Dick move by Ryan

The Post reports:

“… Sen. Sean Ryan (D-Buffalo) is pushing to stop [NRA] from promoting gun safety in New York. Newly-introduced legislation would do that by stripping the group of its near monopoly over certifying the “duly authorized instructor” any New Yorker needs to complete the safety training required for a conceal carry permit per state laws passed last summer. “Where the NRA was once viewed as an authority on gun safety, it has become an extremist organization that prioritizes political advocacy at the expense of safety,” argues a legislative memo attached to the bill introduced this week. “The NRA has pursued an extreme political agenda focused on overturning gun safety laws here in New York and across the nation. Through its conduct as an organization, the NRA has proven to no longer be an authority on gun safety,” the memo adds. … “New York state has no control over the curriculum taught about safety to get a pistol permit issued by New York State. [That] doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense,” Ryan, a longtime Hochul ally, told The Post …”

Ryan knows that’s BS, but I can see this bill passing next year.

Mayor Adams signs gun bills

The presser, “Mayor Adams Signs Two Bills to Dam Additional Rivers Feeding Sea of Gun Violence.”


Friday’s Newsbits:




The return of Andrew

The Times Union reports that Andrew Cuomo is plotting his comeback with a “gun safety group”:

“More than a year after he resigned and abruptly exited the state’s political sphere, former Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo issued a video statement Wednesday announcing his new podcast and the formation of a political action committee and gun safety group … Cuomo will also head a new initiative called the Gun Safe America Project, he said, criticizing the political gridlock hampering federal gun legislation. He released few details on the venture but said more information will be forthcoming …”

It’s going to be more of the same old shit, just with his face plastered all over it.


Wednesday’s Newsbits:





Signs to be posted all around Times Square

New bill introduced prohibiting carrying guns in/around Times Square, INT 602-2022.

Kingston Alderman calls for repeal of 2A

City of Kingston Alderman Reynolds Scott-Childress introduced a memorializing resolution to the Laws & Rules Committee Wednesday calling for repeal of the 2nd Amendment. The committee tabled the resolution.

Here is a copy of the resolution.

Tish James believes in fictional porcelain Glock

Attorney General Tish James intends to defend New York’s public nuisance law, A-6762B/S-7196, in a lawsuit brought against Glock for a subway shooting back in April.

There’s no press release from her office, just this story at Courthouse News Service.

Her complaint contains this nugget of stupidity on page 24:

“… “Upon information and belief, in or around 1990, “the Glock began to appear in the hands of police officers in Law and Order and other police procedural shows. It was also used by Bruce Willis in the movie Die Hard 2. Willis’ character even bragged about the advantages of using a Glock…”[He] introduced the gun as a character to people who don’t know anything about guns,” says Barrett …”

That’s the fictional porcelain Glock 7.  She actually put that into a lawsuit.