Bowman v. Latimer

City & State has a good story, “Who’s endorsing Jamaal Bowman and George Latimer?

CD-16 has a heavy Democrat enrollment advantage and the winner of the party primary will likely walk through the general election.

Just because both Bowman and Latimer stink on 2A does not mean there isn’t opportunity to influence the election and make our voices heard.

These are the choices:

  • Support Latimer. If he wins he has to give up the Westchester County Executive seat giving us a roll of the dice on the open seat.
  • Support Bowman. Make an example out of Latimer for bringing up gun control before an election.

I believe the former is the better course of action, but I could get behind the later.

Sitting at home and doing nothing is not an option. If you choose not to decide you still have made a choice.

City of Albany Resolution 9.12.24R

Several City of Albany Councilmen have introduced Resolution 9.12.24R, a nonsense resolution that says:

“… the Council calls for those in possession of handguns, whether legal or illegal, to stop using these weapons in moments of anger or retribution and instead calls for individuals to reach out for help in settling disputes or arguments …”

These are unserious people.

INT 500-2024

A new bill has been introduced to the City Council by Shaun Abreu.

INT 500-2024, Requires the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene to develop materials on the dangers of keeping a gun in the home and publish these materials online. The bill would also require the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene to develop an outreach program to give the materials to the facilities of healthcare providers not affiliated with the City for distribution at the facilities’ discretion, and to give the materials to the following entities: facilities operated by the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation for distribution to its patients at its discretion, the Department of Education for distribution to students, and the Office to End Domestic and Gender-Based Violence for distribution to individuals receiving services at Family Justice Centers. The bill would require an annual report by the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene on the providing and distributing of the materials.

RES 149-2024

A new resolution was introduced to the City Council by Councilwoman Julie Menin.

RES 149-2024, Calls on the federal government to invest at least $100 million in gun violence research through the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

City of Albany calls for Gun Violence Hotline

The City of Albany Common Council will hold a Public Safety Committee meeting on Tuesday, February 20 at 5:30pm to discuss Resolution 9.12.24R calling upon the state legislature to implement a Gun Violence Hotline and “consider toughing laws regarding the use and possession of illegal handguns.”

Gun Violence Intervention Hotline

New bill introduced to the NYC Council Committee on Public Safety:

INT 82-2024, Requires the Office for Neighborhood Safety and the Prevention of Gun Violence to establish a three-digit emergency hotline, known as the Gun Violence Intervention Hotline, to aid individuals seeking assistance with mental health and supportive services and programs related to gun violence intervention.


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What’s on the table

Westchester County Executive George Latimer announced his intention to primary incumbent Jamaal Bowman for the Democrat nomination for CD-16.

The district is not considered competitive so whomever wins the Democrat primary will likely walk away with the general election.

Both Latimer and Bowman are bad on 2A. Which is worse is debatable.

That being said, 2A supporters should back Latimer in the primary. The district is represented right now by a gun control advocate. That won’t change after the election. However, if Latimer wins the primary he would have to give up his job as County Executive giving us an opportunity to get a better candidate into that office. That is what is on the table for the ’24 election in the district.

Schuyler Co. calls for repeal of background check fees

The Schuyler Co. Legislature passed Resolution 23 calling for the repeal of background check fees on guns and ammunition at their last regular meeting yesterday evening.