Not believable

Sienna College published a poll showing Gov. Cuomo’s approval rating on the rise:

“Almost immediately after Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed New York’s SAFE Act into law in January, rallies popped up across the state … But what a difference seven months can make.  According to a Siena College Institute poll, 65 percent approve of the job the governor is doing.  And how did Governor Cuomo fair with “upstaters?” Fifty-five percent approve of the job he’s doing, up 9 percent since just two months ago …”

Those results are simply is not believable.  If they were then why does Cuomo look so worried?

Sienna did include this caveat:

“… The poll might not accurately reflect the opinions of people in the north country …”

So, they’re saying their own poll is worthless?

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2 thoughts on “Not believable

  1. I saw that the other day and thought it depressing. Did not, however, see the caveat. Thanks. Also, this is just after his own “disturbing” private polls. Yeah, I guess he is just such a good looking, “cosmodynamic personality” (from Brother Theodore, G-d rest his sole) that he just had to show up once. Whats depressing is that the scumbag will probably win again because the downstate commies outnumber us so bad. The lawsuit is our only hope. On a happier note, with the next NYC mayor, that place will rapidly revert to the Days of Dinkins. They can no longer stop and frisk (court ruling). They also want to take away the cops indemnification. I believe that if that happens, they will all just walk off the job immediately – I would. GOOD!! Let the commie bastards sit in their own shit and die. FUCK EM!

  2. Cuomo can’t function as a national candidate without repealing his SAFE act. Bye, bye, son of Mario! Your character defect of boneheaded stubbornness dooms you! We cannot escape from the prison of our own character, and therefore you are doomed to failure on the national stage because of who you are! The last laugh is on you, Andrew! Pig boy!

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