Westchester D.A. candidates

Here’s a breakdown on the two remaining Democrats vying for the party nomination for District Attorney:

  • William Wagstaff: “… Westchester needs a district attorney who will prioritize protecting our communities and standing up for victims while at the same time recognizing that our system does not always lead to just outcomes … I firmly believe we need a stronger focus on data to drive decisions and results to achieve the public’s call for my approach. The implementation of data-driven solutions can help address gun violence, hate crimes, domestic violence and property crimes — a method that ensures we are serious about safety and results, not just following rhetoric. My office will optimize the collection and analysis of case data to better understand drivers of crime. It is critical to transition the office from being solely responsive to crime via prosecution, to placing an emphasis on crime prevention in order to improve public safety …”
  • Susan Cacace: “… I also pledge to strengthen efforts to keep guns off our streets and to use the weight of the office to enforce red-flag and safe storage laws. This includes the important work of educating the community about such laws … We know, for example, that the influx of guns from out of state — despite our own tough gun laws — makes our streets less safe …”

Both candidate’s websites list they are a Mom’s gun sense candidate.

Neither looks appealing.  Cacace is openly pledging to support offensive gun control laws while Wagstaff is offering up word salad.

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