How NRA can be effective

The Hill reports:

Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.) may face a primary challenge from a first-time candidate who played a key role in organizing Albany’s first sexual harassment hearing in nearly three decades …”

This is how the NRA can be effective in NYC politics: Tell members to vote for anyone but Maloney in the primary. With turnout low it won’t take much to push her off the cliff like Joe Crowley.  There is no need to get into a discussion about the other candidates and their stance on gun rights.  It’s real simple.  Does the incumbent support 2A?  No.  Vote for their opponent.

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Ulster Co. special election recommendation

There will be a special election for Ulster Co. Executive on Tuesday, April 30th.

The choice is between Democrat Pat Ryan and Conservative Jack Hayes. The Republicans could not put up their own candidate and are backing Hayes.

Ryan is an antigun ideologue.

Hayes does not have a record on the issue that I am aware of. He was rated ? by NRA for his previous bid for State Assembly in 2016.

Considering Ryan’s public statements on 2A, Hayes is the better choice for gun owners although I expect Ryan is going to walk all over him in the election. Hayes does not have a functioning website and has not filed any fundraising paperwork with the BoE.  Turnout will be low so an upset is not inconceivable.

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Not again

Not again:

“A little more than 5 months after Republican U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik was re-elected to her third term, the 2020 campaign has started, with Democrat Tedra Cobb officially entering the race on Monday to unseat her … Cobb lost to Stefanik, 42% to 56%, in 2018. Green Party candidate Lynn Kahn received 1.4%. Stefanik won 10 of the 12 counties in the district, but Cobb outpolled Stefanik in Essex and Clinton counties, where the number of registered Democrats outnumbers registered Republicans …”

Based upon her poor showing last time around, plus the fact that New York will likely lose 2 Congressional seats after the 2020 redistricting, I don’t think either the state or national party is going to give much support to Cobb.

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Lock N Load radio

I was a guest on Bill Frady’s Lock N Load podcast Episode 29 and discussed passage of the recent gun control bills.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

His radio broadcast airs on WYSL in Rochester.

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Pat Ryan is back

Pat Ryan, one of the Democrats who ran a primary last year for CD-19, is back and running for Ulster County Executive:

Ryan went all-in for gun control during his Congressional bid last year and his new website has this nugget:

“Pat has worked to elect Democrats across Ulster County, and has been an advocate on important issues like gun violence prevention.”

His GOP opponent has not been nominated yet, but anyone is preferable to him.

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Delgado supports H.R.8

I went to another one of Rep. Delgado’s town halls on Saturday.

I did not get picked to ask a question this time either.  As Delgado listed off the things he has done so far he did say he supported the universal background check bill, H.R.8.

The meeting itself was very educational.  Anyone who wants to know why John Faso, and the Senate Republicans, lost should go to one of them as it will be obvious what their problems are.

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Attend these events

Returning to the topic of making new friends, there are three upcoming events area gun owners should attend: Sen. Jen Metzger Swearing-in Ceremony on the 2nd, Swearing In Ceremony for Senator-elect Kevin Thomas on the 5th and the Swearing In Ceremony For Jim Gaughran on the 6th.

None of these people were supportive of 2A during the election with Gaughran campaigning on a gun control platform.  Nevertheless, with the Republicans permanently out of power local gun owners will have to have a relationship with them.  As these events are generally only attended by the most politically active these are good opportunities for gun owners to show they are part of that group even though the home team didn’t win this time around. Smile, shake their hand and tell them you’re part of their voting constituency.  This will not stop the crap that is about to rain on us this session, but it could impact what happens after that (and there will be another gun control push after this one.)

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Everytown PAC terminated

Everytown formed a state political action committee earlier this year.  It was terminated last week after making no candidate contributions.

Searching campaign finance records shows only two donations from Everytown: $279.09 to Shelley Mayer in May and $200 to Governor Cuomo just before the primary.

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Make new friends

Gun owners cannot continue to pretend that the Republicans are going to save 2A rights in the state. We must have a relationship with Democrats.

A good opportunity to start building that for Ulster residents is for them to attend the Swearing-in Ceremony of Juan Figueroa, the newly elected sheriff, on the 28th.

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What we can expect from the Senate Republicans

This article in the Press-Republican gives a good idea how the new minority Republicans in the State Senate are going to behave:

“… [Betty Little] said she is braced for the possibility that Democrats will try to enact stronger gun control laws with initiatives that would likely be seen as burdensome by hunting enthusiasts and other gun owners in her district. “They ought to have more of a focus on (enforcement connected to) people gaining guns illegally,” the senator said, contending that measures that burden lawful gun owners have no public safety value. “The gun laws in New York state are among the strictest in the entire country. They (gun control proponents) really ought to be advocating elsewhere.” …”

True.  Now, how exactly are you going to stand up for 2A rights?

“… While some of her GOP colleagues say they will be vociferous in exposing what they see as flaws in Democratic legislation, Little said she is “not the boat-rocking type” and will likely take a more moderate approach to working out differences over the agenda as it emerges …”

Little is fucking useless.

This is exactly why the Republicans lost.  They do not challenge the basic premise of the Democrat agenda.  She has learned nothing from the last election, nor from those in years past.  The more Republicans act like Democrats the less Republicans get elected.

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