Big loss for Cuomo

The results from yesterday’s deathmatch are in: Big loss for Governor Cuomo and gun control in Nassau and Westchester as both Tom Suozzi and Noam Bramson loose:

“… Mr. Suozzi conceded around 11 p.m., and told a television interviewer minutes later: “Their message was better and simpler to understand. It was about taxes, and they won.” …”

So, those 4 big flyers on gun control didn’t help?

“… The fact that Mr. Mangano, a 51-year-old lawyer with a Long Island accent, refused to distance himself from Tea Party positions on … gun control were expected by Suozzi forces to stimulate more voting by Jewish, African-American and Hispanic Democrats and independents …”

Typical biased reporting from the NY Times assumes these groups are in favor of gun control.  Where did Mangano’s 59.1% of the vote come from then?

The Times then tries to spin the issue in Westchester, even though Gnome lost:

“… Gun control was a surprisingly resonant issue in Westchester, where Mr. Bramson, 43, the Harvard-educated mayor of New Rochelle, hammered home Mr. Astorino’s resumption of gun shows at the county cultural center after a 10-year hiatus.  That struck a nerve with voters like Mady Edelstein, a retired lawyer, as she cast her ballot at the Chatsworth Avenue School in Larchmont.  “Bringing gun shows to the county center is deplorable,” she said. “You pick up the paper every day and someone mentally disturbed or sufficiently angry is picking up a gun and has the capacity to wreak havoc.” …”

Then why did he lose with 45.1% to Rob Astorino’s 54.9%?

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3 thoughts on “Big loss for Cuomo

  1. Your comment about the NY Times (commie shit rag) goes to the heart of what my last comment was all about. I have been able to convince most of my family, and even some of the most left, of the importance of 2A, and they are now supporters (took years). After the holocaust, we should be the most fanatical supporters of 2A. Mrs. Edelstein needs to read some more world history and should hang her head in shame after her idiotic comment.

  2. Happy. Happy. Happy. When I went to bed Astorino was behind. Waking up to his win was awesome news, especially after being hammered with Noam’s anti-2A crap for the last couple of months. Also worth remembering that Astorino won in a county that is 2 to 1 Democrat.

    To Em’s point, anyone who supports disarming the public is either ignorant of history or a would be tyrant.

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