NYAGV tries to intimidate Astorino

Antis lame attempt at intimidation:

New Yorkers Against Gun Violence called on Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino, a candidate for New York governor, to explain his opposition to the New York SAFE Act when he appears today in the Bronx.  Astorino has repeatedly criticized the landmark gun safety law, passed by a bipartisan legislature and signed by Governor Cuomo in January 2013.  He is on record as saying that it is “a bad law that accomplished nothing.” …”

Simple.  He doesn’t want his approval ratings to drop ~25% like Andrew’s did.  Given NYAGV tried and failed to make SAFE into a winning issue for their endorsed candidates in both the Westchester and Nassau County Executive’s races last year there is no reason for Astorino to pay any attention to them.

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