Astroturfing for “red flag”

A handful of crackpot Moms are upset that SCOTUS will be taking up another gun case next year which I suspect the antis will lose.

In addition two local courts have ruled against New York’s so-called “red flag” laws and supporters are seriously worried they’re next on the chopping block.

Reporting at the Long Island Press identifies 3 candidates running for Nassau Co. Legislature this fall attended this dog-and-pony show: Alexis Pace, District #4, Seth Koslow, District #5 and Weihua Yan, District #10. Vote for their opponents no matter who they are.

Propping up the President

From the Associated Press:

“The nation’s most prominent gun safety groups are joining together to back President Joe Biden in 2024, an early endorsement that underscores Biden’s grip on key Democratic coalitions as the party seizes on gun policy as a politically advantageous issue ahead of his reelection campaign. The endorsement, obtained by The Associated Press in advance of the formal release, represents the first time the groups have jointly announced support for a presidential candidate. The groups include Brady and its youth-led arm, Team Enough; Community Justice Action Fund; Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund and its grassroots networks, Moms Demand Action and Students Demand Action; and Giffords …”

Who cares?

They’re trying to make it seem like this is a big deal, having a bunch of groups join together, but in reality they’re pretty much all the same astroturf with little substance.

The corruption allegations against Biden are substantive and could sink his re-election campaign.  So could his disastrous policies.  There’s no other prominent unifying Democrat ready to take his place and they’re getting worried.

Everytown agenda in action

Mayor Eric Adams’ so-called Gun Violence Prevention Task Force released a plan yesterday to throw a lot of money around:

“Today, we are taking our efforts to end gun violence to the next level with this new ‘Blueprint for Community Safety‘ – a more than $485 million dollar plan that will double down on our public safety efforts, invest in our most impacted communities, support our young people and get them on the right path, and activate every level of city government to prioritize prevention-based approaches to public safety …”

This announcement came with a full press dog and pony show:

This is straight out of Everytown’s legislative agenda: Funnel money to community organizations and projects (which often have ties back to antigun politicians) who in turn act as cheerleaders for the gun control agenda and provide political support/cover for the electeds when they’re up for re-election.

The 3D Printed Gun Safety Act is a joke

From Senator Gillibrand’s office, “Gillibrand Announces Legislation To Ban Distribution Of Blueprints For 3d Printed Firearms And Curb Epidemic Of “Ghost Guns”“:

“… With the increase in ghost gun seizures in NYC, we need to do more at the federal level to stop 3D printed guns from ever being created in the first place,” said Senator Gillibrand. “The 3D Printed Gun Safety Act is federal legislation that would ban the online distribution of blueprints for 3D printing of firearms. Those who shouldn’t have a gun also shouldn’t be able to print one with just the click of a mouse. By cracking down on the blueprints as well as the guns themselves, we can limit the availability of ghost guns and make it more difficult for dangerous individuals to get their hands on them.” …”

This is completely ridiculous and totally unenforceable. What’s more the actual bill S-1819 was introduced more than a month ago and she’s just getting around to holding a presser on it now?  It’s a sham.

God Save the Queen, man

Joe Biden is the perfect spokesman for gun control:

“President Joe Biden’s closing statement following his keynote speech at the National Safer Communities Summit at the University of Hartford on Friday has come into question. During his last few seconds on the stage at the summit, Biden said “God Save the Queen, man” to a crowd made up mostly of gun reform activists, gun violence survivors and families of shooting victims …”

Gun violence awareness

At 10:00am today Senator Zellnor Myrie and Assemblywoman Monique Chandler-Waterman will hold a press conference and introduce “gun violence awareness resolutions” in the legislature, Million Dollar Staircase, third floor, state Capitol, Albany.