Nassau Democrats fight

The Nassau Democrats fight for County Executive is becoming more entertaining:

Nassau County’s Democratic Chairman Jay Jacobs on Monday issued his strongest repudiation yet of George Maragos’ campaign for county executive, continuing his feud with one of his party’s newest members. In a nearly 1,000-word email sent to party members and reporters, Jacobs called Maragos, the sitting county comptroller, “manipulative” and “duplicitous,” … Jacobs also charged that Maragos “morphed opportunistically” into a Democrat when he left the Republican Party in September and has not actually changed his conservative positions on issues such as abortion rights, same-sex marriage and climate change … Jacobs and Maragos, a Great Neck resident, have exchanged harsh words since Jacobs and the Democratic Committee backed county Legislator Laura Curran for county executive. State Assemblyman Charles Lavine is also seeking the nomination …”

As previously discussed, both Curran and Lavine stink on gun rights.

I did find an old policy statement from 2012 when Maragos ran for Senate:

“I support the Second Amendment that allows citizens in good standing to keep and bear arms. I support safe and responsible gun ownership and smart programs to keep guns out of the hands of criminals.”

It is entirely possible Maragos has since changed his position.  Even so, he still would not be as detestable as the other two so gun owners should support him through the primary.