Election coda

Kathy Hochul won a full term as Governor. Six months ago I wouldn’t have thought we even had a chance. That’s the real disappointment here.

On the plus side gun control was not the winning issue the antis hoped it would be. Democrats flooded the airwaves in/around NYC with campaign ads for gun control. What happened? They lost House seats and seats in the State Senate in Rockland and on Long Island. The issue was a big loser for them.

Of course this won’t stop them from introducing even more gun control bills when the legislature returns to Albany in January.


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Judicial races in Hudson Valley and Capitol District

3rd Judicial District: Albany, Columbia, Greene, Rensselaer, Schoharie, Sullivan & Ulster

9th Judicial District: Dutchess, Orange, Putnam, Rockland & Westchester


  • Anne Minihan
  • Amy Puerto
  • Elena Goldberg-Velazquez


  • Linda Murray
  • John Sarcone

Buttenschon and Zielinski on CCIA

The Daily Sentinel covers the 119th Assembly race:

“… [Marianne Buttenschon]: I voted against the constitutionally flawed conceal and carry legislation including outrageous micro stamping. The package that came out of the Special Session was a politically expedient response to a deeper, more complex problem. The new laws punished experienced, guiltless gun owners while undercutting confidence in our governor and both houses of the state legislature. They invited mountains of time consuming, costly, and debilitating litigation. Rather than solving problems, these infringements on personal liberty and common sense only caused more conflict and division. Finally, I come from a family of hunters and responsible gun owners. I too am a gun owner, have a pistol permit and a hunting license. I’ll always understand and support responsible sportsmen and gun owner’s rights …”

It’s a twofer: Misrepresenting by omission her voting record and pandering to the Fudds.

“… [John Zielinski]: The Second Amendment is part of the U.S. Constitution, period end of story. Radical Governor Kathy Hochul and even more radical Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie, who are both supported by current Assemblymember Buttenschon, passed a series of 10 separate laws to restrict the rights of New Yorkers to lawfully possess and use firearms and ammunition. These laws were passed, like spoiled children, to defy the United States Supreme Court ruling that struck down New York’s anti-Second Amendment laws. Current Assemblymember Buttenschon voted for 6 out-of-10 of these unconstitutional laws. Fortunately, most of these laws were recently struck down by a federal court …”

He’s right, but unfortunately I don’t think the campaign has enough resources to knock Buttenschon out especially as the allegedly pro-gun Conservative Party endorsed her.

Maloney promises to fight “big gun companies”

Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney is in big trouble back home.

He’s attempting to rally his base with promises of gun control:

“… In Nyack, Maloney also amped up his support base during a rally. “My argument is, if you give me two more years, I’m going to keep getting your costs down. I’m going to protect your Social Security and Medicare. We’re going to take on big drug companies, big gun companies, big oil companies, and we’re going to fight for people,” he said. Former President Bill Clinton was in attendance …”

Latest polling shows his opponent Assemblyman Mike Lawler is leading by several points.

Lawler knocking out Maloney would be a big deal. Support him on Nov. 8.

Long Island Senate races

The Post writes:

“… Republican efforts to end the Democratic supermajority in Albany are focused squarely on Long Island, where state Sens. John Brooks (D-Farmingdale) and Anna Kaplan (D-Great Neck) face tough challenges from former Nassau County Legislator Steven Rhoads and former state Sen. Jack Martins, respectively …”

Brooks is antigun while Rhodes’ position is unknown. Support Rhodes to get rid of Brooks.

Kaplan is one of the worst antis in Albany. Martins’ record is equally bad. Kaplan is more detestable as she is so in-your-face about the gun control agenda.  Supporting Martins won’t change the vote count on the bills, but I don’t think he would send out pressers gloating about it.

WCFOA & PCFOA voter guides

Westchester County Firearm Owners Association’s 2022 Voter Guide.

Putnam County Firearm Owners Association’s 2022 Voter Guide.

Oberacker and Sakel debate

The River Reporter covers the debate between 51st Senate District candidates:

“… [Sen. Peter Oberacker] has been a concealed carry permit holder since 1986, he said: “I’ve never committed a crime.” New York State’s gun regulations took away people’s second amendment rights to prevent crimes that are being committed by criminals who would not ever follow the law. “Can we get a discussion going that actually addresses the issue, but doesn’t negatively impact those of us that want to exercise our second amendment rights?” Republicans had proposed a law to put school resource officers in schools to address school shootings, Oberacker said, a proposal that had been rebuffed …”

Unimpressive response.

“… [Eric Ball] was raised with guns, he said: he supported the second amendment, and doesn’t believe we need to set up a system that penalized law-abiding gun owners. The country does have a pandemic of gun violence, he said: he supports strengthened background checks and red flag laws …”

Typical antigun talking points.

Support Oberacker.


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