Bowman v. Latimer

City & State has a good story, “Who’s endorsing Jamaal Bowman and George Latimer?

CD-16 has a heavy Democrat enrollment advantage and the winner of the party primary will likely walk through the general election.

Just because both Bowman and Latimer stink on 2A does not mean there isn’t opportunity to influence the election and make our voices heard.

These are the choices:

  • Support Latimer. If he wins he has to give up the Westchester County Executive seat giving us a roll of the dice on the open seat.
  • Support Bowman. Make an example out of Latimer for bringing up gun control before an election.

I believe the former is the better course of action, but I could get behind the later.

Sitting at home and doing nothing is not an option. If you choose not to decide you still have made a choice.