New Yorkers for Gun Safety

Looks like Governor Cuomo is going to try some astroturfing to promote gun control:

“Yesterday, I noted the creation of two new campaign committees, registered with the state Board of Elections: New Yorkers for Gun Safety and New Yorkers for Creating Jobs & Cutting Taxes.  It turns out both will be run by people associated with the New York State Democratic Party and, according to a person with first-hand knowledge of the groups, are part of a plan by Governor Andrew Cuomo to strengthen the party apparatus … “It’s going to be issue-focused, issue-based,” my source said, and the groups will be “something to organize around …” … The groups will only operate locally and, unlike Cuomo, will only support Democrats … Another person directly familiar with the plans said the groups will push issues, not specific policies …”

This is essentially what Mayor Mike has been trying with MAIG and Obama’s people are trying now with Americans for Responsible Solutions.

What antigun politicans simply refuse to accept is that there has been a national discussion on gun control and their side lost the debate.  Being totally unwilling to accept this they keep creating various front groups to promote the agenda.

The problem with astroturf, though, is that they are unable to sustain themselves.  They get some attention early on until their story gets old and the media moves on to something else.  At this point they either try re-organizing and re-branding themselves like the Bradys (National Council to Control Handguns -> Handgun Control, Inc. -> Brady Campaign) or they fade away like the Million Mom March, American Hunters & Shooters Association and Americans for Gun Safety have.  I’m thinking NYGS will go the later route.

4 thoughts on “New Yorkers for Gun Safety

  1. I love how they keep screaming that we are against background checks. They don’t seem to want to say we are against the hidden registration and tracking, not the background check itself.

  2. I wouldn’t have a problem with background checks IF the make, model and serial number of the firearm were not allowed to be mentioned/recorded and it were illegal for anyone to keep the records. Only problem is you can’t trust the slippery crooked politicians to stop there. I don’t have a problem with anyone checking my records but I do have a problem with the government collecting information they shouldn’t have a right to and keeping it. Even if they would be OK with this, they’d soon have it changed around to a gun registration/license scheme. Next wacko to shoot a bunch of kids and there’d be total confiscation.

    Like they say, give a mouse a cookie and he’ll want a glass of milk! Well, a mouse wouldn’t be that bad but our representatives and the Governor are more like sneaky rats than mice! Give THEM a cookie and they’ll take away your rights and tax you so they can get a bottle of scotch! Don’t let them mess with our rights. Get rid of the crooked buzzards!

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