This crap is supposed to be voted on this week. Fortunately it is all expected to die.

Congresswoman Nita Lowey pushing gun control at a press conference today in White Plains. The sound of her voice alone will cause listeners to tune her out.


I’m thinking NRA is starting to regret their endorsement of The Donald:

They seem to be taking this seriously as NRA is doing robocalls asking for calls to Chuck Schumer’s office to prevent a Diane Feinstein bill from moving.

Some openly gay politicians are trying to make gun control part of their agenda:

“… Assemb. Matthew Titone (D-Staten Island), an openly gay member of the Assembly, said the attack Sunday morning that left 49 dead at the hands of a man spraying bullets from a legally purchased a rifle is a call to action to enact more strict gun control and weaken the National Rifle Association … He said the NRA, which he said protects the gun manufacturing industry, has now become a target of the “gay agenda” because of the shooting, and he promised a formidable effort …”


The exact opposite is happening.  Gays are coming out for Donald Trump.  For all his faults, The Donald is at least putting the blame for the Orlando shooting where it belongs on radical Islam.


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A radical Islamist shot up a gay nightclub in Florida killing at least 50 people.  Let the blood dancing begin:

“… “I’m glad that this state has taken action because the gun violence is just getting worse and worse and worse,” Cuomo added, referring to the NY SAFE Act he signed into law in 2013 that banned high-capacity magazines and created an assault weapons registry …”

Yeah, like that would have helped.  Florida law prohibits firearms in nightclubs because alcohol is served there.

Openly gay Assemblywoman Deborah Glick chimed in with this:


Now for a reality check: The antis aren’t going to be able to exploit this for political gain. This is clearly an act of terrorism by a religious nut. Because of this, political correctness demands that everything be swept under the rug as soon as possible.

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