States begin tapping Medicaid to fund antigun activists

One of Everytown’s top agenda items which has not gotten much attention is tapping into Medicaid to fund gun control. The Columbian has a story about it:

“To tackle America’s gun problem, a growing number of states are using Medicaid dollars to pay for community-based programs intended to stop shootings … So far, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland, New York, and Oregon have passed laws approving the use of Medicaid money for gun violence prevention, said Kyle Fischer, policy and advocacy director for The Health Alliance for Violence Intervention, which has lobbied for the federal and state Medicaid policy changes allowing this spending … In Illinois, which two years ago became one of the first states to approve Medicaid spending for violence prevention, Chicago CRED hopes to get approval for its program this spring. Arne Duncan, the former U.S. education secretary who leads the violence prevention group, said getting paid by Medicaid will be worth the wait and that he hopes his state’s experience will make it more expeditious for others. “We’re trying to build a public health infrastructure to combat gun violence,” Duncan said. “Having Medicaid start to be a player in this space and create those opportunities could be a game changer.” …”

No. What they’re trying to build is a government funded infrastructure to attack 2A civil rights. I have yet to see any pro-gun organization comment on this.

Ossining schools push antigun agenda

The Patch reports, “Ossining Schools Implement Firearm Storage Resolution“:

“In a proactive move to enhance student safety, the Ossining Union Free School District (OUFSD) announces the adoption of a comprehensive resolution addressing the secure storage of firearms within households … The resolution, spearheaded by Interim Superintendent Mary Fox Alter, underscores the critical role secure firearm storage plays in safeguarding schools and students … The Board directs the Superintendent and staff to update the Student Handbook, incorporating information on the significance of secure gun storage. This will include legal obligations for parents and guardians to securely store firearms, stressing the importance of keeping guns unloaded, locked up, and separate from ammunition …”

This garbage underscores the need for 2A supporters to be involved at all levels of government.  I predict they will cut and paste from some antigun propaganda pamphlet into their handbook.

Gun control in the State of the State

From Governor Hochul’s State of the State:

Preventing Gun Violence

Governor Hochul will direct the Office of Gun Violence Prevention to implement a comprehensive set of strategies aimed at preventing gun violence:

  • Provide technical assistance to community-based organizations and hospitals to align their hospital violence intervention programs with the recently signed Medicaid Reimbursement for Violence Prevention Programs, which allows low-income New Yorkers impacted by community violence to receive violence prevention services from qualified specialists;
  • Continue building public awareness to change the narrative on gun violence to discourage perpetuating stereotypes based on race and class that further proliferating racial injustice and health inequity;
  • Building upon Governor Hochul’s expansion of the Red Flag Law in June 2022 that allowed health care providers to file an Extreme Risk Protection Order petition to prevent individuals who show signs of being a threat to themselves or others from accessing any kind of firearm, New York will offer training and awareness for these health care providers;
  • Convene a New York State Health Systems for Gun Violence Prevention Taskforce to focus on data infrastructure, firearm injury risk assessment screening, and hospital violence intervention;
  • Continue to invest in community-led youth programs in historically under-resourced communities that experience the highest rates of gun violence.
  • Create a syndromic surveillance system for firearm related injuries and a dashboard for the public.

No specific bills are mentioned which is good and much of it appears to be a continuation of a previous Everytown efforts to funnel monies to gun control supporters. Hochul is doubling down (again) on Red Flag which at least two local courts have ruled is unconstitutional.


Tuesday’s Newsbits:



No one does this

New bill S-7640, Prohibits gun industry members from directing advertising, marketing, promoting, designing, or selling certain firearm-related products in a manner that would encourage unlawful purchase, possession, or use by underage individuals in the state; provides criteria for determining whether a gun industry member reasonably appears to support, recommend, or encourage underage individuals to unlawfully purchase a qualified product.

What legitimate business encourages the illegal purchase and misuse of their product?



Thursday’s Newsbits:





Liability insurance bill

While the state legislature was not in session, Everytown’s Albany lobbyists reported lobbying Senate staff on bill A-6652/S-5902, Requires the submission of proof of personal liability insurance prior to the issuance or renewal of a license to carry a firearm.

This idea has been around for years and gone nowhere but post-Bruen the legislature is looking for inventive new ways to screw people over so add the bill to your watch list.

Budget cuts coming, but not for gun control activists

New Yorkers Against Gun Violence is getting a raise.

They are on track to receive $120,000 from the NYC Department of Youth & Community Development (same as last year) plus an extra $5000 courtesy of Councilman Chi Ossé.

This at a time when the City wants to cut spending on schools, parks, and veterans services.

It’s all about priorities.

NY lawmakers pressing for study of so-called ‘smart’ handgun technology

I was contacted by a reporter at Gothamist and was briefly quoted in her article, “NY lawmakers pressing for study of so-called ‘smart’ handgun technology“:

“When New York lawmakers return to Albany next week for the 2024 session, gun safety will once again be on the agenda as the Democratic-controlled state Legislature continues searching for ways to regulate a firearms industry the U.S. Congress has largely steered clear of for years. One bill asks the state’s Division of Criminal Justice Services to study the possibility of equipping guns with technology to block unauthorized users from pulling the trigger … Jacob Rieper, former legislative director for the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association, said he doesn’t expect either law to take effect. The technologies may sound good to lawmakers on paper, but they won’t actually work, he said. Rieper said gun companies have tested various technologies over the past 50 years, without success. He also said adding extra parts to guns makes them less reliable — a tradeoff he doesn’t think most gun companies would be willing to stomach. “Why would you want to make your product less reliable? Who would want to buy that?” Rieper said. “That’s not something you can sell.” …”