What can you do with $102,065,004.40?

If you’re Mayor Mike, it will get you re-elected with just under 51% of the vote.

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State Association’s brief filed in McDonald case

The brief filed by NYSRPA, TSRA, ANJRPC and other State Associations in support of 2nd Amendment incorporation in the McDonald v. Chicago case has been filed.  It is available for download at www.nysrpa.org/files/StateFirearmAssociationsBrief-McDonald_v_Chicago.pdf.

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AG candidate rumors

Some rumormongering from Rising Times:

Westchester District Attorney Janet DiFiore … is being seriously considered by State Democrats to run for Attorney General next year. Current AG Andrew Cuomo is running for Governor, and rising times hears that communications have been made between both Cuomo and DiFiore to consider DiFiore running on a statewide ticket with Cuomo. If Cuomo and DiFiore join forces, it gives DiFiore the edge over the several Democrats that will likely come forward to also run for AG, including state senator Jeff Klein …”

I haven’t heard DiFiore’s name come up before.  This is interesting as she was originally elected as a Republican and changed parties to run for re-election as a Democrat.

In addition to DiFiore and Klein, other possible AG candidates include Richard Brodsky and Eric Schneiderman.  None of these guys are pro-gun with Schneiderman being the biggest stinker.  A primary would be a good as everyone except DiFiore would have to give up their legislative seats to make a run for AG.

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Zeldin campaign kickoff

Lee Zeldin will formally announce he’s running for Senate in SD-3 next Saturday.  He ran for Congress last year against F-rated Tim Bishop in CD-1.

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Liz Feld returns

Another RINO who won’t go away, Liz Feld, is in the news:

“… Liz Feld, the Republican mayor of Larchmont and a former White House aide, is strongly considering running for Senate against Gillibrand next year, according to people who have spoken with her. She has discussed the idea with Republican officials, including state chair Ed Cox, and taken preliminary steps toward mounting a campaign …”

Feld is a flaming antigunner.  She promoted the Million Mom March in Westchester back in 2000 and when she ran for State Senate last year she made it a point to include a campaign statement that she supports New Yorks gun laws.

“… Feld, who is pro-choice and describes herself as a moderate, is seen by many Republicans as one of the party’s most talented prospects …”

And that is the problem with the state GOP.

“… She won considerable praise within Republican circles last year for mounting a spirited challenge to State Sen. Suzi Oppenheimer …”

Spirited? She challenged a backbencher and was blown out of the water 2-1 on election day.

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The terrorism angle

Mayor Mike has a new thing:  www.closetheterrorgap.org.  MAIG ran a full page ad in the Washington Post promoting federal legislation to prevent gun sales to anyone on the government’s terrorist watch list.  This would essentially allow the government to block gun sales to persons in secret and without due process.

Utica Mayor David Roefaro has jumped on this bandwagon as well.  I haven’t seen anything from other NY mayors listed as MAIG supporters.

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State legislators brief filed

ILA reports on a brief filed by 900+ state legislators from around the county in support of incorporation.  Only two from New York signed on, Assemblywomen Ginny Fields (D-5) and Teresa Sayward (R-113).

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State Association’s brief filed

A brief supporting incorporation in the McDonald v. Chicago has been filed by 40 of 50 State Associations including NYSRPA, TSRA, etc.

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A little early for this predicition

John Gizzi at Human Events opines, “McCarthy On the Ropes?“:

“… Along with being a national voice for gun control, [Carolyn] McCarthy is also a dedicated liberal (lifetime American Conservative Union rating: 22%) on most other issues. The last time area Republicans made a serious effort at unseating her was in 2002, when physician Marilyn O’Grady drew 45% of the vote against McCarthy. But the outlook could change dramatically next year, as both conservative activists and GOP regulars are growing increasingly enthusiastic about the candidacy of visiting Hofstra University assistant law professor Frank Scaturro …”

Party hacks being enthused means nothing.  Let’s see some evidence the general public is excited about this guy.

“… “What issues will I run on? Everything!” Scaturro told me during a recent lunch in Washington. “Whether it’s [McCarthy’s] vote for the Obama stimulus package or healthcare with public option or her support for cap and trade, I’m not only presenting an opposite point of view but a positive alternative.” …”

Everything?  Does that include guns?  Put up or shut up.

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Congressional support for McDonald v. Chicago

ILA reports that 251 Congressmen and 58 Senators have signed onto a brief in favor of 2nd Amendment incorporation to the states in the McDonald v. Chicago gun ban case.  Local reps. include:

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