Say No to Spano

Now that George Latimer has won the Westchester County Executive’s race, he must give up his seat in the Senate.  That means a special election.

To the surprise of no one, the Spano name has come up:

“… Add Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano’s name to the list of Democrats considering a run for George Latimer’s soon-to-be-vacant state Senate seat. Spano confirmed Monday he has spoken to party leaders about a potential run for the state Legislature, where he served in the Assembly for nearly 20 years … Spano, meanwhile, has two years left in his second term as mayor. Yonkers has term limits that prevent him from seeking a third term in 2019 …”

As a general rule, whenever a Spano is on the ballot in Westchester, residents should reflexively vote for whomever their opponent is no matter who they are.  Mike is no exception.  Plus with Mike, you get Nick and nobody wants that.  He was an antigun Republican in the Assembly and switched to Democrat to become Mayor.  I’ve suspected for sometime he would make a run for county office, but with Astorino on the way out, he needs to find another gig.  Hopefully someone better jump in.



A Miner-Williams challenge to Cuomo?

CNN reports, “9 Democratic primaries to watch in 2018“:

“… there is a lot worth watching as Democrats sort out their candidates, and priorities, ahead of the November 2018 elections. Here are a few races, some big and others probably below the radar, that could give us a hint about where the party is headed … 6. New York: Who’s going to take a run at Cuomo? … a tougher-than-expected 2018 primary race could take a potential 2020 presidential bid off the table for Cuomo — and augur trouble for similar, more moderate blue-state Democrats around the country …”

That leads us to this:

“… Outgoing Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner and New York City Councilman Jumaane Williams, both Democrats, were coy in a joint radio appearance Thursday when asked if they might unite to form a gubernatorial ticket next year …”

Miner is the better known of the two which, in this case, isn’t saying much.

On 2A, both are antigun.  Miner is an advocate while Williams is an activist.

How much of a threat to the Governor would they be?

Previous polling shows Cuomo would defeat Miner in a primary.  I am unaware of any polling regarding Williams, but the Democrat base has problems with him on other social issues.

Kolb/Molinaro ticket

Some rumormongering from The Citizen:

“… Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb and Dutchess County Executive Marc Molinaro, both of whom are exploring gubernatorial bids, are in discussions to form a Republican ticket to challenge Cuomo …”

From a purely 2A standpoint this is good as Kolb is a NRA Life member and both have positive voting records on the issue.

Possible downside is lack of name recognition, especially downstate where most of the population is, and ability to raise enough money.  They don’t need to match Cuomo’s expected $30+ million, but will need $8-10 million to at least make it interesting.

I’m a gun owner and I work with the Brady Center

Tim Gomes has announced his intention to run against the loathsome Rep. Peter King next year.

He is on the Brady Campaign’s Board of Directors. In his introductory video at the 1:33 mark:

“I’m a gun owner and I work with the Brady Center to create commonsense gun policies.”

He might as well just come right out and say he wants to ban all guns.

Browning wants to challenge Zeldin

Suffolk County Legislator Kate Browning announced her intention to run against Congressman Lee Zeldin next year.

She’s high up on my list of detestable politicos for her years-long efforts to permanently close the Trap & Skeet range.  Several attempts to oust her from the legislature failed as she is firmly entrenched in her district.

There are several other announced Democrat challengers, but none I’m aware of who are as antigun as her.

Molinaro considering gubernatorial run

Dutchess County Executive Marc Molinaro said on his Facebook page that he is considering running for Governor next year.

Not exactly a surprise considering his name has been floated before.

He has a supportive 2A record and appears to have done a decent job as DC Exec. If he does run gun owners can get behind him.

Everyone into the pool

Yet another possible GOP challenger to Governor Cuomo:

Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb is considering a run for governor in 2018. The Canandaigua Republican said Wednesday he’s been asked by party leaders, other elected officials and members of the business community to challenge Gov. Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat who will likely seek a third term next year … He has considered running for higher office before. He was mentioned as a possible candidate for Congress in 2010 and 2012, but he opted not to run. He asked to run against U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand in 2010. He passed on that race, too …”

On guns, Kolb is an NRA member and has been supportive of gun rights while in the Assembly:

“… After Cuomo signed the SAFE Act, a gun control measure adopted in 2013, Kolb said it was the “worst piece of legislation” he’s seen during his Assembly career …”

However, he does have some negatives:

These guys have a point.

Our next contestant

Actress Cynthia Nixon is the latest name being floated as a possible Democrat challenger to Governor Cuomo in ’18.

I don’t believe she has the ability to knock Cuomo out in a primary, but with her name recognition I could see her embarrassing him by doing as well if not a bit better than Zephyr Teachout did in ’14.

Good time to push reciprocity

NRA is making some noise about reciprocity:

Now is a good time to make the push.

It is clear that although the Republican Congress doesn’t have their shit together, the Democrats are even worse off. The DNC is bad financial shape. NRA needs to lean hard on Democrats they’ve supported in the past. With the DNC being unable to help, incumbents will need to go elsewhere and NRA can make moving reciprocity a condition for ’18 election endorsements.

#NY19 candidate forum

Citizen Action of New York is hosting a CD-19 Democrat candidate forum Wednesday evening in Kingston with 7 of the 8 declared candidates attending.

The district is more or less evenly divided Republican-Democrat and could easily swing Democrat next election so it is worth the time for concerned gun owners to get to know what these candidates are all about.  Plus the fact that I don’t trust John Faso to keep his word on gun rights.


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