Trump nominates Gorsuch to SCOTUS

The Donald nominated Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.

While he has not directly ruled on a Second Amendment case, he has made supportive statements in the past.

Bloomberg’s proxy Everytown has started a petition asking Senators grill Gorsuch on gun control.

The Left is losing their collective minds over the nomination and pretty much everything else Trump has done thus far.  Most amusing was the several thousand protestors gathered outside Chuck Schumer’s apartment chanting, “What the fuck, Chuck?!”  The Post was extremely helpful in printing his home address.

Reaction to a Governor Flanagan

Some blowback at Ed Cox for talking down the possibility of Governor Flanagan:

“… State Republican Chairman Ed Cox’s quick dismissal of talk that state Senate GOP Majority Leader John Flanagan might run for governor in 2018 left some in his party “stunned” and “frustrated.” … Patrick McCarthy, a former state party executive director, was among those who couldn’t understand why his party leader publicly dissed Flanagan, the state’s highest ranking elected Republican …”

Because the notion of him running was so ludicrous it needed to be squashed before it had the chance to take hold and do more damage to the party.

“… At least two Republicans lay some of the blame for the recent uproar on Flanagan himself. They say if he knew word was leaking out that he is considering a gubernatorial run, he should have alerted Cox, who those close to him say was taken by surprise when asked about it by reporters shortly after the report surfaced …”

The public smackdown was much more appropriate.

“… The GOPer said a Flanagan candidacy would face significant hurdles, particularly among upstaters who are angry he voted for Gov. Cuomo’s controversial SAFE Act gun control law. The insider said if Flanagan wants to have a chance to win upstaters back, he’d bring legislation to the floor to repeal the SAFE Act this year. “Some might be criticizing Ed for his response, but I guarantee you there’s an equal amount who were pleased with it,” said one high-profile Republican …”

No, a whole lot of people were happy with Cox’s response.

Senate Republicans will never bring a repeal bill up for a vote because it would require many of their conference to admit they were wrong.  Even if they did there’s no reason for the Assembly to follow suit.  The Republicans simply do not have enough political clout to move much of an agenda.  They have to go along with Cuomo and the Democrats or the hammer will come down on them, they will lose control of the Senate, and that will be the end of it for the party.

Food for thought

From The Resurgent, “Hillary Rodham Nixon Clinton, Because of Her Own Arrogance, Really May Lose“:

Hillary Rodham Nixon Clinton may actually lose the election to Donald Trump. Why? Because she has operated as if the law does not apply to her and got caught … And if she wins, she’s going to be under investigation, stuck in congressional hearings, and buried under FBI leaks for four years. She’ll have no mandate and no legitimacy starting November 9th …”

From Kurt Schlichter, “Hey, What If Trump Actually Wins?“:

“… now we face a prospect only slightly less terrifying than Hillary slithering back into the Oval Office. It’s President Donald J. Trump, the guy whose entire appeal is based upon the fact that we, astonishingly, could do worse … beyond promising to MAGA, does anyone believe Trump has thought through the specifics? … In the off chance Trump wins, he’s almost certainly going to be terrible. But then, everyone (including me) said he could never get nominated, much less win. We might be surprised. Of course, it never hurts to hedge your bets, so buy ammo …”

The politics of investing

A few weeks ago NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer made a big deal about getting the City Employees Retirement Fund to dump stocks from firearm retailers.

How did that work out?

“After earning only 1.5% on its pension funds for the 2017 fiscal year ended June 30, the city will have to contribute an additional $732 million to the plans over the next three fiscal years … This is the second consecutive year that the city has fallen well short of its investment return target …”

That is what happens when you make investment decisions based upon politics and divest from an industry which has been on a roll.

SAFE didn’t help Skelos

Former Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos was convicted of corruption.

His claim that he showed “courage” in passing the SAFE Act apparently did not move the judge as Skelos received a 5 year prison sentence plus $500,000 fine. Junior got a 6.5 year sentence for his part in the scheme.

What passes for serious policy discussion

You can’t make this stuff up:

“… Chris McGrath, the GOP candidate for the Republican ex-Majority Leader’s Long Island seat, is drawing heat from women’s rights groups and others for bankrolling two R-rated sex comedies that include gratuitous nude scenes — “Surf School” and “Death to the Supermodels.” …”

So? McGrath likes boobs. Even Vladimir Putin likes boobs.

“… Feminists were not amused …”

They never are.

Who NOT to Vote For

Rush on seeing Bill at Hillary’s speech

He’s right. Her campaign is terrible and Bill is not helping.

Ted Cruz on New York

Ted Cruz makes a comment to The Donald about his “New York [City] values.”

Elitist assholes are offended.  Regular people agree with what Cruz said, just maybe not so happy that a non-New Yorker said it.

Governor Cuomo, who told people who don’t agree with him to leave the state, demands an apology.

Cruz gives it to him.  The only thing that was missing was FUAC!


Pataki drops out

CNBC headline, “George Pataki drops out of race to be 2016 Republican presidential candidate.”

Like he was ever really running.

He was just doing the booze and schmooze routine with The Establishment to keep his speakers fees up.

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