Binghamton politicos call for more gun control

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10 thoughts on “Binghamton politicos call for more gun control

  1. I love how they say most of the deaths were from children. Little do they let you know that “children” can be anywhere from about 12-24, most falling in the 16-24 range and about 99% related to gang violence. So stupid.

  2. What’s with that ‘Reverend’ adding his two cents of BS? He says many weapons can be bought from dealers ‘who do not require background checks’. I thought the LAW requires background checks (or not). He makes it sound like dealers can just do whatever they want, and he wants that ‘fixed’. Did the ‘Rev’ phrase his comment to justify his antigun interests, or is he simply ignorant (or to be nicer)….misinformed! Yeah, right. This is what we are up against….any blowhole can get up and make a speech, and we ‘defenders of the constitution’ have to waste our time defending against these ‘untruths’ and also educating the masses, who have mostly become ‘misinformed’ due to these blowholes, or their own ignorance………..We havin’ fun yet??!! Lock and load! – Soggy

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