Cause and Effect

Cause: Cuomo Calls for State to Return to Progressive Ideals

“… “We are a community based on progressive principles,” the governor said, in a speech to several hundred lawmakers and guests at an auditorium in the Capitol complex.  “We must remain that progressive capital of the nation.” …”

Effect: Survey: New York, California last in personal freedoms

“New York and California have for generations of Americans been considered destination spots to express personal freedoms — one with a city big enough for anybody with a dream to perhaps become a star, and the other a state synonymous with the so-called laid-back lifestyle.  But such attitudes have drastically changed, according to a new study that finds the two states last in individual freedom.  The “Freedom in the 50 States” study published last week by the libertarian-leaning Mercatus Center ranks New York last and California second to last.  The survey is based on fiscal issues such as job prospects and tax rates, regulatory policies that include property rights and personal freedoms such as gun laws …”

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Significant challenge to SAFE

Today’s Buffalo News has a good piece on the NYSRPA lawsuit against SAFE, “Gun-rights expert call local challenge to SAFE Act ‘significant’.

Here is a copy of the legal briefs that have been filed.

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Binghamton politicos call for more gun control

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Either way we win

A couple more arrogant rich guys who don’t understand gun politics:

“… at least two top Democratic donors are stepping forward and vowing to withhold any and all future financial contributions from any Democrats who don’t support the centerpiece of Obama’s plan: Expanded background checks.  Kenneth Lerer, a New York businessman who is chairman of, and David Bohnett, a technology entrepreneur and philanthopist based in Los Angeles, are both major financial supporters of Democratic candidates, having each given scores of large contributions over the years.  They are both key players in the political fundraising world and wield influence among other donors and fundraisers …”

Politicians love money.  I know because I occasionally get hit up for campaign contributions.  This is understandable as running for high office is expensive and someone has to pay for it all.  Thus Ken and Dave have some degree of political clout.

What neither seems to understand is that all the money in the world cannot get your people re-elected if they have so pissed of the general public that you could not buy them votes if you were standing outside the booth handing out $100 bills.  Thus it boils down to this for Harry Reid:

  1. Don’t bring up gun control and risk losing some big time Democrat donors, or
  2. Bring up gun control and risk a Cuomo-esque plunge in the polls.

Make the call Harry.

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Tweaking SAFE

The legislature has “tweaked” the SAFE Act.

Since nobody makes 7 round magazines, the legislature is going to allow the sale of 10 rounders, but you can only put 7 rounds in them, except when you’re at a range target shooting and then you can load all 10.   The brilliance of this move was a topic of discussion yesterday during budget debates:

“… the tweaks to the SAFE Act prompted some of the sharpest exchanges, beginning with Republican Steve McLaughlin fencing with Joe Lentol, who had defended the gun control law in the chamber when it was passed in January.  McLaughlin scoffed at the idea that the law allows 10 rounds in a magazine at a pistol range but not at home.  “I can practice defending my family with 10 rounds … but I can actually defend my family for real with seven rounds?,” he asked …”


“… Lentol noted that his brother, an NRA member, was able to quickly replace empty magazines in his weapon, and suggested that anyone who worries about a lack of firepower might want to think about getting more guns …”

If his brother is able to quickly switch out magazines, then what would stop a violent criminal from doing the same thing?  He’s basically admitted magazine limits are BS.

And what is with the suggestion about buying more guns?  Instead of buying one gun with a 15 round magazine, you should buy two guns with 7 round magazines?

“… “The lunacy of this thing has unraveled before our eyes,” McLaughlin said of the SAFE Act …”

Yes, and it’s not over yet.

“… Lentol said that scores of bills had been passed by the chamber with the speed allowed by a message of necessity, which waives the three-day aging period for legislation. He added that chapter amendments had been made numerous times during his tenure — and the SAFE Act was no different …”

He’s not kidding.  Idiocy like this goes on all the time in Albany.

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New Yorkers for Gun Safety

Looks like Governor Cuomo is going to try some astroturfing to promote gun control:

“Yesterday, I noted the creation of two new campaign committees, registered with the state Board of Elections: New Yorkers for Gun Safety and New Yorkers for Creating Jobs & Cutting Taxes.  It turns out both will be run by people associated with the New York State Democratic Party and, according to a person with first-hand knowledge of the groups, are part of a plan by Governor Andrew Cuomo to strengthen the party apparatus … “It’s going to be issue-focused, issue-based,” my source said, and the groups will be “something to organize around …” … The groups will only operate locally and, unlike Cuomo, will only support Democrats … Another person directly familiar with the plans said the groups will push issues, not specific policies …”

This is essentially what Mayor Mike has been trying with MAIG and Obama’s people are trying now with Americans for Responsible Solutions.

