Gun control in AD-109 Democrat primary

There will be a Democrat primary on June 25th in the 109th Assembly District and the Altamont Enterprise has a breakdown of the candidates.

Of note in the story is this nugget:

“… [Dustin Reidy] said he had built coalitions in the county legislature and was proud that the gun legislation he authored, called DISCOVER, for Detailed Instruction Supporting Community Violence Education and Reduction, had bipartisan support. “Everyone supported it,” he said …”

That legislation prohibits lawful carry on county property.

In addition, according to his campaign website, “As a County Legislator, Dustin was endorsed by Moms Demand Action because he authored and passed three important pieces of legislation on the issue.

Another county legislator, Andrew Joyce, is also running in the primary and he supported DISCOVER, although he does not mention gun control on his website.

The district has a more than 5 to 1 Democrat enrollment advantage so whomever wins the primary will likely coast through the November general election.  Sitting out the primary is not an option.  I consider Reidy to be the worst of the bunch so victory shall be defined as him losing.  If both Reidy and Joyce lose that shall be defined as a big victory.

Vote accordingly on the 25th.

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