Warren busted on gun control law she supported

Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren gets busted on a SAFE Act violation, a law she openly supported:

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Mayor Warren wants to get tougher on gun crimes

From the September 25, 2015 Democrat & Chronicle, “Warren: Get tougher on gun crimes“:

Mayor Lovely Warren spoke with three other New York mayors on Monday to brainstorm possible solutions to a recent scourge of gun violence in their cities. The discussion came about a week after Warren sat down with representatives of Moms Demand Action, a national gun control group looking to expand its presence upstate. Warren said afterward that she sees a tougher, more consistent approach to illegal weapons as one strategy among many to help reduce violence in Rochester and elsewhere …”

From today’s Democrat & Chronicle, “Timothy Granison, husband of Mayor Lovely Warren, faces drug and weapon charges“:

“A seven-month drug investigation rattled Rochester’s political world with the arrest Wednesday of Timothy Granison, the husband of Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren … Granison’s charges are serious — he is accused of possession of 31 grams of cocaine with intent to sell, which was allegedly found in his car after it was stopped, and illegal possession of a handgun … The unregistered hand gun, a loaded magazine and the semi-automatic rifle were recovered from the mayor’s house …”

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Impeach Cuomo

Seen off I-787 in Albany:

Impeach Cuomo!

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Good thing he’s backtracked on carrying

Normally I don’t care who chooses to exercise their 2A rights to carry. There are exceptions, however.

Gotham magazine reports on Mayoral candidate Eric Adams:

“… He once said in an FAQ NYC podcast interview that he would forego a police detail if elected mayor and carry his own gun (he’s backtracked on both, to a degree) …”

Here’s an old video Adams made when he was in the State Senate. At the 4:04 mark he points the gun at his face and has his finger on the trigger.

It’s good that he’s backtracked on carrying.

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Bet on Chicago

The Long Island Press reports:

“A bar in Patchogue is drawing ire after critics say it invited patrons to bet on whether more shootings will occur in New York City or Chicago over Labor Day weekend. The Cliffton, a self-described dive bar on Main Street in the village’s downtown, devised a box pool — similar to Super Bowl score gambling pools — so customers could place their bets on which of the two cities will suffer more shootings amid a recent crime wave …”

I’ll wager 50 quatloos on Chicago.

“… “This is the kind of place that needs to be boycotted,” said the Long Island chapter of the nonprofit Brady: United Against Gun Violence gun control advocacy group that called for an investigation into the bar …”

The only thing they’re upset over it this highlights the failure of both New York’s and Chicago’s notorious gun control laws.

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GOA wants to ‘red flag’ Schumer

Senator Schumer made threatening comments to two sitting SCOTUS Justices so Gun Owners of America wants him to be investigated under the state’s “Red Flag” law:

GOA Letter to NY Gov and AG… by AmmoLand Shooting Sports News on Scribd

While amusing, even if Cuomo went through with this it would have no effect as Schumer doesn’t own any guns.

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Can’t Buy Me Love

Politico reports:

Mike Bloomberg’s presidential campaign has brought on more than 700 staffers spread out across 33 states, with a growing number of organizers joining his ranks in states that vote on Super Tuesday, aides told POLITICO. All told, the former New York mayor’s operation totals more than 1,000 people, a figure that includes hundreds of staffers who work out of his Manhattan headquarters. The unprecedented scale and scope of the campaign — he has also spent over $200 million on TV ads — gives Bloomberg a massive footprint in states that hold their primaries on March 3 or later …”

That’s a lot of money. He must be surging in the polls, right?

His Real Clear Polling average for January 3rd through 14th is 6.6%. Compare this to Joe Biden at 27.2%, Bernie Sanders at 19.2% and Elizabeth Warren at 16.0%.

His record as Mayor does not appear to be helping him with Democrats.  I have seen his ads running in the NYC media market.  Why?  After 12 years in office everyone knows who he is.  They obviously don’t think he the man for the job.

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Getting a woody



How long before the Governor proposes banning trees?

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Bloomberg seeks Democrat nomination

Mayor Bloomberg is running for the Democrat nomination for President.

I see no need to cover his stance on the issues as New Yorkers suffered through 12 years of his statist bullshit. He is old, unpleasant and obnoxious. The only thing he brings to the table is money.

Will he be able to buy enough support to secure the nomination?  Consider this:

“A key group of volunteers who Michael Bloomberg is likely counting on to support his newly announced presidential run, and who represent a cause that’s central to his attempt to appeal to Democratic voters, told BuzzFeed News they are uncertain if they’ll support the billionaire in 2020 … BuzzFeed News spoke with 11 Moms Demand and Students Demand Action grassroots volunteers, several of whom lost family members to gun violence, on what they’re planning to do in the 2020 campaign, who they’re backing — and whether they’d support a Bloomberg run. None of them said they’d definitely vote for Bloomberg or that he was their top candidate …”

He spent tens of millions over the years on this phony astroturf and he clearly doesn’t have their loyalty. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come.

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Tucker: Gillibrand was the worst candidate to ever run

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