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I saw an advertisement for FN last night on El Rey Network. First time for that. The only other televised gun company ads I have seen before were from Henry on FoxNews. It is a sign we’re making advances in the gun culture war.

Ruger’s CEO goes all-in with the NRA to fight Hillary: “Michael Fifer, CEO of Sturm, Ruger & Co., took a strong political stance on Wednesday during the company’s earnings call.  In addition to advocating support for the Second Amendment, Fifer also pledged large donations to the National Rifle Association, said the company will urge customers […]

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Monroe County government in action.


Antigunners at the Daily News are getting an erection over this: “College students in Brooklyn are about do to something the National Rifle Association has refused to — build a smart gun … NRA is not a manufacturer. “… Borough President Eric Adams has tasked college students with developing technology that would allow a weapon […]

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