Republican primary for Orleans Co. D.A.

State of Politics covers Tuesday’s GOP primary for Orleans County District Attorney.

Of note is this bit:

“… [Susan Howard] is endorsed by … the Shooters Committee On Political Education (S.C.O.P.E.). She’s a Second Amendment rights advocate and hopes to serve justice as the county district attorney. “I’m a very big Second Amendment person,” she said. “I have two pistols that I inherited from my dad. I’m not a hunter or anything, but I did win a shotgun at a gun raffle, and I was so excited, but because of the Safe Act, I couldn’t take it home with me, and I was outraged. What do you mean I can’t take my gun home with me? ‘You can’t take your gun home with you. You’ve got to pass a background check. You’ve got to do the paperwork.’ I was like, ‘Man.’ I was so disappointed.” Howard leads her campaign with the goals of standing up for constitutional rights, including Second Amendment rights …”

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