Schumer: get “ghost guns” off streets in Onondaga Co.

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New York wants $14 million fine from NRA

Reuters reports:

“New York’s financial regulator on Wednesday filed civil charges accusing the National Rifle Association of offering insurance to its members without a license and concealing how it routinely kept some of their premiums for itself. The state Department of Financial Services plans to seek civil fines and other remedies from the gun rights group at an April 6 hearing … Wednesday’s charges focus mainly on the group’s alleged ties since 2000 to insurance broker Lockton Cos, including the sale of 28,005 policies to New Yorkers and the NRA’s receipt of more than $1.8 million in associated royalties and fees. Lockton’s policies included the NRA-branded “Carry Guard,” which the regulator said offered policyholders unlawful liability coverage, including for criminal defense costs and “intentional” conduct in shooting incidents …”

It is my understanding DFS wants to fine NRA $500 per incident, so $500 x 28,005 = $14,002,500.

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GOA letter regarding Fulton, Montgomery 2A Sanctuaries

GOA has done next to nothing in New York, but they did send out this press statement in response to two local sheriffs expressing their opposition to making their counties “2nd Amendment Sanctuaries.”

GOA letter

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S-6401A on Codes agenda

S-6401A, Permits 4-H certified shooting sports instructors to supervise and instruct persons under sixteen years of age at shooting ranges, is on the Codes Committee agenda for February 10.

Companion is A-8078B has been amended on 3rd Reading.

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Rob Smith for Warren Co. judge position statement

Warren County judicial candidate Robert Smith has this on his campaign website:


I will restore our community’s second amendment rights. I believe that if someone passes the thorough background check and meets all of the necessary requirements, then it is my intention to issue a full-carry license. I believe this view is in line with the United States Constitution and New York Penal Law, Article 400.

It’s rare for a judicial candidate to be this open with their views.

H/T: NY Gun Forum

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Buchwald wants to take SAFE Act national

Assemblyman David Buchwald pledged to support a national version of the SAFE Act if elected to Congress:

“… “I have long advocated for tougher gun safety laws in New York, and I’m ready to tackle this issue in Congress,” he said. “The first bill I ever voted for as an Assemblymember was the New York SAFE Act, banning assault weapons, expanding background checks, and providing New York the strongest gun laws in the nation. I’ve never been afraid of the NRA, and I wholly reject their warped view of the Second Amendment. I’ll go to Congress ready to stand up for common sense, with a real gun safety agenda for all Americans.” … Buchwald’s proposal would ban assault-style weapons and enact universal background checks. He would also support a national “safe storage” provision that’s now in effect in New York …”

From his 2013 press release:

“Assemblyman David Buchwald helped pass the landmark New York Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act of 2013 (NY SAFE ACT) supported by Governor Cuomo. In light of recent acts of gun violence in our state and around the country, this legislation gives New York State the most comprehensive set of gun laws in the nation. “One of my top priorities is ensuring the safety of our families and our community,” said Assemblyman David Buchwald (D-Westchester). “As we’ve seen in recent tragedies, the consequences of dangerous weapons falling into the wrong hands are too great to ignore.” …”

He’s not afraid of NRA because NRA has never put any effort into any race he’s been involved in.  Given the number of declared Democrat candidates, knocking him out in a primary for a less 2A-offensive candidate is a possibility.

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Massive Support for 2A Sanctuary Ordinance

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Tuesday’s Newsbits:




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Lewis Co. 2A Sanctuary Ordinance to be introduced

A “2nd Amendment Sanctuary Ordinance” will be introduced to the Lewis Co. Board of Legislators at their next scheduled meeting on Tuesday, February 4 @ 5:00pm. The meeting is open to the public.

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Activists propose designating Fulton, Montgomery as “2nd Amendment sanctuaries”

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