Dutchess introduces firearms retailers signage law

Dutchess Co. Democrats have introduced a bill similar to Westchester’s calling for firearms retailers to post signs warning of the dangers of guns:

“The Democratic caucus of the Dutchess County Legislature, Monday night, introduced a gun warning resolution during the monthly board meeting, calling for warning signs to be posted anywhere a gun can be bought in the county … “We will not sit idly by and do nothing regarding gun violence,” said Minority Leader Yvette Valdes Smith. Assistant Minority Leader Barrington Atkins said, “Gun violence has ravaged the City of Poughkeepsie. This ordinance is to keep our public safe as gun violence is a public safety issue.” …”

Here is a copy of the proposed law.

Public hearing on proposed Riverhead ordinance

Here is a copy of the proposed Town of Riverhead ordinance prohibiting firearms sellers from operating downtown.

There will be a public hearing on the bill at the Town Board meeting scheduled for June 21 at 6:10pm at Riverhead Town Hall.

Saugerties Town Meeting Wednesday

There will be a Saugerties Town Board meeting this Wednesday 6/15 at 6:00pm. The antis are trying to get the Saugerties Gun Show cancelled. We need as much pro-gun support in the area as possible. All that are local to Hudson Valley are welcome as this event is for the area, not just Saugerties. The Town meeting will be held at the Senior Center at 207 Market Street in Saugerties. The actual meeting starts at 7:00pm, but we plan to meet at 6:00pm to share and discuss what has taken place. For more information call Ryan Arold at 845-518-8008.


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Suspicious framework

The Senate has announced agreement on bipartisan framework for gun control package.

This supposed framework looks suspicious. It’s clearly not what gun control advocates want and they’re claiming victory even though no bill has been introduced. I suspect it’s a smokescreen and they will end up with nothing.

Two possible scenarios for microstamping

Gun control advocates believe newly passed legislation will force manufacturers to adopt microstamping.

From the Associated Press:

“New York this week became the second state to enact a law intended to force firearms manufacturers to adopt microstamping, a technology in which guns imprint tiny codes on ammunition cartridges as they are fired — creating a unique signature police could use to help solve crimes. Big questions remain, though, about whether the new law will actually result in such guns being offered for sale … “The New York legislature has set up a more robust system that will produce a set of conditions and evaluations that doesn’t rely on the gun industry to give them a thumbs up or thumbs down,” said David Pucino, of the Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence …”

The technology does not work.  It cannot work.  Both the firing pin and cartridge are moving in the chamber and hit each other multiple times at slightly different offsets resulting in a smeared mark.

One of two things is going to happen: Either the state will simply declare microstamping to be “viable” anyway resulting in stopping all new pistol sales, or it will never go into effect and be another failed boondoggle like CoBIS and the ammunition sales check database.

Candidate Jamie Cheney on guns

The Register-Star has an article on Jamie Cheney, one of several Democrats vying for the party nomination in CD-19.

Her position on guns:

“… Cheney, 43, said another priority of her campaign and one she’d like to focus on if elected is the prevalence of gun violence in the nation. “We are in a gun violence epidemic,” she said. “I have three boys who are in elementary school children. On the way to schools the day after the Texas shooting, my son said, “Mommy, if the shooter comes to my classroom, should I hide in the bathroom or should I try to climb out the window?” No parent should need to answer that question. No child should be going into their school thinking about that question. We absolutely must put in place common sense gun legislation. That will be a complete priority for me in office.” …”

She’s serious about that. Here’s some of her virtue signaling:

Crowd control was not an issue at this event.


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Republicans who voted to criminalize disassembling a gun

The House voted on the HR7910 – Protecting Our Kids Act, which would criminalize disassembling, cleaning, and re-assembling a gun without a firearm manufacturer’s license.

Once again, local Republicans who voted Yes include Chris Jacobs, John Katko and Nicole Malliotakis.