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Wednesday’s Newsbits:

S-4442A, Requires DCJS to publish reports providing information related to criminal misuse of firearms, passed the Senate yesterday. There is no companion in the Assembly.





A-8174 on Codes agenda

A-8174, Provides for an exception to firearm storage requirements related to persons less than sixteen years old when such person less than sixteen years old is at a shooting range under immediate supervision, or when such person less than sixteen years old is the holder of a hunting license or permit, is on the Assembly Codes Committee agenda for Tuesday, June 11.

Senate companion S-6360 was introduced last week to Rules.

Demonstrating failure

National Gun Violence Awareness Day” was this past Saturday:

“Hundreds of Brooklynites dressed in orange marched across the Brooklyn Bridge from Cadman Plaza on Saturday in an annual demonstration against gun violence …”

Was the demonstration a success?

A 40-year-old man was fatally shot on a Harlem street corner early Monday, police said …


SCOTUS declines to hear silencer case

The Supreme Court declined without comment to hear a case regarding regulation of silencers.

I don’t think we can read anything into their decision at this time.  They turn down the overwhelming majority of appeals and already have one 2A case on their docket for next term.  As much as gun rights activists would like it the court only has a limited amount of time to hear cases and there are other issues before them besides 2A.

Legislative update

New introduction A-7847/S-6230, Relates to the manufacture, assembly, possession, license and disposal of “ghost guns.” This is not the same as S-1414A which passed on May 20.

A-722B, Provides that it shall be unlawful for any person to organize, sponsor, conduct, promote, or participate in any animal killing contest, competition, tournament or derby where the objective of such contest or competition is to take the largest number of small game, wild birds, other than wild turkeys, and domestic game birds, has been amended and resubmitted to EnCon.

A-7739, Grants access to local and state law enforcement of records of applications for licenses of firearms, has been Reported and referred to Rules.  Companion S-6160 passed the Senate.

A-7921, Relates to possession of firearms on property owned by or held in trust for SUNY ESF, has been Reported and referred to Rules. Companion S-6196 passed the Senate.

S-4442, Requires the Division of Criminal Justice Services to publish quarterly reports providing information related to firearms used in the commission of crimes, has been amended and resubmitted to Finance.

Delgado exploits tragedy to push gun control

Congressman Antonio Delgado exploits tragedy to promote gun control on the House floor:


Wednesday’s Newsbits:





How NRA can be effective

The Hill reports:

Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.) may face a primary challenge from a first-time candidate who played a key role in organizing Albany’s first sexual harassment hearing in nearly three decades …”

This is how the NRA can be effective in NYC politics: Tell members to vote for anyone but Maloney in the primary. With turnout low it won’t take much to push her off the cliff like Joe Crowley.  There is no need to get into a discussion about the other candidates and their stance on gun rights.  It’s real simple.  Does the incumbent support 2A?  No.  Vote for their opponent.

Inappropriate response

The NRA responded to Senator Gillibrand’s missive by release a copy of her 2008 letter praising the organization:

“One day after Kirsten Gillibrand slammed the National Rifle Association (NRA) as the “worst organization in this country,” the group on Monday posted an effusive letter it received from Gillibrand in 2008 in which she praised “the work that the NRA does to protect gun owners rights” and said she hoped to work with it “for many years in Congress.” … “I want to be very clear that I always have and always will believe that the correct interpretation of the 2nd amendment [sic] is that it applies to an individual’s right to carry guns, and does not apply generally to the National Guard or a group of individuals in a State,” Gillibrand wrote to Cox, following what she described as a meeting with him the previous August …”

If NRA thinks this is going to embarrass her it won’t work.  Our elected officials have done so much worse than flip-flop and lie on issues.

The reason for the flip-flop is because Democrats, especially NYC-area ones, don’t see the NRA and 2A as important because NRA refuses to get involved with Democrat politics.  I have had elected Democrats explicitly say this is the problem, not so much guns themselves.  The only way to get back at them is to be involved in their selection and election processes, especially the primaries where most urban races are decided.  This is what other groups do and there is nothing stopping NRA from doing the same.

Kicking off “Gun Violence Awareness Month”

So-called “Gun Violence Awareness Month” kicks off today with a noon press conference by NYC Public Advocate Jumaane Williams.

In the Senate, S-6151 will likely advance to 3rd reading today and be voted on later in the week.

On the Assembly Codes agenda for Tuesday:

  • A-7739, Relates to local and state law enforcement’s access to records of applications for licenses of firearms.
  • A-7921, Relates to possession of firearms on property owned by or held in trust for SUNY ESF.
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