Bloomberg rising

It appears that Blooomberg backed Terry McAuliffe is going to win the Virigina Governor’s race.  Most unfortunate for VSSA.

5 thoughts on “Bloomberg rising

  1. That’s a tough call Jacob, not like you to throw in the towel yet, but I may be seeing this as being sarcastic. Of course nobody thought that two Colorado senators would be going away either. I guess we will see in two weeks. I hope he doesn’t win but we have our own problems here in NY as you are already know!

  2. While both candidates have high negatives, McAuliffe has a double digit lead in the polls over Ken Cuccinelli. Plus, there is a 3rd party candidate who appears to be sucking votes from both of them.

  3. Here is a solution to the absolute core problem that, believe it or not, I identified and proposed at NYU (of all commie left places) some 35 years ago. Real simple. A constitutional amendment that in order to vote, you must have paid a net tax. If you are a life long piece of shit bum, why do you have the same say as good productive people. Never happen anymore, they are 50%. I believe that at this point, in the long view, this place is over. I will be 60 yrs old next bday, and have no kids. I spent my life fighting the good fight, but we lost, thats it. We are hanging on by threads, and what I fear even in our case is that they may already have “gotten to” Roberts (aca decision). I / we will keep on fighting, but I believe its all fucked. Go down fighting!

  4. Don’t want to be too much of a bummer. I also believe that our issue, 2A will hang on the longest. Everybody (almost) loves guns. And hollywood is our greatest supporter. With all their shit, they are our best salesman. Don’t get me wrong, that is unfortunate, as their ultraviolent preposterous insane products are also one of the root cause of the .00000001% moron doing something ridiculous. A perfect world would get good people excited about our hobby in a much more positive way. But 2A is the strongest issue on our side.

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