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Difference between NRA and Planned Parenthood

Saw this in my Twitter feed:

This is the reason Planned Parenthood gets taken seriously in Albany and NRA does not. When someone goes against PP’s agenda, they pull their support. NRA does not.

Gun owners react to Cuomo’s lawsuit with NRA


Tuesday’s Newsbits:

If you live in AD-107 campaign signs for Assemblyman Jake Ashby will soon be available. E-mail the campaign at

Armed Citizen:



NRA should use the finger

Governor Cuomo is running a new ad touting his latest pissing contest with the NRA:

What Cuomo said at 0:13 is very instructive for those unaware of Albany politics. He makes it clear he has no respect for his opposition, will get in their face and do whatever it takes to humiliate and defeat them.

There is only one way to respond to this: Do the exact same thing back at the Governor.

Back in May I suggested NRA tell members to Vote for the Homo, Not the Cuomo in the Democrat primary. Cynthia Nixon is already driving Cuomo nuts and the possibility of tens of thousands of NRA members voting against him in a primary where turnout is already expected to be low would force him to spend a lot of time and money defending himself and further weaken his standing on the national level. It is the only things guys like Cuomo understand.

Truitt for Assembly campaign kick-off 2

Following up his Dutchess kick-off, I attended Will Truitt’s Columbia County Campaign Kick-Off:

Will Truitt Columbia County Campaign Kickoff

I cannot stress how important it is gun owners, both as individuals and as representatives of clubs/federations, attend these events and yes, pay for those which are fundraisers like this one was.

As we get closer to election time there will be lots of campaign events all over the state.  I recommend those in Orange County attend Colin Schmitt’s Campaign HQ Grand Opening on the 26th.


Saturday’s Newsbits:




Maloney introduces companion to S-3304

Carolyn Maloney is the latest antigunner to jump on the 3D printed gun bandwagon.

According to the Post:

“… “The idea of untraceable, undetectable guns available to anyone, even violent criminals and domestic abusers, with the click of a mouse is utterly terrifying,” said Maloney, who co-sponsored the legislation with Reps. Brad Schneider of Illinois and Ted Deutch and Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida. “The administration’s decision to allow the online publishing of 3-D printable gun blueprints is an insult to the countless families who have suffered from our national epidemic of gun violence,” she said …”

I sometimes wonder if they actually believe the nonsense they’re spewing.   I know she gets talking points from advocacy groups, but even being an old fart, she has to have at least some vague understanding of how the internet works.  To suggest she could block information from being posted online is something even gradeshoolers would not believe.

The House bill has not yet been numbered.  Here is the draftSenate companion is S-3304.

Ortiz bill

Assemblyman Felix Ortiz has introduced some sort of gun control bill:

I cannot figure out which bill he is talking about. Ortiz is an attention whore and introduces all sorts of garbage proposals and S-9145 does not have a companion.

H/T: Kings County Politics


Thursday’s Newsbits:





Follow up to my previous post: Senator Brad Hoylman has introduced a bill S-9145 creating “the offense of unlawful dissemination of instructions for the assembly of a weapon and the sentencing for certain offenses regarding ghost guns.”

Fuck him.

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