Lt. Governor Antonio Delgado

Through some sleazy legislation, Governor Kathy Hochul has replaced Brain Benjamin as her Lt. Governor and replaced him with Congressman Antonio Delgado.

He is not supportive of 2A rights. Some examples:

So his appointment does not make anything bettor or worse for the gubernatorial ticket.

I believe his abandoning his Congressional seat puts Marc Molinaro in a much better position to claim it for the GOP. His record on guns has been generally supportive, but after his ’18 gubernatorial run I would not trust him.

Democrats try to pull a fast one

St. Lawrence Co. Democrats are trying to pull a fast one over on 2A rights supporters with their Congressional candidate pick:

“The St. Lawrence County Democratic Committee has endorsed Matt Castelli for congress. Castelli’s stand on gun rights is part of the reason … Castelli’s position on gun rights was an important factor in deciding to back him, Clark said … In 2018, the campaign of Democrat Tedra Cobb to unseat Stefanik was derailed when an undercover video surfaced of Cobb saying she would support banning assault weapons, but couldn’t say so before the election because it would hurt her chances … In a September interview with 7 News, Castelli emphasized his deep familiarity with guns – as a C.I.A. officer he carried weapons “in places like Afghanistan and Iraq.” “I was extensively trained and carried a Glock 17 and an M4 rifle,” he said. “So I will protect the rights of our lawful gun owners, our hunters, our sportsmen and women, to keep their families and communities safe,” he said. But Castelli also said more work needs to be done “keeping our communities safe from gun violence.” …”

In other words he’s going to fuck us over the first chance he gets. Don’t give him the opportunity.

Two peas in a pod

The Poughkeepsie Journal reports on the Democrat and Republican candidates running in CD-19:

Incumbent Congressman Antonio Delgado:

“Gun violence today is an epidemic that has spread to the most sacred places in our communities – our schools, places of worship, concert halls, movie theaters, and more. As the father to two young boys, I cannot fathom the enduring pain of losing a child to senseless gun violence. As a society, we must do better. That’s why I was proud to support H.R. 8, legislation to finally achieve universal background checks, with reasonable exemptions for family transfers. Requiring background checks, banning military-style assault weapons, establishing safe-storage laws, and expanding access to mental health services are all key steps to help curb gun violence and save lives.”

Republican challenger Kyle Van De Water:

“First, I want to reaffirm my unwavering support of the Second Amendment. Not only would it be unconstitutional to address this issue by infringing upon Second Amendment rights, it would be ineffective. I would look to the Broken Windows theory and focus on addressing minor offenses, and by doing so discourage more serious offenses such as gun violence. Unlike the Brady Bill in the 90s, under which there was no measurable decrease in gun violence nationwide, New York City under Mayor Giuliani’s Broken Windows strategy saw a drastic and meaningful decrease in violent crime including those committed with firearms. The measures I would take would focus on addressing misdemeanor level crimes which affect our safety and quality of life. Such measures have proven staggeringly effective in reducing more serious and dangerous crimes including those committed with firearms, while taking guns from law abiding citizens has proven ineffective in curtailing gun violence.”

An observation from my Twitter feed:

Democrats worried about turnout

I found an interesting quote by Michael Moore in this Breitbart article:

“… There were Hillary offices in many towns, campaign offices. There was door-to-door campaigns, but you couldn’t get a yard sign. And I learned long after the election, when I was making my last movie in 2018, from one of her top campaign people, he told me, he said, ‘That’s correct, it was on purpose. We were afraid that if there were too many Hilary yard signs, it would remind the Trump voters that, ‘Oh, yeah, that’s right, I’ve got to get out and vote against her.’ So they’re afraid. They start with the fear of the Trump voter, and that’s what’s going on now …”

That explains all the Joe Biden signs I’m seeing. They’re concerned about turnout even in New York where Democrats have a ~2.2 to 1 enrollment advantage over Republicans.

Giffords endorses Balter for Congress

Giffords endorsed challenger Dana Balter in CD-24 against incumbent Congressman John Katko:

“… Giffords PAC endorsed Balter because of the Syracuse Democrat’s stances on legislation to combat gun violence. She supports universal background checks for gun purchases, a federal assault weapons ban and prohibiting the production of armor-piercing bullets and high capacity magazines. She opposes the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act, which would require states to recognize concealed carry permits issued in other states. And she supports “red flag” laws, which would provide mechanisms for taking guns away from people who could harm themselves or others …”

They endorsed her last time around and it did nothing for the campaign.

A cursory inspection of FEC records indicates no expenditures by Giffords on behalf of Balter.

Bloomberg’s past support of Pete King backfires

Mother Jones writes:

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg officially entered the 2020 Democratic race Sunday with a potent asset: The vast trove of email addresses amassed by Moms Demand Action, the nonpartisan gun control advocacy organization hosted under the umbrella of Everytown for Gun Safety, which Bloomberg co-founded and largely finances. The leaders of Moms Demand Action state chapters and local groups received the news from Aimee Tavares, a senior national organizing director for the group, who sent an email roughly three and a half hours after news broke that Bloomberg would formally announce his candidacy. “Given his unique role in launching Everytown, his leadership in advancing the cause of gun safety, and the significant investments he’s made in helping to grow our movement, Mayor Bloomberg’s campaign is temporarily renting access to our list of supporters so they can communicate his plans for achieving our shared goal of a nation free from gun violence,” Tavares wrote …”

So, how has Duh Maya’s gun control advocacy gone over with the Democrat base?

