White Plains gun shows pushed Damon Maher into office

Westchester County legislator Damon Maher is running for re-election and wants everyone to know what prompted him to run for office in the first place:

“What accomplishments in your past would you cite as evidence you can handle this job? … We also banned the gun show from our County Center as soon as our new Democratic majority took office, the must-do item that pushed me into elective politics in the first place …”

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DA: Three people in Onondaga County lose right to gun ownership after showing ‘red flags’

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Dutchess Democrats attack Molinaro, Truitt

The Dutchess County Democrats are trying to attack Marc Molinaro and County Legislator Will Truitt by somehow implying that guns = hate (I guess).

First off, Truitt didn’t shoot that donkey picture and they deleted his comment:

Second, that Molinaro letter is old. As far as I’m concerned he burned his bridges during last year’s laughable gubernatorial campaign.

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Covill runs for re-election on her record

Westchester County Legislator Kitley Covill is running for re-election on her record:

“I am running for re-election to continue the work I have started, and to ensure that the people of Legislative District 2 have the voice they need from a well-qualified, experienced legislator. Since starting my first term as a County Legislator in 2018, I voted for critical legislation to support our district including … an end to gun shows on county property …”

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Judge Dolan’s position statement

As a sort of follow-up to my previous post on surveying judicial candidates is this position statement from Sullivan Co. Judge Dolan’s campaign page:

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Monday’s Newsbits:

At 7:30 pm today Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams will hold a candlelight vigil for victims of the Crown Heights mass shooting at the intersection of Utica Avenue and Michael Griffith Street. The vigil will include “clergy leaders, anti-gun violence advocates and elected leaders … At the vigil, Borough President Adams and other participants will call attention to the pervasive double-standard around mass shooting incidents, where shootings in urban areas are treated with less urgency than those in suburban and rural communities, despite accounting for most of the gun violence in the U.S. He will also highlight the role that handguns play in driving the gun violence crisis in the country.”




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Walter advocates gun control for Westchester

The Yonkers Times reports:

Ruth Walter, the Democrat running for Westchester County Legislature in the 15th District, has unveiled her plan to address gun violence in Westchester … Walter has proposed two specific plans to help keep Westchester residents safe from the threat of gun violence. Similar to laws adopted in New York City and Suffolk County, Walter said that, as a county legislator, she will advocate for the creation of a gun offender registry in Westchester County … Walter said she also supports New York State’s Red Flag Law, which provides a critical resource to remove guns from people who are a threat to themselves and others. As a legislator, Walter said she will work to implement a “Red Flag mandatory notification” policy so that anyone who is a victim of domestic violence or reports domestic violence is given information about the law and how to petition the courts to remove guns …”

Walter is a zealot.  This is why local elections are important.

“… Usually, the issue of gun safety and violence does not come up in county legislative races. However, in this race, Walter has been able to contrast her views with that of her opponent, Republican County Legislator Gordon Burrows. Burrows accepted the endorsement of the Westchester County Firearms Owners Association in his elections in 2013 and 2015. According to Walter, the WCFOA is a local, NRA-like pro-gun organization that opposes common-sense gun laws, including opposing banning gun shows at the county-owned Convention Center even though such shows included neo-Nazi and confederate paraphernalia. Burrows voted against banning gun shows at the Westchester County Center in 2017 and 2018 …”

Scott, Mario and the guys at WCFOA do a great job with limited resources.

“… The race between Walter and Burrows is a rematch of their 2017 contest, in which Burrows won, becoming one of the few republicans to win in Westchester during a “blue wave” of democratic progressive turnout. The question in this race, and in the several other notable county board races coming Nov. 5, is: Can Walter and democrats encourage and excite their majority base of county democrats to come out during an election year in which there is no race for county executive, governor or president …”

Antigunners have never been able to turn out a voting block around their issues and the most immediate and noticeable effect of this blue wave was tax increases. Hopefully this will help Burrows.

2A advocates in Yonkers and Bronxville should support Burrows for re-election.

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Arfcommer running for Mayor

AR15 hometown forum member Matt Arcuri is running for Mayor of Utica this fall.

Visit his page Matt Arcuri for Utica Mayor.

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Wednesday’s Newsbits:




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