Frank Scaturro

Another Carolyn McCarthy opponent Frank Scaturro.

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Peter Zinno

Carolyn McCarthy’s opponent Peter Zinno.

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New .50 cal ban bill

A new .50 cal prohibition bill has been introduced to Assembly Codes A-9904.

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Special election results

Gunnies had a good night last night.  The results from yesterday’s special elections are:

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Kudlow in the news

Former State Senator Serf Maltese has joined in on the Draft Larry Kudlow movement. According to today’s Post:

“… “He [Kudlow] is a leader for a strong national defense, he’s a staunch defender of our Second Amendment rights and he opposes abortion on demand. These are the vital issues that concern all of us in New York State and the nation,” Maltese said in a statement …”

Whether Kudlow is in fact pro-gun would require some investigation.

Realistically, the GOP doesn’t have many options when it comes to challenging Charles Schumer.  Years of incompetence, cronyism and corruption have taken their toll on the party.  They have no money, no grassroots and worst of all for them, I don’t believe the majority of the “leadership” have any clue what their problems are or that they even have problems to begin with.

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Turnout critical Tuesday

Turnout in the special elections this Tuesday is going to be critical and gunnies can make a difference.  Use the ratings sheet and be sure to vote.

Some good commentary on the elections by Bob Fois @ NewsCopy and David Singer @ Scarsdale10583.

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Weprin going into the gutter

David Weprin must be a bit concerned that he might actually lose this Tuesday’s special election.  His campaign sent out a sleazy mailer attacking his opponent Bob Friedrich (who is Jewish) implying he’s a Nazi sympathizer.  Then, Weprin’s campaign manager inserted gun control into the mix:

“… Weprin’s campaign manager Corey Bearak confirmed the mailer is indeed from his side of the fence. He sent the following statement: “It’s not offensive to make sure people know just home extreme Republican-Conservative Bob Friedrich is; this extremist opposes hate crimes legislation – it’s offensive that Republican Bob Friedrich actually opposes hate crimes legislation. Crimes driven by anti-Semitism, racism, homophobia and other prejudices deserve special attention and warrant extra-tough penalties. As a Jewish community leader who speaks out against anti-Semitism and other hate and it’s outrageous that an extremist like Friedrich, who is also anti-gun control and against Roe v. Wade, would run for office in our community. He will be rejected on February 9th.” …”

Truly pathetic.

Full story at Queens Crap.

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S-6773 CWI

The Bloomberg/Klein bill has been introduced to Senate Codes as S-6773.

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Legislative Report #18

Legislative Report #18 is now online.

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Bloomberg/Klein press conference on CWI

CWI = Carrying While Intoxicated.

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