Eating their own

Some blowback from one of Daniel Squadron’s opponents over the Schumer ad:

“… Councilwoman Tish James releasing a blistering “fact check” email against rival State Senator Dan Squadron for his new “results”-themed campaign commercial … “As an Albany legislator, Squadron has NEVER passed even a single piece of gun legislation into law,” Ms. James press secretary Pat Barrientos charged in the missive. “In fact, over the past two years as a failed Albany politician, Squadron has passed a total of zero (0) bills into law.” …

This is true, but he did care about the issue and the antis are all about feelings (as the facts aren’t on their side).

“… The Squadron campaign, however, fired back with a few big “fact checks” of their own.  “The James campaign is 100% wrong on the facts,” Squadron spokeswoman Amy Spitalnick said in a statement. “Chuck Schumer, advocates, and New Yorkers across the state agree: Daniel Squadron has been a leader who’s gotten results combating gun violence and improving the lives of families, kids, and seniors.” …”

That’s a bit of a stretch.  Sure he supported every gun control initiative, but others were prime sponsors of the bulk of the gun control bills in the Senate.

Essentially, they’re fighting over who has been more outspoken on an issue the public doesn’t really care about while running for a job (Public Advocate) which doesn’t have any legislative, legal or regulatory authority.  Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right ….