Zeldin looking for campaign volunteers

Congressman Lee Zeldin is looking for volunteers for his campaign offices in Center Moriches, Hampton Bays, Port Jefferson Station, Smithtown and Riverhead.

Sign up here and someone from the campaign will get back to you.

What Mike has been up to

CBS reports:

“… Michael Bloomberg is expected to spend at least $80 million in the 2018 midterm elections supporting Democratic candidates as part of his larger goal of flipping 23 Republican-held seats in the House, to put Democrats back in power …”

On the surface this looks bad.  However, Bloomberg has a history of throwing money around and not getting much of a return on his investment.

It is reasonable to assume that most if not all of the candidates he backs will be advocating for whatever his current gun control fixation is.


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Tuesday’s Newsbits:

Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul continues to tour schools visiting North Babylon High School and Springfield Gardens Education Campus today and attempting to drum up support for A-11148.




Devious not dumb

David Englehardt at the Federalist writes, “Cuomo’s Idea To Let Teachers Decide When To Yank Guns From People’s Homes Is Dumb”:

“… Cuomo proposes to take guns from the homes of troubled students by government fiat. That is, if the student’s teacher senses there is a problem with the student, he or she would contact the authorities to have the family’s weapons removed. Specifically, if there is a “problem student” teachers would be able to petition a court to remove guns from the student’s home … I want safer schools. I want kids who need help to get it. I’d also like to imagine the best of the governor, but I’m not sure how this legislation can actually protect students in a way that’s sensible, positive, or helpful …”

The author lacks the most basic understanding of the Albany legislative process.

First off, most bills are written to be as vague and all encompassing as possible.  A-11148 is designed to affect as many people as possible in both good and bad ways.

Second, the bill in question isn’t meant to help kids or make schools safer.  The goal is to make gun ownership as difficult and unappealing as possible for ordinary people because the Governor believes that doing so would help him politically.

Third, why on earth would anyone think the Governor is operating now with the best of intentions?  Trying to get a new bill introduced in the closing days of the legislative session is never a good sign as it is generally done to limit public discussion and debate.  This is especially true in a state known for “The Big Ugly” where all sorts of shit nobody has read is passed into law in the wee hours of the morning on the last session day.

The whole business surrounding this proposal is really very easy to understand: Cuomo is bringing up this issue (and others) now in an attempt to defect attention away from his primary opponent Cynthia Nixon.  That’s it.  Nothing more, nothing less.

Perry Gershon’s megaphone ad

Perry Gershon is running against Lee Zeldin in CD-1.

His campaign is running this ad. Guns mentioned at 0:19.

We can deduce what Gershon intends to do to “reduce gun violence” by reading the position statement from his campaign website:

“… When it comes to gun violence prevention, I have a few basic priorities. Background checks should be required at a national level before guns may be purchased – and we must close the loopholes in the current system. Certain guns such as assault weapons should be registered, just as cars are today. Assault weapons should not be freely available, and I support a renewal of the provisions of the old 1994 law, as well as a ban on “bump stocks.” And most of all, we should not impose “concealed carry” laws on our states. Representative Zeldin frequently advocates for a new federal gun law allowing a person to carry a legal concealed weapon into a state where it is otherwise illegal. So if a Texan visits New York, he or she would be immune to New York’s more restrictive gun laws and bound only by Texas law. We cannot let this happen …”


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Armed Citizen:




Maloney apologizes for Clinton crime bill

Found this nugget at QCP:

“… During the debate, Patel criticized Maloney’s support for the 1994 crime bill, which is credited for the increase of mass incarceration in America, contrasting his outspoken support for legalizing marijuana and lessening marijuana convictions. Maloney admitted her regret for the bill whilst explaining most of the Democrats also voted for that bill. “I think that we have evolved as a nation and seen that it doesn’t work. We have more research now that shows that having strict mandatory sentences does not deter crime; it does not solve the problem. I regret that vote,” said Maloney …”

The bill in question is the infamous omnibus crime bill which was known primarily for the Clinton AWB.  Even though she isn’t being questioned on the main gun part it is most amusing to see her acknowledge this policy failure.


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Juanita Perez Williams’ gun control ad

One of the two Democrat contenders in CD-24, Juanita Perez Williams, has released this ad which is currently running on cable stations in the Rochester and Syracuse markets:

I don’t think this is a very effective ad and will most likely go unnoticed.

She is making gun control a central issue in her campaign:

“… She addressed the mass shootings that have occurred and the need to take action at the federal level to combat gun violence. She pledged to fight for gun safety reforms and said the AR-15, a semiautomatic rifle that has been used in several mass shootings, doesn’t belong on the streets. She criticized U.S. Rep. John Katko, the incumbent Republican congressman, for accepting donations from the National Rifle Association and for not pushing for tougher gun control laws. “We’ve got to have someone we can trust,” she said …”

The Congressional primary is June 26.

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