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Katko’s ‘red flag’ bill revisited

Rep. Katko did introduce his “red flag” bill last Friday.  I didn’t see it online yesterday.  Bill number is H.R.6747.

According to this write-up:

“… Katko’s bill is different in that it would allow states to intervene through the creation of a more detailed process for doing so that involves a hearing and requires Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPO). It says the state may only deprive a person of a right to possess firearms after a hearing where the person has notice and is given an opportunity to participate. The hearing must include a finding of dangerousness by a neutral decision-maker. It would also limit any prohibition on an ex parte, or emergency hearing, order to purchasing or receiving a firearm. Further, the ERPO would expire in one year and require the same procedure to renew the mandate. It also provides a mechanism to return guns expeditiously when the order expires or is terminated …”

This is still crap.

Never, ever, ever accept the premise put forth by gun control advocates on anything.

Katko’s ‘red flag’ bill

Rep. John Katko said back in July he was working on a “red flag” gun control bill.

He still hasn’t introduced anything.

There has to be model legislation written by either Brady, Giffords or some other gun control group Katko could simply stick a bill number on, but that hasn’t happened.  With Congress scheduled for recess the second week in October this idea is clearly not going anywhere at the federal level.


Maloney introduces companion to S-3304

Carolyn Maloney is the latest antigunner to jump on the 3D printed gun bandwagon.

According to the Post:

“… “The idea of untraceable, undetectable guns available to anyone, even violent criminals and domestic abusers, with the click of a mouse is utterly terrifying,” said Maloney, who co-sponsored the legislation with Reps. Brad Schneider of Illinois and Ted Deutch and Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida. “The administration’s decision to allow the online publishing of 3-D printable gun blueprints is an insult to the countless families who have suffered from our national epidemic of gun violence,” she said …”

I sometimes wonder if they actually believe the nonsense they’re spewing.   I know she gets talking points from advocacy groups, but even being an old fart, she has to have at least some vague understanding of how the internet works.  To suggest she could block information from being posted online is something even gradeshoolers would not believe.

The House bill has not yet been numbered.  Here is the draftSenate companion is S-3304.


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Perry Gershon’s megaphone ad

Perry Gershon is running against Lee Zeldin in CD-1.

His campaign is running this ad. Guns mentioned at 0:19.

We can deduce what Gershon intends to do to “reduce gun violence” by reading the position statement from his campaign website:

“… When it comes to gun violence prevention, I have a few basic priorities. Background checks should be required at a national level before guns may be purchased – and we must close the loopholes in the current system. Certain guns such as assault weapons should be registered, just as cars are today. Assault weapons should not be freely available, and I support a renewal of the provisions of the old 1994 law, as well as a ban on “bump stocks.” And most of all, we should not impose “concealed carry” laws on our states. Representative Zeldin frequently advocates for a new federal gun law allowing a person to carry a legal concealed weapon into a state where it is otherwise illegal. So if a Texan visits New York, he or she would be immune to New York’s more restrictive gun laws and bound only by Texas law. We cannot let this happen …”

Maloney apologizes for Clinton crime bill

Found this nugget at QCP:

“… During the debate, Patel criticized Maloney’s support for the 1994 crime bill, which is credited for the increase of mass incarceration in America, contrasting his outspoken support for legalizing marijuana and lessening marijuana convictions. Maloney admitted her regret for the bill whilst explaining most of the Democrats also voted for that bill. “I think that we have evolved as a nation and seen that it doesn’t work. We have more research now that shows that having strict mandatory sentences does not deter crime; it does not solve the problem. I regret that vote,” said Maloney …”

The bill in question is the infamous omnibus crime bill which was known primarily for the Clinton AWB.  Even though she isn’t being questioned on the main gun part it is most amusing to see her acknowledge this policy failure.

Possible set up

The state legislative session is scheduled to end on June 21. This is usually the time when the really stupid shit starts happening. I am growing concerned that some antigun legislation is going to come up in Albany possibly as soon as Monday, in particular S-7133A. A few signs point to something brewing.

First, the annual Wear Orange day is this Saturday. Second, several City legislators are holding gun control activities today and over the weekend. Third, and most seriously, the Governor has started a petition for a new federal AWB. I am not concerned about that happening, but about him bringing up the topic in general. This isn’t a coincidence, all this is co-ordinated.

Now would be a good time for people to start contacting their state legislators and tell them no more gun control.

Time to collect

The Donald and Mike Pence both spoke at the NRA convention giving good, red meat speeches.

During Sen. John Cornyn’s address he mentioned that he is the Senate sponsor of the reciprocity bill S.446, which has been sitting quietly since it’s introduction last year.  The only recent action has been the addition of newly elected Mississippi Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith as the 40th co-sponsor.

This proposal has been floating around for more than 20 years.  There is nothing left to discuss about it.  It is time for NRA to give Trump and Mitch McConnell an ultimatum: Bring S.446 to the floor for a straight up or down vote or don’t come around asking for handouts this November.  Whether it passes or not there needs to be a recorded vote on the bill.  Republicans owe NRA big time and with NRA’s membership approaching 6 million it is time to collect.


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