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  1. Bump stocks are a joke. While no police or military units anywhere in the world use them, because they are ineffective, even so much as amongst the poorest nations amongst us, these bumps nevertheless remain exactly what they are upon their invention, mere toys, for disappointing, albeit, thrill-seeking, rhinestone cowboys, who long to own real, fully automatic firearms, those of which have killed so many in war, instead of these laughable, cheap imitations, who have killed no one in war. A more appropriate headline would be, “Hochul Vows to Ban Silly Stocks for Rhinestone Cowboys Who Wish to Shoot Faster, and Miss More Often.” Yes, she really is dumb like that. She really is a grievous dumbass like that. Yes, she really is dumb like that, but we knew that when Cuomo picked her because he chose her because she was too dumb to ever politically challenge him. Way to go, Andrew! You idiotic, communist dolt! You quit, and left New York State with a dumbfuck governor! Thank you, Andrew! You dumbfuck idiot, failed governor, mass murderer (15k dead in nursing homes after he pushed people sick with COVID into nursing homes, and thus killed them. NYS is down 15k because of you, murderous, Andrew!
    I can hear it now:
    Joseph Mengele: Oh yeah, Cuomo? Well I killed a lot of people too!
    Cuomo: I killed 15k. Match that!
    Joseph Mengele: Well, you know, Andrew, I was a lot meaner, I mean, you know, when I killed them. I was a lot meaner to them. Granted, you have bigger numbers of dead, but I was supposed to torture them first, and I did. Andrew, you’re cheating with your kill ratio, and you had a pandemic to help you, besides! Andrew! I had to kill them all on my own, with the limited resources of the waning Third Reich, such as they were! Andrew, given your example, our most obvious failure, in the Third Reich, is that our taxes weren’t high enough. Reichsfuhrer Hochul! I am very glad to see that you are addressing that defiency by raising taxes! Heil Hochul!
    Andrew Cuomo: Cruel, schmiel, I got you beat on the numbers! ! win!
    Jacot, I am working this as best I can, under the cirumctsances.

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