Suozzi goes all-in

Tom Suozzi is going all-in with gun control.  His 4th antigun mailer has hit the district.

Doesn’t seem to be helping as he is still way behind in the polls.

10 thoughts on “Suozzi goes all-in

  1. The other real asswipe that seems unfortunately off the radar is DA Rice. Its almost more important to defeat her. SHE FULLY BACKS THE SAFE ACT and filed an Amicus in its support!! Please remember this and pass it on!

  2. Matter of fact a couple of yrs back (even before SAFE) Rice went on a terror campaign agains the Nassau gun shops with garbage trumped up charges and tried to literally terrorize them out of business! All the charges were thrown out of court, but to this day they live in fear of her. Just a reminder.

  3. I do not know anything about him except it seems clear that the NY RINOs gave him absolutely no money or support. So please guys, make an effort. We go down punching. Always better.

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