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Tuesday’s Newsbits:

At 9:00am Governor Andrew Cuomo and Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul will hold a rally to pass the “red flag” gun bill, White Plains High School, 550 North St., White Plains.



VanBlarcum looking for signature help

Sheriff Paul VanBlarcum intends to run in the Democrat primary this September. To do that he needs 1000 signatures of registered Ulster County Democrat Party voters by June 29.

To sign a petition e-mail the campaign at and they will meet with you to get your support. You can also stop at Academy General Insurance at 237 Fair Street in the City of Kingston and see Maryann any weekday between 9:00am and 4:00pm to sign a petition.

Gov. Cuomo’s Red Flag Law Ad

Governor Cuomo is going on a downstate bus tour to push for his ‘red flag’ gun control bill.

Here is a video his re-election campaign made in support of it:


Saturday’s Newsbits:

This Monday at 11:00am Governor Andrew Cuomo and Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. will hold a press conference to announce legislation proposed for Gun Violence Awareness Month, Evander Childs High School Campus, front steps, 800 E. Gun Hill Road, Bronx.




New Yorkers Under the Gun

June 7 video from a public forum by hosted by City Limits and The Crime Report at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

Cuomo’s new proposal

Governor Cuomo has called for a new bill allowing teachers to petition the courts to remove guns from the homes of students. This is an expanded version of the idea behind S-7133A which was Reported two weeks ago.

Here is video of the Governor making this announcement:

What is odd is his drafting of a new bill this late in the session. I know he’s doing it now because he is worried about Cynthia Nixon’s campaign damaging his future Presidential aspirations. However, he could simply beat on the Republicans to get them to bring up S-7133A which would allow him to claim victory. That is all he really cares about, not enacting substantive legislation.


Monday’s Newsbits:





Money to burn

Forbes magazine reports:

“Speaking at the Forbes 400 Summit on Philanthropy on Wednesday, philanthropist Laura Arnold announced plans to spend $20 million over the next five years to fund gun violence research. She and her husband’s foundation would look to raise an additional $30 million, bringing funding up to $50 million for a grant project called the National Collaborative on Gun Violence Research …”

Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

“… The Arnolds plan to set up an advisory board to evaluate proposals from researchers and dispense funds over the next five years … Some areas likely to be studied include how guns are purchased, how changes in gun ownership occur, and the risks and benefits to having guns in the house. “The kinds of questions asked are certainly meant to guide policy,” Arnold said …”

In other words it’s going to be a money-funnel to fringe interest groups who will use the cash to create bogus studies in an effort to legitimize the gun control agenda.

This too sounds familiar.

“… This is the couple’s first foray into the gun control area, but not data-driven philanthropy. “Data will not only allow us to hope for better, but it empowers us to do better,” Arnold explained …”

You want data?  Ok.  Currently 42 states with 75% of the population are right-to-carry.  Is this causing any problems?  No.  Then why can’t New York adopt such a law?

Same old, same old

Friday was “Gun Violence Awareness Day,” a now annual spectacle where antigunners, celebrity idiots and other crackpots #WearOrange so as to readily identify themselves as part of the political fringe.

Here is an example:

I do not see anything new of substance here. It is just more of the same hysterics that have failed to produce movement on their agenda.


Friday’s Newsbits:

Happening Today:



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