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3D printed firearms take another step forward with the Shuty-MP1, made up of a mix of Glock parts and printed plastics.

You can’t stop the signal

He’s right. Her campaign is terrible and Bill is not helping.

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Rand Paul is suspending his presidential campaign. I suspect most of his supporters will gravitate towards either Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio.

Meanwhile, The Donald is losing his shit:


Ted Cruz spanked The Donald in yesterday’s Iowa primaryMarco Rubio came in a close third and received the same number of delegates as Trump.

I thought this was going to happen.  Buried in all the crap the media had been spinning over the last few months were reports that Cruz had been working on building a team of volunteers while Trump had put up little money and his campaign was largely run by a handful of staff.  While some pundits theorized that a high turnout would benefit Trump, the record turnout appears to have been largely anti-Trump.

Hopefully this is the beginning of the end for him.

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Legislative Report #12 is now online.


A few days ago I was told that Nassau Co. Republican chairman Joe Mondello had a sleezy deal with Pothole Al to put up Democrat Malverne Mayor Patricia McDonald as the GOP candidate for Dean Skelos’ old seat. That would mean a matchup between Democrat Assemblyman Todd Kaminsky (who voted for the SAFE Act) and McDonald (who is an antigun activist and member of Mayors Against Illegal Guns.)

Time to activate the grassroots:

It worked:

“Republicans are zeroing in on Christopher McGrath, a private attorney and former head of the Nassau County Bar Association, as their candidate in the race to replace ex-Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos, multiple sources said Thursday … The Nassau GOP executive committee was slated to meet Thursday night where it was “likely” it would choose McGrath though nothing had been finalized, one source said … “

People like Mayor Bloomberg may have a lot of money, but they do not not have an activist constituency who can do stuff like this.

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Good anti-Trump ad by Our Principles PAC, a Super PAC run by a former Mitt Romney aide.