Getting under his skin

The Govenor’s poll plunge is starting to affect him:

That’s why people want guns.

We need a system to keep criminals and the mentally ill out of public office.

Even he doesn’t believe this.

We have an actual membership and constituency, unlike the astroturf your union buddies have to pay to show up.

Wait until the public push back comes with the next drop in his poll numbers.

16 thoughts on “Getting under his skin

  1. We peasants have no rights! Only the kings and dictators like Cuomo and Bloomberg with their armed guards deserve protection. You and I can be gunned down like animals as long as the anti gun agenda get pushed forward.

  2. lets see.. hmmm well over a million N.Y. gun owners.. hate cuomo.. the labor unions.. they hate him also.. & the teachers they hate his guts too .. hell conservatives helped elect him.. he is one & done.. commie cuomo listened to that idiot wannabe tyrant bloomberg & made enemies trying to get to the white house.. now? he wont even get reelected in ny as the gov.. much less get a nomination to run for president.. sucks to be you scumbag!!!

  3. The Second Amendment “is” the right to be safe, but a communist like Cuomo wouldn’t have a clue about that because he is not an American. Cuomo is not an American because he doesn’t think in terms of freedom like Americans do, but he is a communist because he can only think in terms of government oppression like communists do.

  4. “It’s not just the second amendment right. People have the right to be safe.”

    I’m sure the people in Herkimer a few weeks ago didn’t feel all that safe. I’m sure the woman that was killed and her daughter raped the other week in Syracuse didn’t feel that safe. I’m sure the two people murdered in Binghamton late last week didn’t feel all that safe.

    Bad people will do bad things. SAFE act only impedes law abiding citizens right to bear arms, and makes them unsafe. It needs to be repealed in its entirety.

  5. The first one is my favorite, the 2nd amendment IS the right to be safe. If you truly want to have the ability to stop shooting spree killers don’t put up a sign that says Guns Free Zone and think your job is done. We need people able and willing to carry, that (and nothing short of that) will stop these threats. STOP TYING OUR HANDS governor, let as many decent law abiding people carry (concealed or open) as possible. Change from MAY ISSUE (which usually means won’t) to WILL ISSUE, and watch the crime rate drop.

  6. Cuomo on oppostion from gun groups: “This is about their membership and organization and propaganda.”

    And this statement finally made up my mind to upgrade to NRA life membership today.

  7. The rush to enact this legislation has backfired on Governor Cuomo. He can make all the inflammatory remarks he wants too about gun owners, but when every county outside of the New York City area opposes the Safe-Act, plus a number of police agencies and Sheriff’s in the state have also come out in opposition to this law, that should send a clear message to the governor. But he’s more interested in enhancing his political career than listen to the people who elected him governor.

  8. There are more than 4 million gun owners in New York State. That means 1 in 5 New Yorkers own guns. It is estimated that there are about 1 million EBRs, or Modern Sporting Rifles, in New York.

  9. SHOW me the “right to be safe” and the “right not to be offended” in the Constitution. I must have missed it in ConLaw class.

  10. Maybe Cuomo and Bloomberg could go to North Korea and get chummy with their leadership like Dennis Rodman did. Since they like that kind of government, maybe they would stay there.

  11. As far as the office of the Governor is concerned, YES IT IS JUST ABOUT THE SECOND AMENDMENT TO OUR CONSTITUTION THAT YOU SWORE TO UPHOLD! Its NOT about making sure that you are going to win a primary on the upper west side. That is all this bullshit law will ever accomplish.

  12. All the SAFE act accomplished was to sell all the semi-automatic firearms out of the stores with all the ammo and reloading supplies. Take that Cuomo and Bloomberg! Now you have more guns and ammo out there than ever and we just go over the state line to PA to make our purchases. There hasn’t been any .22 rimfire or .223 ammo in upstate NY stores since the S-A. We’ll buy it in PA where we are appreciated until we run you out of office and straighten this mess out.

  13. Every gun owner in NY should join the NYSRPA. Really, out of staters join and/or donate too. This is setting a precedent and needs to be defeated. Money matters.

  14. We need everyone to join/renew/extend their NYSPA and NRA memberships and MAKE SURE to support our upstate representatives that actually give a crap about us like Greg Ball and the Putnam County Sheriff, County Clerk and Judges. For many this travesty of a law might be the first time that they’ve realize the government is everyone’s business.

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