Donovan’s new gun bill

RINO Rep. Dan Donovan introduced a new gun control bill:

“… The Zero Tolerance for Domestic Abusers Act … would bar convicted stalkers from owning firearms and require that people found to have abused dating partners are blocked from purchasing or possessing firearms as well … The proposed legislation would also clarify existing law to ensure that convicted stalkers are prohibited from legally purchasing a firearm. Current federal law does not prohibit persons convicted of misdemeanor stalking from owning a gun …”

I doubt this is that much of an issue.

They want to lower the bar for ways to prohibit gun ownership.  Trying to make gun control a “women’s issue” is something that has been going on for some time in Albany.

From Donovan’s press release:

“… “Guns and domestic violence are a deadly, tragic mix. Every 16 hours a woman is fatally shot in our country by an ex-spouse or intimate partner. As a nation, we should be outraged,” said former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, co-founder of Americans for Responsible Solutions. “This bill won’t stop every act of violence, but it does represent a major step forward that will help make women and their families safer …”

The caveat is for when this scheme fails and they need an excuse for even more restrictions.

Text of the bill is not yet online.

Federal legislative update

Update on the latest Congressional gun bills:

  • H.R.38 – Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017 – 204 co-sponsors, up 4 in the past week
  • S.446 – Constitutional Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017 – 37 co-sponsors, no new action
  • H.R.367 – Hearing Protection Act of 2017 – 157 co-sponsors, up 3 in the past week
  • S.59 – Hearing Protection Act of 2017 – 17 co-sponsors, no new action
  • H.R.2620 – Lawful Purpose and Self Defense Act – 55 co-sponsors, up 6 in the past week
  • H.R.3139 – Hearing Protection Act of 2017 – 7 co-sponsors, up 2 in the past week
  • S.1505 – A bill to provide that silencers be treated the same as firearms accessories – 1 co-sponsor, no new action

Republican challenger for Collins

A slew of potential Democrats have announced their intentions to challenge upstate Republican Congressmen.

In CD-27, Rep. Chris Collins has a Republican challenger Frank C. Smierciak II.

According to The Daily News he’s big on guns:

“… Well I think, first off, the (NY SAFE Act) needs to be repealed completely. Same with the pistol permitting process. I believe strongly in constitutional carry nationwide, and that’s because it’s your right to own whatever firearm you want, to have one for protection — personal protection, for home defense, whatever you want to have it for …”

To be fair, Collins does co-sponsor H.R.38 which supports both licenses to carry and constitutional carry.

“… Well, Collins hasn’t done all that much regarding the Second Amendment. He has voiced his support saying that the SAFE Act should be repealed but he hasn’t really done much for that. In terms of pistol permitting, he has gotten behind the concealed carry reciprocity bill … The flaw with the concealed reciprocity bill is it has this little caveat in it that says states must recognize permits from other states as long as they allow their own residents to carry. Well that’s pretty easily opening the door for states like New York or California to just outright deny people the right to carry …”

Collins cannot do anything about the SAFE Act because it is a state law.

Smierciak concerns about the reciprocity bill are unfounded.  New York will never outlaw concealed carry because politicians use may-issue to shake down people for money and favors.

It remains to be seen whether or not Smierciak can put together the resources to seriously challenge Collins.

Peruta action/reaction

SCOTUS has declined to hear the right to carry case Peruta v. California.

Most cases appealed to the court are turned down, so while it’s a disappointment they did not take this one, it does not mean the issue is dead.  They could accept a different case sometime down the road.

Hopefully this will motivate Congress to take up pro-gun bills especially reciprocity.  That could force states like California and New York to make positive legislative changes.

Reciprocity bill reaches 200 co-sponsors in House

H.R.38 hit 200 co-sponsors yesterday with Colorado Rep. Mike Coffman signing on.

Companion S.446 still at 37.

Total fail

I under estimated just how far the gun control movement has fallen since Congressman Steve Scalise was shot last week.

Not only have the antigunners failed to exploit this for political gain, the exact opposite has happened with pro-gun bills picking up new support.  The bill to deregulate silencers H.R.367 picked up four more co-sponsors including one Democrat while the bill to remove the “sporting purposes” clause H.R.2620 added three more Republican co-sponsors.

Vance Opposed to Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act

H.R. 2620

NRA just sent out an alert over the introduction of H.R.2620 which removes the “sporting purposes” clauses in federal firearms law.  It has 38 original sponsors including Rep. Chris Collins.

Collins has a mixed record on guns starting out years ago as a member of the Bloomberg-proxy County Executives Against Illegal Guns, but has shifted more towards the 2A side as his political career progressed.  I still don’t trust him on the issue, but at least he is point in the right direction now.

Zeldin stands by sponsorship of H.R. 38

Congressman Lee Zeldin continues to stand up for gun rights at town hall meetings:

“… Mr. Zeldin said he stands by his co-sponsorship of the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act, which would allow gun owners with a concealed carry permit to cross state lines with their weapons. “I would hope it would be passed and signed into law,” he said …”

Faso and Stefanik support reciprocity bill

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