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Nowhere other than New York will you find stuff like this:

“As he fights federal corruption charges, now-former Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos, R-Nassau County, has so far avoided paying for his attorneys with funds from his political campaign, a popular payment mechanism for lawmakers and state officials facing legal troubles.  Some of his self-identified allies, however, have launched a new effort to cover his legal bill.  A website for The Skelos Family Legal Defense Fund popped up recently, soliciting contributions to pay for Skelos and his son’s representation in federal court …”

But that’s not all:

“… The state Senate Republican Campaign Committee shoveled $50,000 into the re-election coffers of its disgraced former leader, Dean Skelos, just two weeks after he was busted on a corruption rap, rec­ords released Wednesday reveal …”

God bless Tammany Hall.

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Newsflash: Nobody gives a crap about George Pataki:

“… Pataki’s campaign raised only $255,795 through June 30, a paltry amount compared to the frontrunners who will be among the 10 leading candidates appearing in the first Republican presidential debate Aug. 6 in Cleveland.  His filing with the Federal Election Commission doesn’t indicate he has any paid campaign staff.  And he was renting only two campaign offices in Manhattan and Manchester, N.H. …”

Meanwhile former Congressman John Dingel delivers this epic putdown to The Donald:

I expect Pataki will drop out first, while The Donald will hold on until sometime next year as his money and mouth will keep him going until the early primaries at least.


Shootings are way up in Syracuse.

I blame SAFE and call for area legislators to repeal it.

Not expecting a response from any of those guys.

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Cam Edwards was Emcee at yesterday’s NYSRPA annual meeting in Poughkeepise:

Cam Edwards

This was the first time we tried a different format for the annual meeting by having vendors like the NRA convention.  Despite some glitches we brought in roughly 150 new members.

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From Cuomo spokeman Richard Azzopardi:

“… “This simply acknowledges what has been said previously — the ammunition sales database will not be prematurely introduced until the technology is ready and it does not create an undue burden for business owners,” said Azzopardi.  The memorandum states that the database will be ”suspended” until funding and technology to operate it become available …”

From Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie:

“… “I did not participate in this ‘agreement,'” Heastie, a Democrat, said in a statement. “The law may not be ‘suspended’ by a memorandum such as this. I believe the law should be followed and implemented as intended.” …”

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Senate Republicans and Gov. Andrew Cuomo administration’s agreed to key changes in the sweeping 2013 gun control law known as the SAFE Act, according to a memorandum of understanding released on Friday afternoon …”

What the fuck does this mean??

“… The document, signed by Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan and Director of Operations Jim Malatras includes an agreement to suspend portions of the SAFE Act that created a statewide database for ammunition purchasers to undergo a background check — a project that was hampered by technical glitches since state officials sought to implement it.  The MOU stipulates that no state money will be used to maintain the database, while noting the leadership of the State Police has acknowledged there is a “lack of technology” for maintaining the database … At the same time, a ban on the Internet sale of ammunition has been lifted …”

I’ve followed gun politics in New York for over 20 years and never seen something like this before.  If you want to change the law you pass a bill through both state houses and the Governor signs it.  There is no mention of a bill nor any comment from either the Governor or Assembly leadership other than what is buried in this press statement from Senator Nozzolio:

It looks like Republicans want to claim credit for abolishing something which never went into effect in the first place. There is nothing in the MOU about internet sales either.

This whole thing smells.

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One of the more detestable gun control activists is at it again:

“Activist priest Rev. Michael Pfleger has taken his battle against illegal guns to court.  He has sued three suburbs, claiming they haven’t kept a close enough eye on gun shops …”

Unlike the Reverend James Cooper, Pfleger is Catholic.  He derives his authority from the Archdiocese of Chicago.  Without the approval of Archbishop Blase Cupich, Pfleger would not be allowed to act as a priest.  All this gun control crap he’s been doing for years is being done with the full support of Cupich.  If he didn’t like something Fluffy was doing one phone call would stop it.