Sunday’s Newsbits:




Albany Co. legislators introduce gun warning sign law

More garbage legislation on firearms dealers posting warning signs, this time in Albany County.

Here is the presser, “Albany County Legislature acts to address gun violence with local law requiring firearm retailers to display warning labels“.

Here is a copy of Proposed Local Law F of 2022.

Dutchess introduces firearms retailers signage law

Dutchess Co. Democrats have introduced a bill similar to Westchester’s calling for firearms retailers to post signs warning of the dangers of guns:

“The Democratic caucus of the Dutchess County Legislature, Monday night, introduced a gun warning resolution during the monthly board meeting, calling for warning signs to be posted anywhere a gun can be bought in the county … “We will not sit idly by and do nothing regarding gun violence,” said Minority Leader Yvette Valdes Smith. Assistant Minority Leader Barrington Atkins said, “Gun violence has ravaged the City of Poughkeepsie. This ordinance is to keep our public safe as gun violence is a public safety issue.” …”

Here is a copy of the proposed law.

Public hearing on proposed Riverhead ordinance

Here is a copy of the proposed Town of Riverhead ordinance prohibiting firearms sellers from operating downtown.

There will be a public hearing on the bill at the Town Board meeting scheduled for June 21 at 6:10pm at Riverhead Town Hall.