amendment rights.  That is probably right.  To understand how New York representatives would react to a pending gun case that would significantly impact the state, look at how they prepared for the Janus decision which said public employees cannot be forced to pay union dues.

Public sector unions knew they would likely lose that case so earlier this year their allies in the legislature passed and Governor Cuomo signed a new law designed to blunt Janus’ impact.  I would expect the same thing to happen when it appears another major SCOTUS ruling on gun rights is imminent.

Cuomo’s Protect Our Kids ad

A new advertisement paid for by Governor Cuomo’s campaign targets Senate Republicans for not passing his ‘red flag’ gun bill:

Because it is being done as a re-election ad, not an issue ad, I don’t think it will motivate any action on his proposal.

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