News of the day

Aborn & Yassky think it’s funny we’re telling people to vote against them.

Chuck Schumer finally decides to back Yassky’s campaign with television ads.

Unwilling to deal with the real issues, Albany politicos want to move forward with recommendations from their so-called Gun Violence Task Force.

Assembly Republicans take a shot at Addie Russel over a mailing encouraging people to buy their hunting licenses before the October 1 fee increase:

… “Assemblywoman Russell voted to hike sportsmen fees on licenses and is now trying to cover her tracks by warning sportsmen of the impending fee hikes. This double talk is just another example of Assemblywoman Russell voting with the status quo in Albany,”  …

The Syracuse Gun Show is next weekend at the State Fairgrounds. The R&P will be there.

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Vote early, vote often

Next Tuesday is primary day and “orange cards” have already begun arriving in members mailboxes.  There is only one endorsement, John Greene for Kent Town Board in Putnam Co.  He is a R&P member and President of the local Pheasants Forever chapter.  The rest are all recommendations to vote against incumbents or candidates.  They are as follows:

New York City:

Bloomberg’s Mayors:

City of Albany:

Suffolk County:

Turnout is always low for primaries which is why incumbents hate them.  Even if they survive the challenge they have to spend a lot of money doing it.  It is important to get as many gunnies to show up and vote as possible, especially in NYC.  We have members and clubs in NYC and they can vote too.

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Lack of critical thinking

This bit of absurdity comes from the Working Families Party Man:

“… The NRA’s two-tower complex is filled with gun lobbyists, a museum and even a shooting range. But I couldn’t find one word about the thousands of Americans killed every year by guns. The receptionist told us that the NRA won’t allow him to have a gun at work, even if he wanted one. The NRA apparently thinks it’s safer with its own staff unarmed in NRA headquarters. Yet the NRA is working to force loaded guns into our own workplaces, schools, and communities. That was from an email sent by an intern at the Brady Center.”

If this were true, then why would NRA have a shooting range available to staff at HQ? Hello, McFly!

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Preliminary agenda for special session

There’s a preliminary agenda out for the special Senate session on the 10th.  No gun bills are on it.

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Gun buybacks all the rage

There’s a rash of so-called gun buyback idiocy going on around the state.  Buffalo had theirs a few weeks ago.  Albany and Troy have theirs this weekend and Nassau has one planned for next weekend.

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Jennings calls for gun information repository

Jerry Jennings and Corey Ellis held a debate last night at the Albany Public Library.  Inside the TU story is this nugget:

“… Jennings touted his work with other big-city mayors to combat illegal guns and said more should be done to track gun sales. “We should be tracking guns in this country,” Jennings said, “There should be a central repository.” …”

I’m guessing Jerry did quite well at the fundraiser Mayor Mike helped him with.

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Bloomberg’s latest antigun schemes

Mayor Bloomberg says that if he’s re-elected he will push for more antigun laws including banning “armor piercing bullets”, imposing a one-year jail term for anyone carrying a firearm while intoxicated and increasing the penalties for transferring a firearm to a minor.

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