WAMC interview

A short interview I did this morning with WAMC made it on air.

Topic of discussion was the latest PSH from the antis: selling guns on social media sites.

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Suozzi goes all-in

Tom Suozzi is going all-in with gun control.  His 4th antigun mailer has hit the district.

Doesn’t seem to be helping as he is still way behind in the polls.

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Strike two for Cuomo

First Gov. Cuomo was forced to admit 7 round magazines didn’t exist and had to amend SAFE to allow the sale of 10 rounders.

Now, his background check for ammo purchases is being suspended:

“…  the State Police said Friday the agency needs more time to develop a system that will check the backgrounds of individuals before they purchase ammunition.  Additionally, a requirement that ammunition sellers compile and maintain an assortment of information – from the buyer’s name and occupation to the type and amount of bullets bought – also will not be kicking in on Jan. 15 as permitted under the gun-control law.  Officials did not say when the ammunition background checks might start …”

It’s not all bad news for Cuomo, though.  He did get this spiffy award from New Yorkers Against Gun Violence this week:

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Bloomberg rising

It appears that Blooomberg backed Terry McAuliffe is going to win the Virigina Governor’s race.  Most unfortunate for VSSA.

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Bramson behind in poll

Flaming antigunner Noam Bramsom has released his own poll showing him behind incumbent Rob Astorino in the Westchester County Exec. race.

Several things come to mind:

  1. The fact that the poll was done by the campaign and not an outside source  like Quinnipiac makes it suspect.  When has a campaign ever released a poll showing that their candidate is perceived to be a stinking turd?
  2. They use a small sample.
  3. They don’t list what questions were asked.
  4. Bramson’s endorsement from New Yorkers Against Gun Violence isn’t putting him over the top.
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Chemung Federation of Sportsmen make donation

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Protecting Cuomo’s image

As a follow-up to my earlier post on Tom Suozzi’s attempts to inject guns into the Nassau County Executive race, the NYS Democrat Committee has done a mailing attacking Ed Mangano on the issue.  Given Mangano really hasn’t done anything on the issue the only reason I can see them doing this is to try and protect Governor Cuomo’s image.

Some media pundits are trying to make the Westchester County Executive’s race into a referendum on the SAFE Act.  I’m guessing Cuomo’s people see it that way too in Nassau.

If gun control is so popular downstate then it makes sense to highlight the issue in these races.  But if is is so popular, then why doesn’t Cuomo’s own campaign website list SAFE under his “Record of Success”?

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Why no mention of SAFE?

Governor Cuomo’s re-election committee has done what I believe is their first mailer of the campaign.  No mention of SAFE.  Just a bunch of BS on the economy and jobs, issues which he’s done absolutely nothing about.

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Fred Dicker interviews Daniel Schmutter

Fred Dicker interviews lawyer Dan Schmutter regarding yesterday’s court decision regarding part-time residents, plus Tom on it, SAFE and other legal action.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

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Win in the courts for part-time residents

State court says part-time residents can apply for pistol licenses:

“New York’s highest court says people who live only part-time in the state can get handgun licenses here.  The Court of Appeals says New York pistol permits, which are issued by cities or counties, are not limited to people whose primary residence is in New York …”

NRA backed this case.  I have not seen the decision yet so it is too soon to predict the ramifications of the case.

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