This shit has been going on for 20+ years.

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Why didn’t NBC ask all the Assemblymembers who voted for SAFE (like sponsor Dan Quart) and who the knife bill if they see a double standard?

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The state legislature has not gone into recess as scheduled.  They are still in Albany debating serious issues:

It remains to be seen whether the Assembly will take up companion legislation to the SAFE revision bill.

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Donald Trump says he is running for President.

He has even less creditability than George Pataki.

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Microstamping bill A-6192 is on the Assembly Codes Committee agenda for Monday.

This is interesting as the enacting clause was stricken on May 12 which should have killed the bill. That action is no longer listed, only the original introduction to Codes on March 16 is.

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Kathleen Rice has discovered that politics in Washington are a lot different than the corrupt Nassau Co. machine she was used to:

“… Rice used the example of the National Rifle Association lobbying for power as an example of how money distorts politics.  “There isn’t a more powerful lobby on this planet than the NRA. They make big donations and they have co-opted the conversation,” Rice said. “We are letting them set the tone for the conversation.” …”

She’s just upset that her antigun mindset puts her in an ever-shrinking minority.


What happens when two killers escape from prison?

Residents arm themselves:

“… residents of a small upstate town armed themselves as law enforcement zeroed in on Willsboro, about 40 miles southeast of Dannemora.  “My husband I both have conceal carry (licenses), and we have our guns loaded and they’re here in the house,” said Teresa Sayward, a former Republican assemblywoman whose farm is near where the wanted men were spotted. “Hopefully we won’t have to use them.” … Another Willsboro resident took out his shotgun when a reporter walked up to his home to interview him …”

Isn’t the SAFE Act enough to keep them safe?