Winning politically

Harold Hutchison writes at Ammoland:

“With all the threats of “red flag” laws and criticism about the NRA, maybe we need to take a look at what the bigger picture is showing. It is always easy to lose sight of the forest for the trees, but you sometimes have to take a step back – and a look at the big picture shows that Second Amendment supporters have been winning the arguments …”

Winning arguments is not the same as winning at the ballot box.  Case in point, Governor Cuomo.

“… For starters, let’s look at Andrew Cuomo. His track record of wrongfully blaming and trying to punish law-abiding gun owners is very extensive. He’s tried so many times to use back door approaches to get the types of policies he has wanted, whether through quarterbacking lawsuits against gun manufacturers or by his abuse of financial regulations to target the NRA … The fact that he is not trying to persuade people to see things his way but instead choosing to try and bully his political opposition into silence speaks volumes. One does not do this if they are winning an argument on the merits …”

Cuomo isn’t trying to win based upon the merits of his arguments.  All he, and most other gun control advocates, care about is winning elections so they are able to implement their legislative agenda.  This is why it is pointless to debate them.  Gun owners should ignore them and focus solely upon defeating them at election time.


Tuesday’s Newsbits:





Gillibrand: ‘I should have done more’

This video explains why there is no support for her presidential bid:

Lock N Load radio

I was a guest on Bill Frady’s Lock N Load podcast Episode 29 and discussed passage of the recent gun control bills.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

His radio broadcast airs on WYSL in Rochester.


Thursday’s Newsbits:




Williams wins PA race

Jumaane Williams won the race for NYC Public Advocate.

The office has little actual power, but it gives Williams a soapbox to push his extreme left agenda including gun control.  I expect he’s going to waste little time before doing that.

Voter guide for Public Advocate

The special election for NYC Public Advocate will be this Tuesday.

Gotham Gazette has a list of the nearly two dozen candidates running in the non-partisan election.  Because of the number of candidates one could win with a small plurality of votes.  The office itself is vaguely defined and has little actual power, but can be used as a soapbox and springboard for higher office as Letitia James did.  For this reason gun owners should make the best voting decision with the materials given.

Going down the list, vote AGAINST these candidates in order:

Victory shall be defined as Jumaane Williams losing.  He’s easily the worst of the bunch on 2A.

The rest of the candidates do not have public positions on guns that I’m aware of.

Pat Ryan is back

Pat Ryan, one of the Democrats who ran a primary last year for CD-19, is back and running for Ulster County Executive:

Ryan went all-in for gun control during his Congressional bid last year and his new website has this nugget:

“Pat has worked to elect Democrats across Ulster County, and has been an advocate on important issues like gun violence prevention.”

His GOP opponent has not been nominated yet, but anyone is preferable to him.

Delgado supports H.R.8

I went to another one of Rep. Delgado’s town halls on Saturday.

I did not get picked to ask a question this time either.  As Delgado listed off the things he has done so far he did say he supported the universal background check bill, H.R.8.

The meeting itself was very educational.  Anyone who wants to know why John Faso, and the Senate Republicans, lost should go to one of them as it will be obvious what their problems are.


Monday’s Newsbits:

The special election for NYC Public Advocate has been set for February 26.




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