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Legislative Report #15 is now online.

The Assembly Republicans have a bunch of pro-gun bills on Codes Committee agenda for Monday.  They aren’t going anywhere.

Aaron Woolf is running for Congress in CD-21His thoughts on gun control:

“I recognize that gun violence is a serious concern at this moment.  But I also recognize that a lot of my friends and neighbors, almost all of whom are gun owners, feel disenfranchised by the process of recent state legislation.  I know that the gun owners that I know are as much, if not more so, concerned about gun violence than others.  I think we need to have sensible legislation that addresses gun violence that takes a holistic approach.”

What the fuck does this mean?

This guy is real good at political doublespeak.  I’ve highlighted the key leftist phrases in blue.


Following up on yesterday’s post, only the Long Island GOP likes Cuomo:

Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino, the likely Republican gubernatorial candidate, faces a tough road in GOP-dominated Nassau County, where party leaders and lawmakers have close ties to Democratic Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, political analysts say …”

By party leaders they mean Al D’Amato, Dean Skelos and Joe Mondello.

I keep harping on this because the media refuses to acknowledge it: Democrats do not like Governor Cuomo.

Exhibit A:

“A day after Albany leaders announced a budget deal, State Senator Simcha Felder, a Democrat, issued a blistering attack on Governor Cuomo and Speaker Shelly Silver for killing the ‘Education Initiative Tax Credit’ bill sponsored by Brooklyn Senators Marty Golden and Felder … As a result of his outrage, Felder is considering to not endorse Governor Cuomo in his reelection bid this fall. Felder is so furious at the Governor for killing his signature bill that he’s considering to endorse Republican gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino for governor …”

Exhibit B:

“… Cuomo’s disposable ethics is a reason a new Siena College poll shows support slid-sliding away. He still holds a 61-21 percent lead over Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino, the presumptive Republican nominee. At the same time, his favorable job rating has slipped to 46 percent — and the percent backing Cuomo v. “someone else” to only 49, the lowest of his term.  Imagine. In New York, where Democrats hold a 2-1 registration edge, only a minority of voters prefers Cuomo’s re-election …”

Keep in mind Siena is notoriously biased to the left.  He’s probably 5-7 points lower than what their polls show.


Giving credit where it is due, the “Little Assassin” Rob Astorino has been doing a good job with his campaign thus far. He’s kept on message and hasn’t backed down from his position on SAFE.

It needs to be said again, Governor Cuomo has problems with Democrats:

“More than 100 state committee members of the Working Families Party participated in a hastily organized conference call last night to discuss the possibility of not endorsing Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s re-election bid this fall …”

Don’t they realize Cuomo is a national leader on gun control?

“… Cuomo has deliberately staked out territory as a centrist … He has offset this approach with victories on … gun control, but that doesn’t appear to be enough to appease the liberal wing of his party …”

This shows how unpopular gun control has become of an issue for leftists, something Cuomo had to have done research on for his presidential aspirations but for whatever reason chose to ignore prior to pushing SAFE.  They may support it in principle, but the issue doesn’t have a constituency which will back up their position with money/votes at election time.

With this in mind, what has SAFE gotten for the Governor?  Despite biased polling, from the left he’s gotten nothing.  From the right, it’s a negative.