2A supporters haven’t forgotten

Phil Boyle’s flip-flopping on gun rights (by my count at least 3 times) doomed his bid for Sheriff.

According to Newsday:

“… [Larry Zacarese] showed the savvy of a veteran political operative last week when he tapped a crucial and highly energized bloc: Gun owners who were angry at his opponent, state Sen. Phil Boyle, for voting for Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s gun-control measure known as the SAFE Act. Zacarese … drubbed Boyle in a GOP primary, in part due to two mailings to 3,000 gun owners throughout Suffolk. Zacarese also did ads on two local radio stations on the East End, where the gun issue is a significant concern and where the sheriff’s department handles gun licensing. As a freshman senator, Boyle voted for the SAFE Act but said shortly thereafter that his vote “was a mistake.” Boyle further angered gun users by saying he might have realized the mistake “if we were given more than two hours to read the bill.” …”

Boyle was lying about gun rights before voting for SAFE.  That was just the final straw.

“… Gun owners are a powerful bloc in low-turnout primaries — about 7 percent of Republicans voted Tuesday in the sheriff’s race — because they vote in force. That also gives them clout beyond their numbers in a general election. One gun owner, Dov Neidish of Commack, said in an interview that Boyle had “no backbone” and “staunch supporters of the Second Amendment haven’t forgotten.” Boyle admits the issue was “definitely a factor” with some voters even though he considers himself a Second Amendment advocate and co-sponsored SAFE Act repeal measures, though they have yet to pass. “Some folks will never forgive my original support, which was based solely on the law’s gang provisions,” that increased penalties for gang-related crimes involving guns, Boyle said. …”

His support for SAFE was based upon 1.) the fact he does not support gun rights, and 2.) the sleazy no-compete deal the Senate Republicans have with Cuomo which is the only thing keeping them in power.

My prediction: Long Island Republicans won’t learn a darn thing from this.

Primary aftermath

Most party endorsed candidates won their primaries yesterday.  A few positive results for gun owners:

  1. Michael Kearns won three minor party endorsements in his bid for Erie County Clerk.
  2. Steve McLaughlin defeated the party candidate to win the Republican nomination for Rensselaer County Executive.
  3. Phil Boyle went down in flames in the Republican primary for Suffolk County Sheriff.  Unfortunately he still keeps his job in the Senate, but his humiliation is most entertaining.

Latimer attempts to insert gun control into primary

It’s a safe bet these two things are related.

Item #1, “GOP urges voters to support Rob Astorino in the Reform Party primary“:

“… In advance of the minor Reform Party Sept. 12 primary, the state Republican committee paid for mailers sent out to registered voters unaffiliated with a specific party encouraging them to write in the name of [Rob] Astorino, who is also running unopposed on the Republican ticket. State Sen. George Latimer, a Democrat and the Reform Party executive committee’s choice for county executive, accused Astorino of “using the Republican state party in an embarrassing attempt to steal this ballot line and do a hostile takeover of the Reform Party.” …”

Item #2, “Westchester County Executive Hopeful Takes Aim At Controversial Gun Show“:

“… “To own a gun is perfectly legal, but it’s not something I think the county should be involved in helping to promote,” State Sen. George Latimer (D) said. Latimer is running for Westchester County Executive, and pointed to Nazi literature, books on Hitler, and confederate flag mementos at the last gun show as reasons why the promoter ‘Northeast Gun Shows’ should not be allowed to hold another event at the county center this January … Astorino said 8,000 people attended in January, lines have traditionally been out the door, and the latest gun show earned tax payers $50,000, so he won’t stop it because of some controversial memorabilia. “These are historical in nature, these are not propaganda to join the Nazis and the KKK, this is about World War II, the same books are in high school libraries,” he said …”

This has nothing to do with guns.  Latimer is following the current Democrat playbook of accusing Republicans of being Nazis in an attempt to gin up the kook-left snowflakes and get them to turn out and vote for him on election day.

Brown leading, Schroeder looking for volunteers

The latest polling shows incumbent Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown leading his Democrat challengers by a significant amount.

Mark Schroeder is looking for volunteers for his campaign.  Here is the signup sheet.

Primary turnout is always low and with it being a three person race, it is possible for Schroeder to pull an upset.


ECDC Chair brings up SAFE

State of Politics reports:

“… The chairman of the Erie County Democratic Committee has questioned why Assemblyman Mickey Kearns’s name appeared on the invitation to a Thursday night fundraiser for the Democratic Assembly Campaign Committee … Democratic members of the Western New York delegation co-hosted the event – including Kearns …”

My guess would be because Kearns is a life-long registered Democrat who ran as a Democrat for Assembly.