What antigun politicans simply refuse to accept is that there has been a national discussion on gun control and their side lost the debate.  Being totally unwilling to accept this they keep creating various front groups to promote the agenda.

The problem with astroturf, though, is that they are unable to sustain themselves.  They get some attention early on until their story gets old and the media moves on to something else.  At this point they either try re-organizing and re-branding themselves like the Bradys (National Council to Control Handguns -> Handgun Control, Inc. -> Brady Campaign) or they fade away like the Million Mom March, American Hunters & Shooters Association and Americans for Gun Safety have.  I’m thinking NYGS will go the later route.

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Dutchess Co. will not provide records

Dutchess County Clerk Brad Kendall is refusing to turn over pistol licenses records to the state because the Governor will not provide any sort of  reimbursement to the counties.

Reference links:

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Express yourself

Don’t know who the guy is, but he sure makes his point.

So does Brian:

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Bloomberg to Cuomo: Don’t blame me

Mayor Mike does not seem all that happy that Governor Cuomo is trying to shift the blame for SAFE onto him:

“… Asked about that criticism today, Bloomberg erupted in anger.  “What did we do, put a gun to their head, if you pardon the pun, and force them to write legislation?” he said, during a press conference in Brooklyn about helping the unemployed get jobs.  “Is that the allegation?  That we were up there with automatic weapons with expanded capacity magazines forcing them to write a bill?”  “That’s the kind of journalism that I find troublesome,” he continued.  “You’ve got a source that isn’t willing to put their name on the bill and the reporting of it wasn’t in the context of, is that credible?  But they were forced by guns, or a knife at their throat, to take our ideas.  If they took our ideas, I’m flattered.  I hope they did.  And I don’t know whether they did or didn’t, and I don’t know whether they got it accurate or not.” …”

Let me see if I have this straight:

  • Cuomo says SAFE was Bloomberg’s idea.
  • Bloomberg says he’s flattered if Cuomo did accept his ideas.
  • Bloomberg doesn’t know if Cuomo accepted his ideas.
  • Bloomberg is angry.

What is wrong with this picture?

  • There is no possible way for Bloomberg not to know if Cuomo accepted his ideas or not.  Either they were passed into law or they weren’t.

Later one of his mouthpieces elaborates to the Capital New York reporter on Bloomberg’s involvements with SAFE:

“… Here’s a statement Bloomberg spokesman Marc LaVorgna sent over following the press conference.  The Governor’s office reached out to us for advice.   We advised them to include micro stamping—our well known, long-time top priority at the State level—but they choose not to include it.  We did not advise them on the magazine issue, as it is not something we ever proposed in State legislation.  Representatives from film industry informed us about the issue of movie and TV production the before bill passed, something we noted to the Governor’s office …”

Let me see if I got it all now:

  • Cuomo says SAFE was Bloomberg’s idea.
  • Bloomberg says he’s flattered if Cuomo did accept his ideas.
  • Bloomberg says he wanted microstamping.
  • Bloomberg denies he wanted magazine capacity limits.
  • Bloomberg wants an exemption for Hollywood.
  • Bloomberg does not know if Cuomo accepted his ideas.
  • Bloomberg is angry.

Now what is wrong with this picture?

  1. There is no way for Bloomberg not to know that Cuomo did not accept his ideas.  Either they were included in SAFE or they weren’t.  Neither microstamping nor a Hollywood exemption are part of SAFE.
  2. Bloomberg lied in his first press conference about this.
  3. Someone is lying about the magazine issue, either Cuomo or Bloomberg or both.

It’s going to be interesting to see which one of these guys is going to lose his shit first.  I’ll give Cuomo the edge as Bloomberg can always console himself by rolling around in a bed made of money.

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Getting under his skin

The Govenor’s poll plunge is starting to affect him:

That’s why people want guns.

We need a system to keep criminals and the mentally ill out of public office.

Even he doesn’t believe this.

We have an actual membership and constituency, unlike the astroturf your union buddies have to pay to show up.

Wait until the public push back comes with the next drop in his poll numbers.

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