Problems for Stachowski

One of the few pro-gun Democrats, Bill Stachowski has some problems back home and might be forced into a primary:

“… Stachowski won re-election last year with just 53% of the vote … That showed Stachowski’s vulnerability and now, it looks like one time Stachowski supporter Erie County legislator Tim Kennedy is ready to challenge Stachowski in next year’s Democratic primary …”

I don’t believe guns would be an issue in such a contest, but the primary itself would be an unnecessary distraction.

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Paterson’s poll numbers

Some good news for Gov. Paterson, his approval ratings are up to 36% and he’s back to beating Rick Lazio 42-40%.  The big question is still what is Andrew Cuomo going to do?  He can’t keep putting off a decision on whether he’s going to primary Paterson or run for re-election as AG.

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Tirhrt not an impediment

The NYPD shot and killed a thug in Times Square.  According to the AP:

“A machine pistol used by a street hustler and aspiring rapper shot dead in a Times Square gunfight was purchased from a Virginia gun shop by a woman who reported it stolen 10 days after she bought it, authorities said …”

So contrary to Mayor Mike’s assertions, the Tirhrt Amendment is no impediment to law enforcement.

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Primary for Krueger

Some good news, Liz Krueger looks like she’ll be in a primary next year.  Daily Politics reports:

“Michael Cohen, an Upper East Side Democrat who works for Donald Trump, is laying the groundwork for a primary challenge to Sen. Liz Krueger next fall …”

Sweet.  Krueger is a known anti-gunner and anti-hunter and prime sponsor of mandatory training, S-3597, and raising the age for hunting to eighteen, S-3598.

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MAIG down by 1

City of Norwich Mayor Joe Mauirano is resigning from Bloomberg’s mayors coalition.

Good for him.

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Ilion Fish & Game upset with Schumer

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As of November 1, that is the total number of shell casings collected by COBIS.  With an estimated $35 million spent since 2001, they still have not solved a single crime because of it.

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Cortland rifle hunting

The Cortland Co. legislature will take up a resolution in support of allowing big game rifle hunting in the county at the Dec. 17 meeting, 6:00pm, Cortland County Office Building, Room 304, Cortland.  The proposal was passed out of the Agriculture Committee to the full body without a recommendation.

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If he campaigned on this he might have won

There’s an op-ed in the Daily News by Richard Aborn, “Make DNA the new fingerprint: N.Y. now fails to collect it from half of all convicted criminals.”  He writes:

“… The evidence is clear that violent criminals commit both multiple crimes and nonviolent crimes. It follows then that the more offenders that are required to give DNA samples, the more crimes we can prevent. In the 21st century, DNA should be treated in the same way that fingerprints were treated in the 20th century. That is, a DNA sample should be taken for all offenses and kept in a database in cases once a person is convicted. There’s no excuse. Not only is it now less expensive and faster to test DNA, but there are an ever-increasing number of surfaces from which DNA can be lifted, including guns and bullets. Almost anything a criminal touches has some chance of yielding a DNA sample …”

This is a 180-degree turnaround from what he campaigned on.  He’s now actually talking about something that involves finding and prosecuting violent thugs.  Perhaps had he made this a central issue of his campaign, as opposed to screwing gun owners, he might have gotten more than 26% of the vote.

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Bishop showing some weakness

Rep. Tim Bishop is showing some weakness in the latest poll according to Hotline On Call:

“… The McLaughlin & Assoc. (R) poll, taken for businessman Randy Altschuler (R), shows Bishop leading by a wide 46% to 26% margin. It’s a big gap, but the fact that a 4-term incumbent who won in ’08 with 58% is polling below 50% could be an indication of trouble ahead. Altschuler is barely known in the district, and if allowed to define himself, he has nowhere to go but up …”

The poll uses a small sample, but I think there’s going to be a big Obama backlash next year. The beating Democrats received on the Island this past election was just a down payment.  It’s too early to tell if Bishop will be a victim of it, but he’s a solid anti and getting rid of him would be a plus.

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