Congress has voted to repeal Obama’s Social Security gun rule. The House passed their bill a couple weeks ago and the Senate followed suit yesterday. Last minute whining by Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance was ignored.

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I have said before if the Senate Democrats put their egos aside, they would control the upper chamber and that would be the end of the Republicans. With Trump in office there is increasing pressure for the mainline Democrats and IDC to kiss and make up: “… Members of the rogue Independent Democratic Conference in […]

A few years back the term “Gun Culture 2.0” started to appear basically to describe the new generation of gun owners. I think it is part of a broader shift towards cultural libertarianism that can be seen in how antigun activists are now treated by gunnies. Twenty years ago they were viewed as simply being […]

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Mark Cuban suggests Senate Democrats try to make a deal with Trump over Neil Gorsuch: 3)Trump would love to say he beat the system by making a deal. Gives him bragging rights. “Never been done before” He isn’t a politician. — Mark Cuban (@mcuban) February 1, 2017 This is one of the reasons I didn’t […]

The Donald nominated Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. While he has not directly ruled on a Second Amendment case, he has made supportive statements in the past. Bloomberg’s proxy Everytown has started a petition asking Senators grill Gorsuch on gun control. The Left is losing their collective minds over the nomination and pretty much […]


The Donald has announced that he will naming his Supreme Court nominee next week. Time has a list of his supposed top three contenders.  Of note is Thomas Hardiman: “… Hardiman is known for protecting gun rights and taking an originalist approach to Second Amendment cases. In Drake v. Filko, which challenged a New Jersey […]

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Senator Jose Peralta is switching from the mainline Democrat conference to the IDC: “… The Independent Democratic Conference will increase its membership to eight lawmakers with the addition of Queens Sen. Jose Peralta … Peralta in the interview said he was “at a crossroads” when making his decision to leave the mainline conference for the […]

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