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Have not learned a thing

If there was any doubt as to whether or not the Republicans learned anything from the last election, the answer is No, they haven’t.


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Think like the Dems

Senate hearings on the Brett Kavanaugh nomination to SCOTUS have begun.

It’s been every bit the shitshow I thought it would be.

One of the Democrats, possibly DiFi, brought in one of the Parkland parents and, in an attempt to embarrass Kavanaugh, offered to shake his hand in front of the cameras.  The published picture shows Kavanaugh just looking at the outstretched hand and the antigunners, including asshat Chris Cuomo, are claiming he turned away without acknowledging him.  However, video clearly shows that security intervened and moved him away.  Neither the antis nor their political and media allies are interested in the truth so the fact that they would try and pull this sort of stunt is not a surprise.

Republicans should have expected it and planned their own handshake.  Defensive gun use far exceeds that of criminal misuse.  Why weren’t there a dozen defensive gun users in the audience?  Republicans and the NRA need to start thinking like the Democrats to better control the narrative.

Maloney introduces companion to S-3304

Carolyn Maloney is the latest antigunner to jump on the 3D printed gun bandwagon.

According to the Post:

“… “The idea of untraceable, undetectable guns available to anyone, even violent criminals and domestic abusers, with the click of a mouse is utterly terrifying,” said Maloney, who co-sponsored the legislation with Reps. Brad Schneider of Illinois and Ted Deutch and Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida. “The administration’s decision to allow the online publishing of 3-D printable gun blueprints is an insult to the countless families who have suffered from our national epidemic of gun violence,” she said …”

I sometimes wonder if they actually believe the nonsense they’re spewing.   I know she gets talking points from advocacy groups, but even being an old fart, she has to have at least some vague understanding of how the internet works.  To suggest she could block information from being posted online is something even gradeshoolers would not believe.

The House bill has not yet been numbered.  Here is the draftSenate companion is S-3304.

Good luck with that

According to the Daily News:

“A Manhattan state senator wants to make “ghost guns” disappear. Sen. Brad Hoylman, a Democrat, is introducing a bill that would ban ghost guns and 3-D firearms in New York …”


I generally don’t like commenting on legislation until I’ve had a chance to read the bill, but in this case I don’t need to.  There is absolutely no way to enforce such a law.  I’m sure Hoylman will get some model legislation from Brady, Moms or someone and intro a bill based on it but without a practical way to enforce the penalties who cares what they are?

“… “Thanks to the Trump administration, anyone in America or across the world — be it a teenager, felon or terrorist — can evade a background check and manufacture a dangerous weapon with a click of a button,” Hoylman said. “This is an existential threat to gun control as we know it.” …”

This statement is very telling.

Notice he does not say this is a threat to public safety.  Hoylman says it is a threat to gun control itself.  That is an exaggeration, especially with current technology, but consider a possible impact on the SAFE Act.  If a person can easily and cheaply produce plastic magazines in the privacy of their home the SAFE limitation is mostly voided.  Better still, as a political act of defiance, magazines with Hoylman’s face printed on them could be made in bulk and dropped in public locations, kinda like Johnny Appleseed.  Hoylman’s choice of words prove his real motivation is ideological and not a genuine concern for public welfare.

Metal printing is more complicated, but it is reasonable to assume that it will be better, faster and cheaper in 5-10 years than it is now.  That is what is really needed for home production.  Antigun hysterics will become more entertaining as the technology matures.

Controversy over Abelove rifle raffle continues

New Yorkers Under the Gun

June 7 video from a public forum by hosted by City Limits and The Crime Report at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

Same old, same old

Friday was “Gun Violence Awareness Day,” a now annual spectacle where antigunners, celebrity idiots and other crackpots #WearOrange so as to readily identify themselves as part of the political fringe.

Here is an example:

I do not see anything new of substance here. It is just more of the same hysterics that have failed to produce movement on their agenda.

Astroturf protesters outside FNRA fundraiser

Proof they’re astroturf. The first guy they interviewed is from the Rockland Democrat Committee holding a professionally made sign.

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