Help Tony with petitions

I am a big fan of Gun For Hire’s podcast.

Host Anthony Colandro needs help to petition his way on to the 2019 NRA Directors ballot.

Members for 5+ consecutive years and all Life members are eligible to sign the petition.  Print off a copy of the petition and get it back to him ASAP.  I signed it and so should you.


Time to collect

The Donald and Mike Pence both spoke at the NRA convention giving good, red meat speeches.

During Sen. John Cornyn’s address he mentioned that he is the Senate sponsor of the reciprocity bill S.446, which has been sitting quietly since it’s introduction last year.  The only recent action has been the addition of newly elected Mississippi Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith as the 40th co-sponsor.

This proposal has been floating around for more than 20 years.  There is nothing left to discuss about it.  It is time for NRA to give Trump and Mitch McConnell an ultimatum: Bring S.446 to the floor for a straight up or down vote or don’t come around asking for handouts this November.  Whether it passes or not there needs to be a recorded vote on the bill.  Republicans owe NRA big time and with NRA’s membership approaching 6 million it is time to collect.


Wednesday’s Newsbits:


I’m thinking NRA is starting to regret their endorsement of The Donald:

They seem to be taking this seriously as NRA is doing robocalls asking for calls to Chuck Schumer’s office to prevent a Diane Feinstein bill from moving.

Mosley & NRA

A belated followup to Assemblyman Walter Mosely joining the NRA. He was on BRIC TV last month talking about it:

Membership Soars In Wake of SAFE Act


NYSRPA is now the largest State Affiliate of the NRA, topping the TSRA at #2 and CRPA at #3.

Colandro for NRA Board

Anthony Colandro is running for the NRA Board of Directors.  He’s the host of Gun for Hire Radio in New Jersey.  He deserves the support of voting NRA members.

Learning experience

Buzzfeed has an excellent article on why the GOP blew the election, “A New Republican Generation Gets Ready To Take Over.”  NRA should take note of it as well because their “All In” campaign sucked ass.

NRA Board candidates

The NRA Board is looking to add more people with a competitive shooting background.  An e-mail is making the rounds asking members to vote for 8 candidates.  I know incumbent Patrica Clark has some sort of sport shooting background.  Of the others, the only one I’ve heard of before is R. Lee Ermry.  I offer this up FYI-only.

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