Express yourself

Don’t know who the guy is, but he sure makes his point.

So does Brian:

7 thoughts on “Express yourself

  1. Mr. Brooks is full of himself but:

    – Does he contribute money to the Democratic Party?
    – Is he “Progressive?”
    – Does he live in Manhattan?
    – Is he in agreement with the editorial policy of The Times?

    If not, he can leave.

  2. There’s a heck of a lot more to being a New Yorker than being a progressive Democrat from Manhattan who likes the Times. NYC people have more in common with people from New Jersey or Connecticut than New York.

    Mr. Brooks, I wish you’d stayed to help us fight this nonsense but I wish you luck, prosperity and peace in your new digs.

  3. Is this a joke? Running scared is a way to deal with a tyrant? Sort of like when people were fleeced out of their life savings when the stock market was intentionally crashed and some people’s response was to jump out of windows.
    This is a perfect example of why Americans have the reputation world wide of being the biggest wussies on the globe.

  4. Right. Finding friendlier pastures, rather than stay in the death spiral of the next Detroit is running away.

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