Brannan to take on Malliotakis

More from the Post:

“A lefty Brooklyn pol who handily won a high-stakes City Council race earlier this month in a rare battle of two incumbents now has his eyes on Capitol Hill, The Post has learned. Democratic Councilman Justin Brannan … is seriously considering running next year to unseat Republican Rep. Nicole Malliotakis, multiple sources said. Although the 11th Congressional District has long been a Republican stronghold encompassing Malliotaksis’ home borough of Staten Island and moderate sections of southern Brooklyn, political pundits say Brannan has a legit shot to win, provided the legislative boundaries are redrawn as many expect to include more liberal sections of Brooklyn …”

Malliotakis is a big antigun RINO and always has been. Brannan is no better.

Least free state

The Post reports:

“New York state once again ranks as the “least free” in America, as a new Cato Institute report nails woes The Post has long decried. Cato’s libertarians rank the Empire State dead-last, 50th, for policies impacting economic, social and personal freedoms — and even where it scores slight gains (for legalizing pot and reforming criminal justice), Albany plainly screwed up …”

We’re back, Baby!

Charges dropped against Vernikov

The gun charges against Councilwoman Inna Vernikov have been dropped for a dubious reason:

“… after Vernikov surrendered her gun, the police examined it and found that it was missing the recoil spring assembly, rendering it inoperable, Brooklyn district attorney’s office spokesperson Oren Yaniv said. “In order to sustain this charge, it must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt that the weapon in question was capable of firing bullets,” Yaniv said. “Absent such proof, we have no choice but to dismiss these charges.” …”

I don’t believe this.

Vernikov isn’t stupid so I can’t see her forgetting to put her pistol back together correctly after cleaning it. I have doubts the slide would stay on correctly without the spring either.

I suspect the real reasons the charge was dropped was because 1.) D.A. Gonzalez didn’t want to defend the “sensitive places” law in court and 2.) electeds didn’t want to piss off an already upset Jewish population in the City which generally supports Democrats, but could reconsider that given the increased love and attention the Party is giving to Hamas supporters.

He’s helping

WWTI reports:

“North country Assemblyman Scott Gray is proposing a compromise aimed at reducing the burden of new ammunition purchase restrictions on law-abiding gun owners in New York state … Bill A.8161 proposes that a background check for the initial purchase of ammunition would still be required, however, upon approval, a certification will be issued that can be used for a twelve-month period. With this certification, consumers will not be required to go through another arduous background check for a year when purchasing ammunition …”

He thinks he’s helping. He isn’t.

“… Gray added that he hopes both sides can come together and pass common-sense legislation …”

Fuck that. Gray is just too spineless to call out the failure of yet another gun control scheme.

Fortunately, as a Republican his bills are DOA so we don’t have to worry about this one.


Tuesday’s Newsbits:





Nationwide Gun Emergency

The Nebraska Examiner reports:

U.S. House Democrats held a roundtable forum Monday on changing U.S. gun laws following a recent mass shooting in Maine, where 18 people were killed. The top Democrat on the committee, Rep. Jamie Raskin of Maryland, invited witnesses to discuss gun violence solutions, and said that the gun industry lobby, the National Rifle Association and Republicans push back against gun reform. “We’re going to examine the nationwide gun emergency that’s taking place, the endless rounds of gun violence and massacres that are plaguing our society,” Raskin said. Some of those witnesses included gun safety advocates, educators, survivors of gun violence and people who seek to intervene in community violence … Democrats on the committee who participated in the forum included … Dan Goldman of New York …”

This is nothing more than a really lame political stunt, so weak that I haven’t seen any coverage by big New York media outlets.  Goldman didn’t even bother to send out a self-aggrandizing presser on it so he knows it was a farce.

NYPD busts another armed citizen

Gothamist reports:

“A Bronx smoke shop worker who fatally shot a man allegedly robbing his store Wednesday has been arrested and charged with weapons possession, according to police. The NYPD said 26-year-old Fares Alhazmi fired at 23-year-old Romel Carey, who was attempting to rob the smoke shop on East Tremont Avenue around 12:30 a.m. The shop’s owner, Fatehi Kassim, said Alhazmi, his cousin, had reason to feel threatened. He said Carey got angry because Alhazmi was busy trying to help another customer. “The guy come to him … he told him ‘I’m coming back, I’ll kill you.’ And he coming back after 35 minutes, he got the gun,” Kassim said. “For no reason.” Kassim said he wasn’t sure if Carey was trying to steal anything from the store, but he was adamant that his cousin had acted in self-defense. “You have a gun in the store, you take care of yourself. If he didn’t have the gun, he [would have] died, my cousin,” he said. Police said Carey was shot in the head and died at the scene. Alhazmi was arrested immediately after the incident as a person of interest, but was formally charged Thursday morning with criminal possession of a firearm …”

This may have been an “illegal” dispensary, not that it should matter.  The state legislature created that mess in the first place.  They also created the gun control mess.

It will be interesting to see if the guy makes a 2A defense.

Vernikov retains her seat

Incumbent Republican Councilwoman Inna Vernikov won her re-election despite her recently being charged with carrying a firearm in a “sensitive location.”

This proves yet again that gun control is not the hot issue advocates say it is even in places like New York City.

NYPD arrests good samaritan

From 1010 WINS:

“Police arrested a 43-year-old man for a vigilante shooting at a Midtown subway station Wednesday. He allegedly opened fire when a homeless man threatened and tried to rob a woman on a platform … It all started when the 49-year-old homeless man threatened and tried to rob a 40-year-old as she walked through a gate onto the platform … During the altercation, a second man swooped in and fired a single shot from a handgun towards the would-be mugger …”

Put money on them trying to prosecute this guy.  I do believe a strong case for legal self-defense can be made, but they will go for him carrying in a “sensitive location”.  Can’t let the public think armed self-defense is a viable option.