Gun control push this week

The antis are having another push for their agenda this week.

Mayor Bloomberg kicks things off this morning with a dog-and-pony show claiming the “Largest seizure of illegal guns in New York City history.”  On Wednesday, Obama’s Organizing for Action will hold a national “action day” on gun control.  This will be supported locally with a rally on Staten Island.

I don’t see this accomplishing much of anything except stroking Bloomberg’s ego.  There isn’t any evidence that the public is more interested in the issue now than they were several months ago when the issue tanked in Congress.

2 Responses to “Gun control push this week”

  1. Em Says:

    Several times, I walked thru manhatten wearing my “come and take it” hat, including with a couple of non-gunnies (obviously) to the MET, and to dinner. I wore it all day. Not a single reaction. When I wore a NY Islanders hat few years back, several people wanted to hit me. I took it off.

  2. Chas Says:

    Mayor Bloomberg can push it back up his ass where it came from, as usual.

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