Sullivan Co. resolution reaffirming 2A rights

The Sullivan Co. legislature passed a resolution reaffirming 2A rights and basically saying they will decide who can carry on county property.

Here is a copy of the resolution.

Why Molinaro lost the special election

Some on-target commentary on why Marc Molinaro lost the special election last week:

“… State Assemblyman Kieran Michael Lalor, who represents part of Dutchess County and runs the news site Hudson Power Broker, said he knew why Molinaro lost the election: “He had no base.” “Molinaro had none of the energy (behind him) that’s normally on the right,” Lalor said. “The social conservatives aren’t for Molinaro, the Second Amendment people — they might have pulled the lever for him, but they’re not organizing, donating and volunteering for like a guy like Molinaro … He’s driving around in a $100,000 taxpayer-funded SUV in a slick suit. He’s not going to relate to the guys at the gun club.” … “In a special election, it’s all you,” Lalor said. “And (Molinaro) did not have a base except the local political establishment.” …”

Kieran is correct.


Wednesday’s Newsbits:



Signs to be posted all around Times Square

New bill introduced prohibiting carrying guns in/around Times Square, INT 602-2022.

Council hearing on CCW in Times Square today

At 10:00am today the City Council’s Public Safety Committee will hold a hearing on legislation to identify details of the Times Square area restricted from concealed carrying of guns, Council Chambers, City Hall, Manhattan.


Monday’s Newsbits: