Gun buybacks all the rage

There’s a rash of so-called gun buyback idiocy going on around the state.  Buffalo had theirs a few weeks ago.  Albany and Troy have theirs this weekend and Nassau has one planned for next weekend.

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Jennings calls for gun information repository

Jerry Jennings and Corey Ellis held a debate last night at the Albany Public Library.  Inside the TU story is this nugget:

“… Jennings touted his work with other big-city mayors to combat illegal guns and said more should be done to track gun sales. “We should be tracking guns in this country,” Jennings said, “There should be a central repository.” …”

I’m guessing Jerry did quite well at the fundraiser Mayor Mike helped him with.

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Bloomberg’s latest antigun schemes

Mayor Bloomberg says that if he’s re-elected he will push for more antigun laws including banning “armor piercing bullets”, imposing a one-year jail term for anyone carrying a firearm while intoxicated and increasing the penalties for transferring a firearm to a minor.

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Aborn did coke

More revelations from Richard Aborn at last nights candidate debate:

“… The moderator, Dominic Carter of NY1, asked if the candidates had ever used a drug other than marijuana … Mr. Aborn, a managing partner in a law firm, said he also had more than 30 years ago … After the debate, Mr. Aborn said he had used cocaine …”

Was it at 54?

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Republicans: Good, bad & ugly

The Good:

Greg Ball, “New York’s Ball Added to NRCC’s ‘Young Guns’ Program“:

“… Ball, who is taking on second-term Democratic Rep. John Hall in New York’s 19th District, was added to the first tier of the party program for GOP candidate recruits … “By achieving ‘On the Radar’ status, Ball has already proven his ability to build a successful campaign structure and achieve important fundraising goals,” the NRCC said in a release …”

The Bad:

We deserve better, “Maneuvering begins for 2010 state elections“:

Giuliani versus Cuomo? Paterson versus Lazio? Speculation and jockeying is well under way for the 2010 elections, when five statewide seats will be on the ballot …”

The Ugly:

He’s out of his mind, “Pataki plays possible Senate plans close to the vest“:

“… Remarkably, George Pataki is the ex-New York governor being viewed seriously as a potential 2010 candidate …”

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News of the day

Will Chuck Schumer endorse his former staffer David Yassky for Comptroller?  “We’ll see.”  That’s not what Yassky wants to hear.

Good commentary from Deroy Murdock on the CD-23 race:  “… this could become a referendum on the state party, which careened left under former Gov. George E. Pataki, a union-coddling, Bush-lite spendthrift who squandered the party’s and the state’s fortunes. If Mr. Hoffman bests Ms. Scozzafava on the Conservative line, he would expose the state Republican Party as an even emptier shell than it is today …”

The agenda for the upcoming special session in Albany still hasn’t been nailed down yet.  I suspect it will just be budget matters.

Upcoming fundraisers this month in Columbia and Greene counties.  Plus our sporting clays shoot at Wallkill on the 26th.

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Clinton not happy

Bill Clinton is not happy Richard Aborn used his photo in a campaign mailier titled “Richard Aborn is the NRA’s worst enemy”:

“… Bubba’s not happy. Clinton has not endorsed any candidate in the race, but a campaign flyer sent out by Aborn could leave voters with the impression that Aborn has his backing. The flyer features a photo of Clinton and Aborn shaking hands, followed by a quote from Clinton praising Aborn’s work on gun control. The flyer doesn’t tell voters that the quote comes from a letter Clinton sent Aborn 13 years ago …”

The flyer calls for a “crackdown on interstate gun trafficking … expanded buyback programs … microstamping.”

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Yassky running 3rd

The latest poll on the Comptroller race shows David Yassky running in 3rd place with 18%.

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