Albany Co. approves gun control measures

Albany County adopts new gun control in the wake of Bruen decision:

“… On Monday, Legislators approved a resolution to establish the Detailed Instruction Supporting Community Violence Education and Reduction (DISCOVER) program. In partnership with the Sheriff’s Office, the program would focus on supporting firearm education and training for legal gun owners and reducing the number of illegal guns in local communities … The DISCOVER program would offer pistol training courses for County residents run by the Sheriff’s Office; an anonymous illegal firearm tip line for individuals to report information about illegally possessed guns and a potential $500 reward if the tip results in seizure of a firearm; gun buyback events that incentivize individuals to surrender firearms in exchange for cash; and free gun locking mechanisms and instructions regarding best practices in keeping and storing guns at various events throughout the county …”

This is just fluff, meant to mollify gun owners into thinking they’re not the target of these proposals.

You can already get firearms instruction through local clubs, NRA instructors and private businesses.

The tip-line probably won’t accomplish much.

NSSF gives out free gun locks.

So-called gun buybacks are a fraud.

“… In addition to the DISCOVER program, the Legislature also adopted a local law to ban the possession of deadly weapons and dangerous instruments in Albany County facilities by individuals other than those on official business authorized to carry a such weapons. Signs will be posted at County building warning individuals that possession of a firearm, rifle shotgun or other deadly weapon, dangerous instrument, explosive device and/or poisonous gas is prohibited. Individuals caught carrying such weapons could be charged with an unclassified misdemeanor and subject to a fine not to exceed $1,000 or imprisonment up to 90 days …”

This is the last thing they need to do.  Gun Free Zones are a magnet for mass murderers.

Money funnel to antigunners

According to Queens News:

“Jackson Heights Assemblywoman Jessica González-Rojas announced that she is introducing a bill in the Assembly to allow Medicaid reimbursement for violence prevention programs. The bill corresponds to Senate bill S9539, which Senator Brad Hoylman (D-Lower Manhattan) introduced in August … Biden administration officials advised state leaders to use federal Medicaid dollars to cover evidence-based violence prevention programs … Rebecca Fischer, executive director of New Yorkers Against Gun Violence, said community and hospital-based violence intervention programs work to interrupt cycles of violence and trauma and provide effective support services to New Yorkers who are most impacted by shootings. “New York’s medicaid reimbursement bill will increase accessibility of violence prevention services to those who need these resources the most and is an effective tool to help address the gun violence crisis plaguing our communities,” Fischer said …”

This is going to be a money funnel to antigun groups. NYAGV has been feeding off the public trough for years, getting grants for supposed “violence prevention” programs.  I predict they will try the same through Medicaid.


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Gun control cost GOP a Senate seat

Support for “red flag” gun control cost the Republicans a seat in the State Senate.

The Post-Standard reports:

Justin Coretti barely campaigned … And he took credit for incumbent Democrat Rachel May’s win … Coretti turned out to be the spoiler in the three-way election that included incumbent Democrat Rachel May and Republican Julie Abbott. May won by 7,076 votes. Coretti, who ran on the Conservative Party line, received 7,104 … If the race had not been split three ways, it’s likely most of Coretti’s votes, if not all, would have gone to Abbott … “We had two Democrats running,” Coretti said. He said Abbott was a RINO (Republican in Name Only). “If they want a shot at taking office, they need to give us someone with conservative ideals.” Abbott, who is pro-choice and supports red flag gun laws, sought the Conservative Party line from the state party after receiving the Republican nomination. She had the nod from the state Conservative Party, but then Conservatives from Onondaga and Cayuga counties declined to endorse Abbott. Then they chose Coretti, a lawyer who works in health care, to primary her for the spot … The primary for the Conservative Party line ended up being so close it required a recount, but Coretti won the line … “Perhaps now the Republicans will actually provide us with a decent candidate. Not former Democrats … with liberal agendas,” Coretti said …”

Good for him.

Make Gianaris the scapegoat

It looks like while Republicans appear to have a majority in the House, the Senate will remain in Democrat hands.

The election results were less than what I’d hoped for, but there are some bright spots including this:

“… the guy Dems can most readily finger for this mess is Queens state Sen. Mike Gianaris, who’s universally seen as the prime mover of New York Dems’ disastrous redistricting debacle. Yes, he’s only the deputy Senate majority leader, but the No. 1, Andrea Stewart-Cousins, by all accounts lets him handle a lot. (So much so that some call her a mere figurehead.) And he definitely took point on redistricting … That opened the door for Republicans to go to court to get the “Hochulmander” (so called because the gov signed on) tossed and have a truly neutral expert draw up fair, compact districts without regard for either party’s advantage. And on that level playing field, Republicans took the seats …”

Hopefully the Democrats will throw Gianaris under the bus.

Wasting no time

Fresh off her re-election, Tish James is back on the attack:

“New York Attorney General Letitia James today cracked down on online ammunition sellers illegally shipping ammunition to New York residents and failing to keep records of these sales. An investigation by the Office of the Attorney General (OAG) found that 39 ammunition sellers have been shipping ammunition directly to New York residents in violation of New York’s SAFE Act, which prohibits direct online sales of ammunition to New York residents. Attorney General James sent cease and desist orders to these ammunition sellers demanding that they stop shipping ammunition directly to New York and warned them of serious legal consequences if they continue to violate New York’s law …”

That law doesn’t go into effect until the much delayed ammo background check database is up and running, but that’s not going to stop her, because why should it? She received received no election opposition from 2A groups so there were no consequences for her previous actions. Therefore there will be more of that exact same bad behavior. Would it really have been that hard for NRA, etc. to at least send out a presser saying 2A supporters should vote for her opponent?

Election coda

Kathy Hochul won a full term as Governor. Six months ago I wouldn’t have thought we even had a chance. That’s the real disappointment here.

On the plus side gun control was not the winning issue the antis hoped it would be. Democrats flooded the airwaves in/around NYC with campaign ads for gun control. What happened? They lost House seats and seats in the State Senate in Rockland and on Long Island. The issue was a big loser for them.

Of course this won’t stop them from introducing even more gun control bills when the legislature returns to Albany in January.


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