Pick Schroeder in Buffalo race

It’s official, there will be no Republican candidate for Mayor of Buffalo.  Whomever wins the Democrat primary will be the next Mayor.  The Democrat candidates are incumbent Mayor Byron Brown, Comptroller Mark Schroeder and County Legislator Betty Jean Grant.

I’ve already covered the first two, as to Grant here is her record on the issue:

Knowing this, Schroeder is the clear choice for gun voters.  Second choice is debatable, but I’d give Brown preference over Grant.

Curran v. Martins

Assemblyman Charles Lavine has dropped out of the race for Nassau County Executive and endorsed his Democrat opponent Laura Curran.

She still has to get past George Maragos in a Democrat primary, but I don’t think that will be a problem. That would make the general election a choice between Curran and Republican Jack Martins.

Both of them stink on ice, but you have to pick one, so go with Curran to stick it to Martins’ for his vote on the SAFE Act.

Vote for Boyle’s opponent

Senator Phil Boyle was endorsed yesterday by the Suffolk County Republican’s to run for county sheriff.  He already had the Conservative Party endorsement.

Incumbent Vincent DeMarco is not running for re-election so vote for whomever the Democrats end up with as their nominee.  Doesn’t matter who it is.  Boyle is a piece of garbage.

Latimer scores Democratic nomination

Senator George Latimer received the endorsement of the Westchester Democrats to run against Rob Astorino this fall.

It could be both a good and bad thing, but it isn’t what I was hoping for.

The good is that Democrats are not united around one candidate as Legislator Ken Jenkins intends to run in a primary.  Democrats outnumber Republicans 2-1 in the county and party disunity benefits Astorino.

The bad is if Jenkins got the nod he would have had to give up his seat on the county board to run for county executive where if he lost he’d be out.  I do not think he has to do that for a primary where if he loses he can still run for his old legislative seat in the general election.  If Latimer loses either the primary or general election he stays in the Senate.  I would have preferred to have had the opportunity to be rid of one antigunner but that is less likely to happen now.

Boyle makes bid for Sheriff

Update to the Suffolk Sheriff’s race: Senator Phil Boyle has filed paperwork to run.

Boyle is a lying piece of garbage. Unfortunately he does not have to give up his Senate seat to run so there’s no opportunity to get rid of him.  Nevertheless, if he’s in a GOP primary election vote for his opponent.  If he’s in the general election vote for whomever his Democrat opponent is.

It’s not all about guns

Follow-up to my previous post on Assemblyman Kearns running for Erie Co. clerk in the Buffalo News, “Democrats again spurn ‘outsider’ Kearns“:

Erie County Democrats spurned one of their most successful candidates of recent years last week when passing out their endorsement for clerk. Same old, same old for Michael P. Kearns … Kearns is emerging once again as a Democrat/Republican hybrid. He is wrapping his candidacy in outsider labels, challenging core party principles such as support for abortion rights and gun control … “I’m pro-life and have an A+ rating from the NRA,” Kearns said a few days ago. “If you don’t fit into their criteria, you’re not a good Democrat.” “I think the Democratic Party should be a big tent for everybody,” he added. It’s not all about guns and abortion, Erie County Democratic Chairman Jeremy J. Zellner says …”

I cannot recall ever hearing a New York Democrat making a statement like that.

George Latimer meets with Moms

I need to update this post from a few weeks ago, State Senator George Latimer met with MDA astroturf today:

George Latimer with Moms Demand Action

This leaves David Spano as the least offensive candidate running for the Democrat nomination for Westchester County Executive.

Race to the bottom in Nassau

With Jack Martins entering the race for Nassau County Executive, it has now officially become a race to the bottom for that office.

Newsday reports:

“Former Republican State Sen. Jack Martins will enter the race for Nassau County executive … Martins, a former Mineola mayor who ran unsuccessfully for Congress last year, is expected to secure the nomination of the Nassau Republican Party when it meets Thursday, according to a senior party source … Martins, 49, of Old Westbury, is expected to announce his candidacy officially Wednesday at Village Hall in Mineola …”

I thoroughly covered Martins’ congressional campaign last year so no need to rehash all that.  He’s a piece of crap.

Not to be outdone, Charles Lavine has introduced companion legislation to Danial Squadron’s phony hate crimes bill, A-7395/S-5569.

This leaves George Maragos as the best choice for 2A voters.

Lavine running on his record

While making his pitch to be the Democrat nominee for Nassau County Executive, Assemblyman Charles Lavine brought up his record:

“… “I have no doubt I am the only person running for county executive who’s ever fought for and passed real legislation, progressive legislation,” Lavine said recently while citing his support for the Marriage Equality Act and gun safety laws. “Of all the people running for this office, I am the only one with true progressive credentials.” …”

The CE job is administrative/managerial, not legislative.  Neither of these two items have anything remotely to do with overseeing county government.

Nassau Democrats fight

The Nassau Democrats fight for County Executive is becoming more entertaining:

Nassau County’s Democratic Chairman Jay Jacobs on Monday issued his strongest repudiation yet of George Maragos’ campaign for county executive, continuing his feud with one of his party’s newest members. In a nearly 1,000-word email sent to party members and reporters, Jacobs called Maragos, the sitting county comptroller, “manipulative” and “duplicitous,” … Jacobs also charged that Maragos “morphed opportunistically” into a Democrat when he left the Republican Party in September and has not actually changed his conservative positions on issues such as abortion rights, same-sex marriage and climate change … Jacobs and Maragos, a Great Neck resident, have exchanged harsh words since Jacobs and the Democratic Committee backed county Legislator Laura Curran for county executive. State Assemblyman Charles Lavine is also seeking the nomination …”

As previously discussed, both Curran and Lavine stink on gun rights.

I did find an old policy statement from 2012 when Maragos ran for Senate:

“I support the Second Amendment that allows citizens in good standing to keep and bear arms. I support safe and responsible gun ownership and smart programs to keep guns out of the hands of criminals.”

It is entirely possible Maragos has since changed his position.  Even so, he still would not be as detestable as the other two so gun owners should support him through the primary.

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