Why no mention of SAFE?

Governor Cuomo’s re-election committee has done what I believe is their first mailer of the campaign.  No mention of SAFE.  Just a bunch of BS on the economy and jobs, issues which he’s done absolutely nothing about.

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3 thoughts on “Why no mention of SAFE?

  1. Not for nothing, but just in your last blog, I heard Tom say that the shitbags already have MORE OF THIS SHIT, if you can believe it, pre-filed for next session. Not that it matters anymore, but it will be interesting to see the responses by all the players. One possible scenario is that it is a ploy to save their “coalition” i.e. an opportunity for our back stabbers to say – hey look, see, we came out and saved your asses this time, so you can come back and vote for us. BULLLLSHIT!! I for one WILL NOT be buying it!

  2. PLEASE do not give Cuomo a victory on casino gambling. On November 5th, VOTE NO ON PROPOSAL ONE! NO MORE CASINOS. NO MORE GIVEAWAYS TO SO-CALLED NATIVE AMERICAN TRIBES. If he REALLY wanted to make NY safe, he would not be bringing in more casinos and all the crime that comes with them.

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