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Trump's 2016 Campaign Promises


The Erie Co. Libertarian Party filed a lawsuit:

“A group of citizens have filed a frontal legal assault on New York’s pistol permit law, known as the Sullivan Act, after the corrupt Tammany Hall politician who sponsored it in 1911.  The statute requires law-abiding citizens to get government permission before arming themselves against the hordes of violent criminals roaming New York’s streets.  The lawsuit, filed in Federal Court in Buffalo, complains that alone among the fundamental rights spelled out in the Bill of Rights, only the right to bear arms requires that citizens get government permission before exercising it.  The complaint notes that seeking such permission can takes years and several thousand dollars and is often denied arbitrarily …”

The 2nd Circuit already upheld the Sullivan Act in the Kachalsky v. County of Westchester case several years ago and SCOTUS declined to hear an appeal.  Unless they eventually issue a favorable ruling on another case, like Peruta v. San Diego, New York law will stand.  Stunts like this just build up more bad case law which will be referenced in other lawsuits all over the country.

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Donald Trump’s continued attacks upon Megyn Kelly are just plain dumb.  Kelly is hot, smart and funny.  The only traction he might get with voters is from the kook Left, not the GOP base he needs to get through a Republican primary.

NRA is running their first political ad of the ’16 presidential campaign during tonight’s GOP debate.

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The answer to yesterday’s question is, not a lot:

“The National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA) today announced its support for legislation that would protect the constitutional rights of millions of veterans and social security recipients. The Mental Health and Safe Communities Act, sponsored by U.S. Senator John Cornyn, contains provisions that would stop the Obama administration’s efforts to deny millions of veterans and social security recipients their Second Amendment rights without due process …”

Was really hoping for more than this.