Bramson behind in poll

Flaming antigunner Noam Bramsom has released his own poll showing him behind incumbent Rob Astorino in the Westchester County Exec. race.

Several things come to mind:

  1. The fact that the poll was done by the campaign and not an outside source  like Quinnipiac makes it suspect.  When has a campaign ever released a poll showing that their candidate is perceived to be a stinking turd?
  2. They use a small sample.
  3. They don’t list what questions were asked.
  4. Bramson’s endorsement from New Yorkers Against Gun Violence isn’t putting him over the top.

2 thoughts on “Bramson behind in poll

  1. The problem right now is the Republican Party with a RINO leadership that is operating in panic mode and running scared. I was horrified to find out that they did not fund Steve Lonnigan (one of us) in NJ. And I see that bitch Rice having ads all over and even on Fox News and no ads for her Repub apponent. The NY Repubs are probably writing him off and giving him no support. That means that he is probably a good guy. They are so fucking worthless.

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