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Today at 10:00am volunteers with the New York chapter of Moms Demand Action will hold a press conference urging lawmakers to advance legislation prohibiting untraceable and undetectable “ghost guns” at the Empire State Plaza, Albany.




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Cuomo talks about state investigation of NRA

Cuomo: NRA’s goal is to sell more guns

NRA meeting aftermath

The NRA’s Annual Meeting is over.

Ollie North is out as President. Carolyn Meadows was voted by the Board to take over.

Wayne LaPierre and key executives appear to have survived (for now). The “No Confidence” resolution against him looks to be buried in committee.

Some thoughts:

  • NRA looks to have real problems with cronyism and corruption at the executive level that cannot be swept under the rug.
  • The vast majority of the Board are useless and should resign.  They either knew or should have known about these problems and made an effort to correct them.
  • Nothing the Board did this weekend is going to help the NRA with respect to Tish James’ investigation.
  • Carolyn Meadows is unfit to be President.  She is way to old and her performance at the Member’s Meeting shows it.  No way she will actually be the one in charge.
  • Trump standing up for the NRA should be a message all candidates, especially Republicans, that being pro-gun is mainstream and beneficial to their campaigns.
  • If serious reform does not happen the membership will revolt.  Not like the 70s as that was ideological.  This would be broad-based centering around having competent executives running the NRA as a business and having independent Directors free of interest conflicts.

Trump and Cuomo on NRA’s problems

New York Attorney General investigates NRA

The NRA Annual Meeting is underway.

It was announced at the start of the member’s meeting that Oliver North resigned.  I watched the broadcast and the membership is upset over accusations of impropriety.

The behavior of current and former NRA Directors in trying to shut down debate was disgraceful.

Now it has come out that New York Attorney General Letitia James has opened up an investigation of the Association’s tax status.  Nothing good will come of that.

Better not be true

There is an ongoing controversy within the NRA that I have not felt the need to comment on here as it does not relate to the purpose of this blog.

Then there’s this:

“… I had a call out of the blue late this afternoon from a person on the NRA Board. It was off the record and not for attribution. This person thinks that the lawsuit might be a smokescreen to protect the NRA from New York State. It gives the impression that they are taking their fiduciary and financial duties seriously. As both the lawsuit notes and I mentioned above, the State of New York revised their statutes to require not-for-profits to do more due diligence and to pay more attention to where members and donors money is being spent. The rationale behind this being a smokescreen to protect the NRA is that, according to this person, the NRA had not been requiring any sort of invoices or other detailed record-keeping for services rendered in years gone by. In other words, Ack Mc said here is how much we want and please send us a check. God forbid that they were that slack but I believe it.”

This better not be true.

No sleep ’till Brooklyn

Bklyner offers up this “Exclusive”:

“It’s fundraising time for the NRA, and they’re making their usual rounds—among them, Southern Brooklyn. Signs posted outside of a Brooklyn eatery show the fundraising arm of the NRA (National Rifle Associaton) Foundation is having an event at the Rex Manor Catering Hall which sits at the border of Borough Park and Bensonhurst … This marks the third annual Brooklyn event of the NRA affiliate …”

There are several things NRA HQ ought to learn from this.

First, they have members in Brooklyn.

Second, since they have members in Brooklyn, NRA can be involved in local politics. The PVF is fully capable of doing this and it does not require spending a ton of money.  Nothing good will come to the NRA in New York until they become involved with Democrat politics in places like Brooklyn.

“… Undeterred by protesters, gun-supporters argued their First Amendment guarantees them a right to assemble. The signage promoting this event touts another Constitutional Amendment. “Gather second Amendment supporters in your community and attend your local Friends of NRA event,” reads the poster …”

Third, when confronted by antigun assholes, don’t back down.  Be open about supporting gun rights in a county where Democrats outnumber Republicans more than 8 to 1.

As for the rest of the article:

“… The announcement comes days after a suspected white supremacist shot and killed 49 Muslims at two New Zealand mosques …”

The author confuses the NRA, which helped blacks obtain firearms for self-defense, with the Democrat Party, which was founded by the KKK.

“… Councilman Kalman Yeger, whose district includes Rex Manor, did not respond to requests before post time.”

Yegar has supported antigun positions in the past, but I don’t see anything about this.

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