I’m shocked that our Governor has been accused of dirty tricks:

Gov. Cuomo’s campaign operatives are being accused of dirty tricks for allegedly sponsoring a biased “push poll’’ to convince voters that Rob Astorino … holds politically unacceptable views … a recipient of the call in Smithtown transcribed some of the questions and gave them to the Astorino campaign.  “Let me give you a few statements about Rob Astorino and tell me if you’re more likely to vote for him, less likely or there’s no change,’’ the caller began, according to a copy of the transcription.  “Rob Astorino wants to repeal Gov. Cuomo’s gun law, making it easier for criminals to get illegal guns …” …”

Actually, Cuomo supporters went negative from the get-go.  None of it seems effective, especially the ad accusing Astorino of corruption, which is the most ballsy thus far given that the overwhelming number of disgraced politicians in recent years have been NYC Democrats.

There is also the matter of each candidates personality.  Astorino is a likeable guy; Cuomo is an asshole.  I think this is going to backfire him.

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Politics on the Hudson reports:

Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s campaign is exploring the possibility of creating a new ballot line dedicated to women’s equality issues, according to multiple sources familiar with the effort …”

Why?  What exactly is the point?  With the media repeatedly saying he has two billion dollars in the bank and a 400 point advantage over Rob Astorino what point is there in doing this?

“… Women’s equality issues are likely to be a major campaign issue this year …”

No, the leftist media would like it to be, but nobody was jumping up and down demanding the legislature take action on the so-called “women’s agenda.”  Along with the SAFE Act it was a totally phony issue Andrew created thinking he could them to springboard a ’16 presidential campaign.

This is more evidence of the Democrat’s problem with Andrew and a sign he is more concerned about Astorino than either he or the media will admit.

I wasn’t kidding when I said the Senate Republicans are backing Cuomo over Astorino:


The far Left is attacking Gov. Cuomo’s new running mate Kathy Hochul:

“Can political placards and lawn signs be returned for a refund?  Many left-of-center Democrats are hoping that is what Gov. Andrew Cuomo will be asking in September if they have their way and his choice for a running mate, Erie County’s Kathy Hochul, is defeated in a party primary … Tim Wu, a Columbia University law professor seeking a primary bid against Hochul, says he believes there is enough uneasiness with Cuomo among liberal and many moderate Democrats that he has a chance to block Hochul’s path to be the governor’s running mate in November …”

Yet the media keeps pushing these obviously bogus polls saying Cuomo has a ridiculous lead over Rob Astorino.

“… Wu is making much of Hochul’s endorsement by the National Rifle Association in her failed 2012 congressional re-election bid …”

What for? Before Andy put her in hiding, Hochul said she supported SAFE:

“… Asked if she supported the SAFE Act, Hochul said: “Yes ,I do. I believe that it strikes the proper balance.  As everybody knows, I’m a strong supporter of the Second Amendment – and there are people who support the Second Amendment who also believe it’s reasonable to have background checks.  What happens is these issues get hijacked by people on the extremes, but the average gun owner from upstate New York understands that we have to be sure that guns are owned responsibly.”  The State Legislature passed the SAFE Act in early 2013, after Hochul had lost her congressional re-election bid to Republican Chris Collins, a former Erie County executive.  Hochul stressed, though, that she supports the measure “100 percent.” …”

That isn’t what almost everybody upstate, and many downstate, want to hear.  It is reasonable to assume Cuomo chose her to provide some upstate representation and saying things like that will not go over well there.  Add to that NYC Democrats dislike of her and, as I said last week, she was a lose-lose pick by Cuomo.

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More evidence of deal between the Senate Republicans and Gov. Cuomo:

“… Sen. George Latimer’s GOP opponent is still not decided.  But Republicans have submitted petitions for a potential candidate: Jean Maisano, director of public relations at The Guidance Center of Westchester … Asked whether she was planning on challenging Latimer, Jean Maisano paused for eight seconds. “I haven’t made a decision on that,” she said … When asked whether she was a placeholder on the ballot until the GOP could find a Latimer opponent, Maisano returned to her statement: “Like I said, I’m happy to help ensure that the seat will be contested this year.” …”

You’re a placeholder.

“… The Latimer/Cohen race in 2012 was one of the nastiest in the state, with Democrats characterizing Cohen as a New York City slumlord and an anonymous group hammering Latimer with a series of mailers and advertisements …”

Cohen lost by like less than 1%.  Don’t tell me this wouldn’t be a competitive race again if the GOP put up a candidate.  The question is why haven’t they?  Surely there is some local councilman or supervisor interested in moving up the political food chain.

“… Privately, Senate Democrats have been preparing for a similarly bruising battle as they attempt to keep the seat in 2014 …”

I don’t believe that.  A serious contender would have been preparing to run 6-12 months ago, building momentum and money.  That hasn’t happened.  Anyone who jumps in now would be little more than paper candidate.

The way I see it, there is one of two possible reasons the GOP isn’t contesting this seat:

  1. Westchester Republicans are morons (not out of the question).
  2. There’s a backroom deal with Democrats and/or Cuomo to keep Latimer in office.

I’m going with #2 as being more probable.


The Pine Tree Rifle Club have this billboard set up on State Highway 30 in the Town of Perth.  It will be up through election day.