Tweaking SAFE

The legislature has “tweaked” the SAFE Act.

Since nobody makes 7 round magazines, the legislature is going to allow the sale of 10 rounders, but you can only put 7 rounds in them, except when you’re at a range target shooting and then you can load all 10.   The brilliance of this move was a topic of discussion yesterday during budget debates:

“… the tweaks to the SAFE Act prompted some of the sharpest exchanges, beginning with Republican Steve McLaughlin fencing with Joe Lentol, who had defended the gun control law in the chamber when it was passed in January.  McLaughlin scoffed at the idea that the law allows 10 rounds in a magazine at a pistol range but not at home.  “I can practice defending my family with 10 rounds … but I can actually defend my family for real with seven rounds?,” he asked …”


“… Lentol noted that his brother, an NRA member, was able to quickly replace empty magazines in his weapon, and suggested that anyone who worries about a lack of firepower might want to think about getting more guns …”

If his brother is able to quickly switch out magazines, then what would stop a violent criminal from doing the same thing?  He’s basically admitted magazine limits are BS.

And what is with the suggestion about buying more guns?  Instead of buying one gun with a 15 round magazine, you should buy two guns with 7 round magazines?

“… “The lunacy of this thing has unraveled before our eyes,” McLaughlin said of the SAFE Act …”

Yes, and it’s not over yet.

“… Lentol said that scores of bills had been passed by the chamber with the speed allowed by a message of necessity, which waives the three-day aging period for legislation. He added that chapter amendments had been made numerous times during his tenure — and the SAFE Act was no different …”

He’s not kidding.  Idiocy like this goes on all the time in Albany.

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