Antis openly oppose self-defense

Ladd Everitt and the gang at CSGV openly oppose self-defense with a gun. In their new PSA, they deliberately distort facts about the Trayvon Martin case to advance their agenda:

2 thoughts on “Antis openly oppose self-defense

  1. So lets say, in hypothesis only (because you will never prevent a criminal from acquiring contraband – they are a criminal by definition) that we could remove all privately owned firearms from society. What do you think would happen? Its as if these people are proposing that poor kids would immidietley go to ivy league institutions, and become rocket scientists, brain surgeons, and double naught spies. I dunno, I just think it would be more like they would revert to butchering each other with primitive weapons. Don’t you think? And according to the “progressives” it still would be our fault, not theirs. Because we did not give them enough [………………………..]. The whole fucking discussion is a big fraud. And it’s a diversion from the real problem THAT NOBODY WANTS TO TALK ABOUT (credit to Bill O’Reily because he started trying to talk about it and all kinds of people got mad). I was once a teacher, and I know that there is not an “inferior race” because when I taught mech drawing and we designed a basic revolver, my class of worst kids became the class of best kids – they loved it (I know you cannot do that anymore – and that’s a shame). So please, don’t give me the racist bullshit.

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