New York is Open for Business

Fresh on the heels of Kahr abandoning plans for a new plant in Orange Co. and moving across the river comes news that Remington is looking into moving to Tennessee:

“One of the nation’s largest gun manufacturers, Remington Arms, has looked at sites around Nashville for a potential corporate relocation or expansion that would likely include hundreds of manufacturing jobs … Remington is among a growing number of gun manufacturers nationwide that have been courted by states pitching themselves as more gun-friendly … Remington’s roughly 1,200-employee plant in Ilion makes rifles such as the Bushmaster semiautomatic weapon, which is now banned under New York’s Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act, the first law passed by any state post-Newtown … People familiar with Remington’s exploration of sites said the company looked around the Nashville area as recently as within the past month …”

Guess they didn’t get the word from the Governor that New York is Open for Business.

3 thoughts on “New York is Open for Business

  1. I can’t help but wonder if the “New York is Open for Business” tagline is actually intended for criminals…of both the common AND political persuasion!

  2. Be sure to enjoy Andrew Cuomo’s new album, “Plastic Cocksucker” on Communist records and tapes.

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