“… ECDC Chairman Jeremy Zellner said that raises a conflict, because Kearns is currently running on the Republican ticket for Erie County Clerk, and is also in a primary for the Conservative line. “Whose side is Mickey on?” Zellner asked. “The Assembly Democrats are champions of … the SAFE Act … I hardly think Republicans and Conservatives feel that way. Where does Mickey truly stand on these issues?” …”

Given that Kearns voted against SAFE I think his position on that issue is quite clear.

It is also clear that Zellner does not like him and is trying to use gun control as a way to score cheap political points against Kearns.  I do not see it having much of an effect.

Leave and take Brian with you

Daniel Squadron announced he is resigning his State Senate seat.

He is claiming his reason is that he does not have enough time to be in the legislature and “lend my hand to make a difference in states across the country, pushing policies and candidates that will create a fairer and more democratic future.”  I think it has a lot more to do with the the mainline Democrats clown caucus being unable to form a governing majority in the Senate.  Whatever the reason, it’s good to see him go.

What is not so good is Assemblyman Brian Kavanagh is eyeing the seat:

“… Kavanagh has been an increasingly influential member of the chamber and was among the Democratic lawmakers who negotiated the passage of the SAFE Act, a package of gun control measures. He was also briefly considered a potential candidate to replace Sheldon Silver as speaker of the Assembly …”

SD-26 is heavily Democrat so whomever the party chooses as their nominee is virtually assured of winning when a special election is held.  It’s not a done deal for Kavanaugh as Assemblywoman Yuh-Line Niou also interested it.  Better to have a younger, less experienced replacement for Squadron than a guy who has spent years in Albany and is moving up the political food chain with a hard antigun agenda.


With an overwhelming Democrat enrollment advantage, the chances of a Republican knocking Bill de Blasio out were going to be slim at best.

Early on, I thought Paul Massey might at least make a respectable showing based upon his ability to raise a lot of money.  He did raise a lot and then promptly blew it, causing him to drop out of the race last month.

The GOP establishment got behind Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis, who decided to alienate everybody by supporting both the SAFE Act and stop-and-frisk.

The result of this?

She currently polls just under 12%.


Madison Co. sheriff candidates

The Observer-Dispatch has an article on the two candidates running for Madison County Sheriff this fall.

Each was asked about the SAFE Act and each gave a similar non-answer answer about streamlining the pistol license application process.

Brown leading in Buffalo

The Buffalo News reports that incumbent Buffalo Mayor Byron brown is seriously ahead in fundraising over his Democrat rivals:

Mayor Byron W. Brown has more than a half million dollars in his campaign chest, far ahead of his opponents in the Democratic primary for City Hall’s top job. The three-term incumbent in the last six months raised almost $440,000, four times more than Mark J.F. Schroeder, the city comptroller, raised and 70 times as much as Betty Jean Grant, an Erie County legislator …”

Brown’s record on guns has been mixed: poor while in the Senate, but he notably did not come out in support of the SAFE Act.

Schroeder consistently supported gun rights while in the Assembly.

Grant has not been supportive of gun rights while in the county legislature.

The race will likely be decided during the Democrat primary where turnout will be low.  Knowing this, for the primary, gun owners choices should be:

  1. Schroeder
  2. Brown
  3. Grant

Curran leading Martins in campaign cash

The Island Now reports that Laura Curran leads Jack Martins in fundraising:

Democrat Laura Curran has a cash advantage of nearly $250,000 over Republican Jack Martins in the Nassau County executive race … Curran raised more than $718,000 from January to July 13, more than twice the roughly $357,000 Martins took in after launching his campaign in April. Curran closed the six-month reporting period with $577,644 on hand to Martins’ $338,953. County Comptroller George Maragos, Curran’s Democratic primary opponent, still has the largest war chest of the three candidates, leaving $1,288,023 in the bank as of last week after spending $235,274. Maragos previously loaned his campaign $1.5 million and is not taking contributions from special-interest donors. He raised only $3,406 from January to last week …”

Maragos twice ran for Senate as a Republican before switching to the Democrats to run for Comptroller.  I have doubts as to how much actual support he would have in a Democrat primary.  Although he has not made any solid position statements one way or another on 2A rights, gun owners should support him in a primary based upon Curran’s past support for gun control.  He’s probably going to lose, but this is the only way to register an opinion.

That leaves Curran v. Martins in the general election and both of them stink.

In spite of that, gun owners should hold their nose and vote for Curran.  Her one (and only) positive aspect is that she is not Jack Martins.  Giving Martins the finger for voting for the SAFE Act is all that is on the table for Nassau Co. gun owners this fall.

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