Times pushes phony poll

The New York Times is promoting a phony poll by Mayors Against Illegal Guns which purports that NRA members support MAIG’s agenda:

“… Frank Luntz, a conservative Republican pollster who, Toto-like, has snatched back Oz’s curtain to reveal that gun owners favor much more reasonable gun controls than the gun lobby would ever allow the public to imagine. Mr. Luntz queried 832 gun owners, including 401 card-carrying N.R.A. members, in a survey commissioned by Mayors Against Illegal Guns …”

Two things.  First, the NRA does not give out membership information so there is no possible way for Luntz to have surveyed them.  There had to be a question asking participants if they are NRA members and there is no way for Luntz to verify if they answered truthfully.  Second, MAIG paid for this poll. Does anyone really think it they would ask objective questions?

“… In flat rebuttal of N.R.A. propaganda, the findings showed that 69 percent of N.R.A. members supported closing the notorious gun-show loophole that invites laissez-faire arms dealing outside registration requirements. Even more members, 82 percent, favored banning gun purchases to suspects on terrorist watch lists who are now free to arm. And 69 percent disagreed with Congressionally imposed rules against sharing federal gun-trace information with state and local police agencies …”

This is why the Times circulation is down.  Who believes this crap?

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Otsego says no more gun control

The Ostego Co. legislature voted in favor of a resolution advising state lawmakers not to adopt more gun control laws:

“… Rep. James Johnson, R-Otsego, said the nation’s founders had considered the right to bear arms “second in importance only to freedom of speech.”  Then he read part of the Second Amendment to his colleagues …”

Good for him.  He gets it.  Unfortunately, not all of his colleagues do.

“… Richard Murphy, D-Oneonta … Murphy said he believed the measures were “designed to target handguns and illegal guns,” not to restrict hunters. Handguns should be banned because they are implicated in many murders, Murphy said …”

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More of your tax dollars at work

Bloomberg’s antigun crusade doesn’t come cheap:

“Mayor Bloomberg’s crusade against guns comes with a price tag attached. Bills obtained by the Daily News show the city Law Department has paid almost $1.5 million to Kroll Associates, a high-end detective firm, for its undercover probe of out-of-state gun sales … The investigators and their bosses billed the city between $225 and $325 an hour each, some of them for more than 100 hours per month … they spent tens of thousands of dollars on airfare, hotels, meals and other travel expenses.  They also billed the city for tens of thousands of dollars for background checks, research costs, cash payments for guns, and equipment – including $58,100 for recording gear …”

Let Mayor Mike pay for this out of his own pocket. He can afford it.

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Your tax dollars at work

Which one is real?

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AD-15 opening up

Assemblyman Rob Walker is giving up his seat to work for Nassau Co. Executive-elect Ed Mangano.  Walker was an F.  Maybe there will be an opportunity for better representation with him gone.

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“Big” Tim Sullivan, Tammany thug

The Times blog has a piece on the life and times of notorious thug “Big” Tim Sullivan, the man to whom we owe the Sullivan Act.

Sullivan is the subject of a new book, “King of the Bowery: Big Tim Sullivan, Tammany Hall, and New York City from the Gilded Age to the Progressive Era.”

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Collins’ campaign moving forwards

Erie Co.  Exec. Chris Collins appears to be moving forward with plans to announce he will seek the GOP nomination for Governor next year.

On the plus side, he’s not Rick Lazio.  On the negative, he did join County Executives Against Illegal Guns, a MAIG offshoot created by Mayor Bloomberg and outgoing Westchester Co. Exec. Andrew Spano.  To be fair, other than the initial press release by Bloomberg/Spano, I haven’t heard of this group actually doing anything and with Spano out of the picture it remains to be seen if they ever will.

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Assault on Weapons

Alan Gottlieb just sent me a copy of his book, “Assault on Weapons: The Campaign to Eliminate Your Guns.” Since it was free, I’ll plug it.  It came in today’s mail so I haven’t read it, but it looks like something that would be useful for someone doing a school report on gun control.  Here are the chapter titles:

  1. A Philosophy of Hatred and Fear
  2. ‘Nobody Needs an Ak-47’
  3. Extremist Groups and Media Complicity
  4. Punishing the Innocent
  5. Legal, Political and Social Hypocrisy
  6. Right to Carry Hysteria
  7. The Process of Demonization
  8. The Campaign of Litigation
  9. The Myth of ‘Reasonable Regulation’
  10. Regaining Lost Gun Rights
  11. A Looming Battle of Philosophy
  12. The Insidious Drumbeat for ‘Tigher gun Laws’
  13. Demonization and Hope
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Losing strategy

The Protection in Lawful Commerce in Arms Act is doing it’s thing according to this press release from the NSSF:

“The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday handed Beretta U.S.A. and the firearms industry another victory by rejecting the Brady Center’s appeal of Adames v. Beretta U.S.A. Corporation challenging the constitutionality of the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA) … This is now the third time this year the Supreme Court has denied a challenge to the PLCAA backed by the Brady Center. In March 2009, the Brady Center was also involved in the appeals of Lawson v. Beretta and City of New York v. Beretta, both of which the Supreme Court refused to hear …”

This, of course, has not stopped NYAGV from pushing gun dealer liability legislation in Albany, A-1093/S-1715.

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Another challenger surfaces

Another possible Senate candidate surfaces, Bruce Blakeman:

“Bruce A. Blakeman, the Republican candidate for New York State comptroller in 1998, said on Monday that he was exploring the possibility of a run against Senator Kirsten E. Gillibrand next year. Mr. Blakeman, a former member of the board of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, said he had been meeting with party officials and fund-raisers in recent weeks to determine the level of interest his candidacy might generate.  The initial reaction, he said, has been positive. “Most have encouraged me to consider running,” Mr. Blakeman said in a phone interview …”

It’s good to see at least some in the GOP are considering candidates outside of Rudy and G. Elmer.  I don’t think Blakeman has much name recognition right now, I forgot he even ran in ’98, but considering the strong anti-Democrat, anti-incumbent mood it’s probably best to run a relatively fresh-faced candidate instead of a party hack.  Plus, Gillibrand’s poll numbers are in the dumper and the more people hear about her the less they like her.

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