NYAGV tries to intimidate Cahill

Yet another lame attempt at intimidation by NYAGV, this time against Attorney General candidate John Cahill:

“It has come to our attention that you served on the Republican National Committee’s Platform Committee in 2012 and that the final platform document – which you rubberstamped – espoused extreme … anti-gun control positions … The platform opposed common sense gun laws limiting the capacity for firearm clips and magazines, and endorsed so-called “Stand Your Ground” rights – which have been widely criticized for enabling racially motivated violence …”

Antis oppose SYG laws because they seriously believe using a gun in self-defense is morally wrong.  Professional bigots like Al Sharpton jumped on the bandwagon just to make a buck off it.

“… We call on you to renounce the RNC’s 2012 platform or explain what steps you took to defeat these offensive planks …”

If Cahill is smart he will follow Rob Astorino’s lead and ignore them.