Against taking guns from abusers

Governor Cuomo is pounding on Marc Molinaro who doesn’t even have enough campaign cash to respond with in-kind advertisements.

Meet the Candidates

I helped organize a Meet the Candidates event for the local town association.  The Republican candidates didn’t show up, but two of the three Democrats did including incumbent Assemblywoman Didi Barrett:

Assemblywoman Didi Barrett

And Senate candidate Aaron Gladd:

Senate candidate Aaaron Gladd

Gladd briefly touched on guns. He basically reiterated his public positions, that he supports universal background checks. He also said he supported tax credits for purchasing gun safety equipment.  There are bills to do that including S-192 and S-5757 that are ostensibly pro-gun, but he isn’t trying to run as a pro-gun candidate.

Cuomo Criticizes Molinaro on Gun Control

The Governor’s latest ad campaign:


Friday’s Newsbits:


Firearms Industry:

SAFE on the campaign trial

Marc Molinaro brought up the SAFE Act while campaigning in Utica:

“… Molinaro said he would dismantle the SAFE Act; something he said would make the state safer. He added that the focus should be on the root causes of violent acts and not making criminals out of honest citizens …”

Molinaro has a progun record from his time in the Assembly and as Dutchess Co. Executive and there is nothing wrong with campaigning on that record.

However, he does have a few problems:

  • His running-mate Julie Killian has antigun record.  This might be tolerable if she brought something positive to the campaign which she doesn’t given her proven track record of failure at the ballot box.
  • He publicly stated he does not want any help from the NRA.  It’s fine not to want to make gun control a central issue of the campaign and it is also fine not to want to accept any corporation donations.  But singling out NRA, and by extension members like me, can be construed as insulting.  NRA’s response should have been, “Fine.  Go fuck yourself.”
  • Republicans own the SAFE Act as much as the Cuomo and the Democrats do.

The Governor decided to pounce on Molinaro with this ad:

Cuomo too has some problems:

  • This ad isn’t effective.  It’s just nasty and tries to portray Molinaro himself as nasty.  I have never heard of anyone referring to Molinaro that way and is not very believable.
  • Just last week the Governor himself acknowledged that a key component of the SAFE Act, an ammunition sales database, has not been implemented and he doesn’t know when or if it ever will be up and running.
  • It is obvious that the vast majority of gun owners are simply refusing to comply with SAFE.
  • There is no pro-gun control voting block.

So what are the campaigns going to get from all this?  Nothing.  The negatives outweigh the positives for both of them.


Wednesday’s Newsbits:





James attacks Teachout on SAFE Act

Letitia James released a video highlighting inconsistencies in the rhetoric of her rival Democrat Attorney General nominee Zephyr Teachout when discussing the SAFE Act:

The last poll I saw showed James leading the pack with nearly half undecided, but Teachout has received the endorsements of both the New York Times and Daily News so it’s reasonable to assume James is worried about her tenuous lead.

We have the best gun safety laws

Ortiz bill

Assemblyman Felix Ortiz has introduced some sort of gun control bill:

I cannot figure out which bill he is talking about. Ortiz is an attention whore and introduces all sorts of garbage proposals and S-9145 does not have a companion.

H/T: Kings County Politics


Follow up to my previous post: Senator Brad Hoylman has introduced a bill S-9145 creating “the offense of unlawful dissemination of instructions for the assembly of a weapon and the sentencing for certain offenses regarding ghost guns.”

Fuck him.

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