Vote for Steve to give the middle finger to Chuck

Chuck Schumer has given his endorsement for an open Queens City Council seat:

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer announces his endorsement of Felicia Singh, Democratic Nominee for City Council in District 32. Singh’s race is widely considered to be one of the most consequential races in NYC, with District 32 being the last remaining Republican-held city council seat in Queens. Registered Democrats outnumber Republicans 3-1 in the district, yet constituents have been represented by a Republican for the last 12 years. Councilmember Ulrich, who is term-limited, holds one of the three remaining Republican-held seats in City Council … Singh has a Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate and Courage To Change distinction and has received endorsements from a coalition of community, grassroots and labor organizations …”

The Republican in the race is Steve Sirgiovanni. I do not see any position statement from him on 2A issues. Outgoing Councilman Ulrich was not a supporter of 2A. It doesn’t matter. Go out and vote for Steve to give the middle finger to Chuck.