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Latimer scores Democratic nomination

Senator George Latimer received the endorsement of the Westchester Democrats to run against Rob Astorino this fall.

It could be both a good and bad thing, but it isn’t what I was hoping for.

The good is that Democrats are not united around one candidate as Legislator Ken Jenkins intends to run in a primary.  Democrats outnumber Republicans 2-1 in the county and party disunity benefits Astorino.

The bad is if Jenkins got the nod he would have had to give up his seat on the county board to run for county executive where if he lost he’d be out.  I do not think he has to do that for a primary where if he loses he can still run for his old legislative seat in the general election.  If Latimer loses either the primary or general election he stays in the Senate.  I would have preferred to have had the opportunity to be rid of one antigunner but that is less likely to happen now.

Boyle makes bid for Sheriff

Update to the Suffolk Sheriff’s race: Senator Phil Boyle has filed paperwork to run.

Boyle is a lying piece of garbage. Unfortunately he does not have to give up his Senate seat to run so there’s no opportunity to get rid of him.  Nevertheless, if he’s in a GOP primary election vote for his opponent.  If he’s in the general election vote for whomever his Democrat opponent is.

Saratoga Springs Democratic platform statement

According to the Saratogian, the Saratoga Springs Democratic Committee updated their platform statement in preparation for elections this fall:

“… Preserve and enhance public health and safety: … We support the role of police in protecting civil rights, shielding people targeted by hate and reducing violence. We favor common-sense gun safety provisions …”

They have been trying to ban gun shows at the City Center:

“… In the wake of the Orlando, Florida shooting this month, the Saratoga Springs Democratic Committee is calling for the Saratoga Springs City Council to put an end to gun shows. The committee passed the resolution on Saturday, which asks for the City Council to pass an ordinance that would ban gun shows and the sale of firearms in the City Center …”

Senate Democrats gun control press conference

Spike in pistol licenses

Repackaging the same old, same old

The Legislative Gazette has a breakdown of the package of gun control bills advocates pushed for at last Wednesday’s press conference.  It’s all just a rehash of old state bills that have been around for years plus some new bills based upon old ideas such as funding gun control “research.”

The press conference was held in conjunction with New Yorkers Against Gun Violence annual lobby day.  Moms Demand Action is having their own lobby day on the 17th.  Why these two aren’t working together is unclear.

It never ends

Legislators and advocates held a dog-and-pony show in Albany yesterday calling for more gun control:

“… “Even most gun owners recognize there ought to be sensible gun laws in place, that owning a gun is a responsibility, that handling it safely and having sensible restrictions to keep guns out of the wrong hands are the responsible thing for us to do,” said Asm. Brian Kavanagh …”

What exactly he is talking about remains to be seen.

Here are some pictures:

Carry Guard and the Ortiz insurance bill

The NRA has introduced the NRA Carry Guard training and insurance program.  The insurance is designed to help policy holders recover their legal costs should they be involved in a justifiable shooting.  USCCA has offered a similar program for years, but as NRA has a higher profile, the issue is getting more attention than it has before.

That might not be a good thing for us.

For years Assemblyman Felix Ortiz has introduced legislation requiring gun owners carry liability insurance.  The current bill is A-2260.  It has never gone anywhere, partially because it would require covering illegal actions and no company would insure against those.  It’s main purpose, however, was to increase the cost of gun ownership.

In light of Carry Guard, I can see Ortiz or another legislator introducing a new bill requiring something like that citing the NRA in the memorandum of support.

It’s not all about guns

Follow-up to my previous post on Assemblyman Kearns running for Erie Co. clerk in the Buffalo News, “Democrats again spurn ‘outsider’ Kearns“:

Erie County Democrats spurned one of their most successful candidates of recent years last week when passing out their endorsement for clerk. Same old, same old for Michael P. Kearns … Kearns is emerging once again as a Democrat/Republican hybrid. He is wrapping his candidacy in outsider labels, challenging core party principles such as support for abortion rights and gun control … “I’m pro-life and have an A+ rating from the NRA,” Kearns said a few days ago. “If you don’t fit into their criteria, you’re not a good Democrat.” “I think the Democratic Party should be a big tent for everybody,” he added. It’s not all about guns and abortion, Erie County Democratic Chairman Jeremy J. Zellner says …”

I cannot recall ever hearing a New York Democrat making a statement like that.

George Latimer meets with Moms

I need to update this post from a few weeks ago, State Senator George Latimer met with MDA astroturf today:

George Latimer with Moms Demand Action

This leaves David Spano as the least offensive candidate running for the Democrat nomination for Westchester County Executive.

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