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Our GOTV campaign against Governor Cuomo and Kathy Hochul produced positive results.  Media pundits predicted if Zephyr Teachout received 30% it would be humiliating to the Governor.  She got more than that:

  • Cuomo – 62.1%
  • Teachout – 34.2%
  • Credico – 3.6%
  • Hochul – 59.7%
  • Wu – 40.3%

Democrat turnout was ~10% and Cuomo had to pay $35 per vote compared to less than $1.50 per vote for Teachout.

At least one media outlet acknowledges SAFE was one of Cuomo’s problems:

“… Yesterday’s vote also came as gun rights groups were urging Democratic gun-owners to “repudiate” Cuomo because of the SAFE Act, the tough gun control law he pushed through the legislature last year.  Even with those factors, it was a surprisingly weak showing for Cuomo, a governor who has invested a huge amount of time, state dollars, and political capital in the North Country …”

Deputy Senate GOP Leader Tom Libous sums up everything that is wrong with the NYS Republican Party:

“… The senator paused and repeated the question before saying: “Well, I like Rob Astorino but I think Andrew Cuomo is going to be governor. I don’t think he’s going to lose. I don’t think Rob’s gonna beat him.”  Libous said it was “unfair” to ask him about endorsing Astorino. He said he believes Astorino “has some very good things that he’s pushing forward but, right now, his campaign hasn’t really gotten off the ground.”  Libous said “I’m going to vote for him. I’m going to support him but I’m not going to get too overly-involved in the governor’s race.” …”

That last statement is simply not true.  Libous and most of the machine Republicans are openly supporting Cuomo and undermining Astorino.

In a way, it’s good that they are not backing Astorino.  These establishment RINOs are the ones who have spent the last twenty or so years running the GOP into the ground.  Their “help” would just make his campaign crash and burn.  All the support Astorino is getting, the lawn signs that are popping up, comes from ordinary people.  That is something which the last few establishment candidates never had.

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The Cuomo campaign is clearly concerned about Tuesday’s primary.  Their ads are in heavy rotation and now there are robocalls, first from Hillary and now Bill de Blasio.

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The Cuomo campaign is trying to shore up support for Kathy Hochul with a new ad:

That’s nice. I’m going to fuck with both of them in the primary.

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Further evidence that gun control will be the big issue this election from two upstate Democrats:

“… “The number-one issue that came up in the campaign was my stance on the Safe Act,” said Southworth, referring to gun control legislation signed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo. She said the second biggest issue mentioned was Common Core education standards.  Thorne called lowering property taxes the big issue in the district. She said people also were concerned about the implementation of Common Core, and state leaders needed to revisit the Safe Act. “I think it was poorly written, rammed through,” Thorne said …”

That is exactly what our man on Long Island told me last week.

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The far Left is deeply upset with the Governor over his pick of Kathy Hochul:

“Hours after Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s pick for lieutenant governor published a video touting her liberal credentials, her challenger said her voting record “should be disqualifying” for a Democrat seeking office …”

Andrew is concerned about this:

“Gov. Cuomo’s political operatives are eyeing a “painful scenario’’ to dump Kathy Hochul, a moderate upstater, as the governor’s running mate for lieutenant governor amid growing signs that leftist law professor Tim Wu is picking up momentum in the Sept. 9 Democratic primary … Wu won the surprise endorsement of The New York Times as well as other left-of-center groups last week as they criticized Hochul’s past opposition to state aid for illegal aliens and her 100 percent rating from the National Rifle Association …”

Perfect opportunity to poison Hochul to both the Left and Right:

The New York State Rifle & Pistol Association Political Victory Fund bestows a grade of “F” upon Democrat Lt. Governor candidate Kathy Hochul. NYSRPA has decided to make a special exception for Hochul to our long standing policy of how incumbents are rated.

“We usually grade incumbents based upon their actions in office,” said NYSRPA President Tom King. “Using that criteria, Hochul would have earned an “A“.”

It is common for political candidates to say whatever they think is necessary to get elected, but it is unclear to NYSRPA why Hochul feels the need to hide her record.

“There’s a reason not a single candidate in New York is sucking up to the gun prohibitionist groups,” said King. “They’re nothing but astroturf. They have never been able to turn out voters on their issue. Nevertheless, if it makes her happy, we’ll give Hochul an “F” rating and tell everyone to support Tim Wu instead.”

Rob Astorino demonstrates his target shooting skills at the Schaghticoke Fair.