Strike two for Cuomo

First Gov. Cuomo was forced to admit 7 round magazines didn’t exist and had to amend SAFE to allow the sale of 10 rounders.

Now, his background check for ammo purchases is being suspended:

“…  the State Police said Friday the agency needs more time to develop a system that will check the backgrounds of individuals before they purchase ammunition.  Additionally, a requirement that ammunition sellers compile and maintain an assortment of information – from the buyer’s name and occupation to the type and amount of bullets bought – also will not be kicking in on Jan. 15 as permitted under the gun-control law.  Officials did not say when the ammunition background checks might start …”

It’s not all bad news for Cuomo, though.  He did get this spiffy award from New Yorkers Against Gun Violence this week:

7 thoughts on “Strike two for Cuomo

  1. Interesting concept – “gun violence”. If I am murdered with somehting that is not a gun is that not as bad, or maybe even OK. How about a NY against violent people? Well the commies “attack problems, not people”. But what is the problem that they identify every single time? FREEDOM, thats the big problem for them. And make no mistake, they do attack people. G-d forbid, someday they bust down somebody’s door and drag him off to jail under their “SAFE act”. The guy will almost certainly be a good salt of the earth working guy who has never commited any real crime and never would. But he will have been their enemy i.e. the first political prisoner in the new commie Amerika. That will be the tragic day that real tyranny has arrived.

  2. As soon as it does become a requirement, I’m buying all my ammunition in Vermont. And I’m telling the local retailers why.

  3. My Senator emailed me earlier in the summer and said the background check for ammo wont get off the ground because it was defunded.So time isn’t the issue….its NO MONEY.

  4. The legislature didn’t fund it. Cuomo re-arranged some money in other accounts, something like $37 million.

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