Not helping Suozzi either

Tom Suozzi’s attempts to inject gun control into the Nassau County Executive race isn’t helping him.  Latest polling puts him down by 17%.

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5 thoughts on “Not helping Suozzi either

  1. anti gun people are generally quiet until something bad happens where as pro gun people on constantly vocal. generally its not good for a politician to randomly protest guns.

  2. Question Repubs, especially in commie states like ours, but anyone with a D after their name is our enemy. Even if they are lying about it right now, or just keeping their mouth shut. Have no doubt, they will fuck us first chance.

  3. Jerry Brown (Cal Gov. D) did not veto the semi auto ban because of his love of freedom, our beloved constitution, or becuase he likes us. It was because of the awsome response of the minority of great real Americans in NY, and Colorado, to the commie gun bans, and the rest of the country can thank all of you, your great work, and NYSRPA for saving their asses!

  4. Nassau county is still thought of as the 6 th. Bouro of NYC. I have a NY state ccw that Nassau county restricts as target( to and from range). The same state ccw will let upstate ccw persons carry in Nassau county, but, unless you are politicly connected or wealthy and can prove you carry large amounts of cash you are told you do not have a need and thus you are restricted from carry and your 2 nd A rights.
    I shoot competitively, I average 500 or so rounds a month. I am a range officer, I have a NY state, PA, FL, and NV CCW that let’s me carry a fire arm and protect my family in around 34 states.
    So, my question is, who do I go to in Nassau county to get my civil rights?
    But not Nassau county, my home.

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