WAMC interview

A short interview I did this morning with WAMC made it on air.

Topic of discussion was the latest PSH from the antis: selling guns on social media sites.

4 thoughts on “WAMC interview

  1. It’s a First Amendment infringement to prohibit someone who wants to sell a legally owned gun from publicly offering that gun for sale. These communist cocksuckers are rapists! First they infringe the Second Amendment with a host of infringements, then they want to stuff a sock in the mouth of every law-abiding gun owner who wants to sell off an old gun that he no longer wants. They’re nuts! The transfer laws are now so strict, that people are stuck with guns that they no longer want, but can’t sell because of the restrictions.
    I understand that there is a federal law against “conspiracy in restraint of trade”. Can we get Kavanagh and Schimel up on federal indictments? Oh, Holder. Forget it.

  2. The bottom line is, fuck you, Cuomo, and your communist cocksuckers too! To hell with all of you! And the sooner the better, you Marxist scum!

  3. I keep asking, where is their outrage against violent career crimminals. People who have made it their life’s work to hurt other people and take things that they did not work for, and dont belong to them. You never hear a bad word about them from any of these fucking commie scumbags. ITS JUST US THAT THEY ARE AFTER. Well said Chas, fuck them all – they can eat shit and die!

  4. For that matter, you dont hear the repubs go against violent crimminals either. They are cowards, afraid of being called “racists”. The new definition of racism is anything that is anti-communist. Saul Alinsky was something of an evil genious. So the coward repubs stay on the defensive. Running scared. They are so fucking worthless. I know what I am saying is inflammatory, but I love getting their commie asses inflamed. From the looks of last nights Holloween parade in Greenwich Village, they probably do a great job of getting each others asses inflamed without my help. The parade is fun, I will give them that.

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