Not very well:

“Michael Bloomberg’s past efforts to support gun control by endorsing Republicans are already backfiring on his presidential bid in Pennsylvania, highlighting how the party-switching former New York City mayor and multibillionaire media mogul could struggle to win over his new party’s partisans … The resistance to Bloomberg in Pennsylvania exemplifies the broader struggle the Democrat-turned-Republican-turned-Independent-turned-Democrat might face as he campaigns for his new party’s nomination. Bloomberg has a long history of backing and funding candidates in both parties, including supporting politicians whom the Democratic base views as out-and-out villains … In the 2018 election cycle, he backed Rep. Peter King, a Long Island Republican infamous in Democratic circles for his anti-Muslim views and record. King has supported some gun control measures, including his introduction of a 2011 bill … that would have barred people from bringing a gun within 1,000 feet of a government official. But King’s decades long career in Congress includes its fair share of votes against tougher gun rules, such as a 1999 effort to close a loophole exempting gun shows from background checks …”

Wilt to primary Morelle next year

Incumbent Congressman Joe Morelle is facing a Democrat primary challenger next year:

Robin Wilt has kicked off her campaign to run again for the 25th Congressional District. That’s the seat now held by Democrat Joe Morelle, who was elected last year to the spot held by the late Louise Slaughter for many years. Wilt ran unsuccessfully for the same congressional seat in a Democratic primary in June of 2018 … When contacted about a possible opponent last summer, Morelle’s office issued a statement saying that he has been, “fighting tirelessly to lower prescription drug prices and protect individuals with pre-existing conditions, safeguard our planet from the devastating effects of climate change, ensure every woman has the right to make her own healthcare decisions, and enact common-sense gun reform like universal background checks.” …”

Morelle has never been a friend of gun owners.  Based upon her position statement Wilt isn’t either:

“Adding to the debate around gun reform in the United States, Robin centers the issue of urban gun violence. Rochester is one of the murder capitals of the country, and we need policies that combat not only mass shootings, but gun violence as a whole. We need to talk about why we as a community have become inured to gun violence when it happens in only some places, to some people. Robin believes we need to also talk about access, not just background checks, as well as the tagging of ammunition—something the gun lobby has fought for decades against. We need to target the illicit transfer of guns, limit accessibility, and hold gun manufacturers accountable for the proliferation of guns.”

How can Rochester be “one of the murder capitals of the world” given that Govenor Cuomo signed his so-called SAFE Act in Rochester back in ’13?

“It is appropriate to sign the NY SAFE Act here in Rochester, where just weeks ago a gunman senselessly murdered two first responders as they responded to a fire in Webster,” Governor Cuomo said. “This new law will limit gun violence through common sense, reasonable reforms that will make New York a safer place to live. When society confronts serious issues, it is the function of government to do something, and the NY SAFE Act will now give New York State the toughest, strongest protections against gun violence in the nation.”

Neither Morelle nor Wilt intend to confront serious issues.

Candidate Melodie Baker’s position statement

Following up on Chris Jacobs’ recent stunt, here is a brief position statement from one of the two declared Democrat candidates for the open seat in CD-27, Melodie Baker:

“… Raised in rural Texas and then moving to Buffalo with her family at a young age has had an impact on how Baker views a number of issues – including guns. Her letter to Chairman Zellner says she learned to shoot a 12-gauge gun before she was a teenager, and she tells Carter her family has used guns for generations to hunt meals. Baker supports the second amendment and the use of guns as tools, she says, but does not support their use as weapons. “I certainly think people who have a history of violence and mental health instability, need to definitely not have those guns and even the type of guns — AK-47s do not belong on the street …”

Sounds like she’s pandering to the Fudds while supporting the gun ban agenda.

As for the other candidate Nate McMurray, he appears to have the support of the Brady’s in spite of making some questionable remarks to his political opposition.

Dutchess Democrats attack Molinaro, Truitt

The Dutchess County Democrats are trying to attack Marc Molinaro and County Legislator Will Truitt by somehow implying that guns = hate (I guess).

First off, Truitt didn’t shoot that donkey picture and they deleted his comment:

Second, that Molinaro letter is old. As far as I’m concerned he burned his bridges during last year’s laughable gubernatorial campaign.

Nobody wants this

According to the Poughkeepsie Journal:

Marc Molinaro made quite an entrance at the Schoharie County Republican Party’s annual summer fundraiser Sunday. The Dutchess County executive and 2018 gubernatorial candidate helicoptered in — literally — to make an appearance as those in attendance noshed on clams and barbecue at a Cobleskill driving range and mini-golf course. Molinaro’s arrival at the GOP event in the rural county west of Albany turned heads, not just because of the roar of the engine. It came as some Republican officials are mentioning him as a possible challenger to Rep. Antonio Delgado …”

His godawful campaign for Governor last year should have ended all talk like this. That is hasn’t shows the New York GOP has learned nothing from the man-beating they got at the polls.